I just love seeing successful women entrepreneurs crushing it online. They show me what’s possible and make me think if they can do it, why not me? 

I’ve never struggled with motivating myself after starting my online business and I’ve got an endless supply of drive. But now and then, I like to take a leaf out of other women’s books, so I can make incremental upgrades to my habits and daily routines. 

Because I know that If I can make a 1% improvement every week it will create an amazing foundation for my business. 

So without further ado, here are 5 habits I’ve seen successful women entrepreneurs incorporate into their daily routines.


Let me ask you this: when you embark on a new project, do you follow through and complete it? Because something tells me that in the early days you’re all excited and inspired to achieve your purpose-driven goals. 

But when push comes to shove you let your negative gremlins take a hold of you. Am I right?

A lot of times it can be tempting to call it quits or shy away from a project because imposter syndrome creeps in and we don’t think we’re good enough/qualified enough/experienced enough/[insert fear here].

But to keep moving ahead, we need to worry less about being confident or excelling at it. How can we if we’re just getting started? 

Instead, realize that you need to have COURAGE and you have to be willing to do the things that others aren’t willing to do. I believe that the ones who are willing to show up and do the things that others aren’t willing to do to serve their audience are the ones who are going to thrive. This means showing up on Facebook live even if you think you look like a hot mess on camera or doing that podcast interview to get more exposure to your business. 

Once you start to see the fruits of your labor you’ll feel confident and it will give you a positive feedback loop to keep going. 

In short, successful women entrepreneurs cultivate courage and they don’t wait for confidence to come knocking at the door. 


Bah, exercise…I’ll hold my hand up and say that I’m not perfect as disciplined as I want to be. But I can hand on heart say that when I go dancing (Bachata queen in the making right here) I feel more energised, motivated, and confident than ever.

I notice how my energy changes and sparking a conversation with potential clients becomes effortless. 

Whether you get a sweat in, enjoy a slow walk around the park or like to practice pigeon pose, make sure you’re doing some type of exercise and getting outdoors every day.

Focus on high-value tasks

A lot of the time you’ll feel overwhelmed by all the tasks you need to do in your business. Many of the hyper-successful entrepreneurs live by the 80/20 rule and they focus on the few things that bring them the most benefit.

In other words, you want to focus on 20% of the activities that bring up 80% of the results in your business. By prioritizing the tasks that have the most significant results, you’ll be working smarter and not harder. And you’ll be able to grow your online business much quicker when you’re consistently presenting your offers and services in front of your audience.

Schedule everything in your calendar

Here’s what I know for sure about business: if it’s not in the calendar it’s not going to happen! Everything…and I mean EVERYTHING that you do in your business needs to be scheduled in the calendar. Here’s what you need to schedule;

  • batching days for blog/podcast content,
  • email newsletters, 
  • Facebook advertising campaigns,
  • online course launches,
  • client calls. 

(And the list goes on!)

Scheduling your work is so powerful. It guarantees that you’re going to operate efficiently and achieve your soul-quenching goals.


Clarity is the secret weapon that successful women entrepreneurs swear by. They know their unique focus to the T and they strategically plan their days to achieve their heartiest goals.

A few ways to gain more clarity in your business is knowing your value proposition before you create any product or service. Your value proposition is a statement you can create, so you can simplify your business and know who you’re talking to.

Take a peek at my value proposition!

I teach online business owners and course creators how to grow an engaged audience and create and launch online courses. 

As an online course instructor and marketing strategist, I’ve helped dozens of women entrepreneurs grow their businesses using a mix of step-by-step strategies, simple formulas, and methods. 

So friends, keep pursuing those hearty goals of yours and never lose that entrepreneurial spirit. By cultivating habits you’ll be working more efficiently and you’ll be able to navigate through the hard times with more confidence and grit.