5 Surefire Reasons Why You Need To Sell Digital Products Online

REAL TALK: running a service-based business isn’t always awesome.

It’s either a struggle to find clients who are willing to pay premium pricing or it’s a struggle to keep up with clients’ demands.

I started my coaching and consulting business a few years ago, but it was a struggle because I got into the trap of trading time for money and sitting on the ‘yes train’. 

I would say yes to make clients happy and then I’d end up with a laundry list of things to do that I’d struggle to get done on time. 

The stress, the guilt and the pressure of being on the hook with clients made it soooo overwhelming. 

I felt underpaid and I was constantly wondering when the “freedom” of an online business kicks in.

Launching ebooks, mini courses and digital products was the best thing I ever did for my online business – because it’s created more freedom to travel and carve out time to find my tribe. 

I’ve created products on email marketing, list building, launch strategy and I aim to keep developing digital products to serve my audience in a significant way.

So, if you want to create more freedom in your business, then digital products are a great way to start making an additional income stream. 

Plus, it’ll get your creative juices 🎨flowing and give you the confidence to create and launch other digital products.

1. Sell digital products online and create passive income

My ebooks and courses are my main source of income and they’re my primary focus in my business. I started experimenting with templates, ebooks this year and within a matter of weeks I started making sales. 

But if you want to sell digital products online, invest time in understanding how they work.

When I started experimenting with digital products, I didn’t have a strategy and I thought that creating a product and slapping it on my website would be sufficient. How wrong was I!

I found out the hard way that it isn’t as simple as creating something amazing and then expecting people to buy it. Instead, I realised that I needed to take my time to learn about digital products. 

After months of research and testing I finally figured out a method of selling digital products that worked. Here are a few things that are key:

The keys to selling digital products are:

  • Validating your offer 
  • Creating a value stack 
  • Having a bonus stack 
  • Knowing how to drive traffic to your digital products
  • Giving away free content to sell digital products
  • Having social proof

2. Digital products allow scalability 

Biggest reason why you need to sell digital products online?

To sum it up in one word: SCALABILITY.

Once you’ve put in the work to sell digital products online, you can do the other cool stuff, such as webinars and funnels to scale your business.

Seriously, you can create a well-oiled machine that nurtures your audience and sells your digital products on auto-pilot.

3. Increase the lifetime value of customers

If you have a lineup of products at different price points, you increase the lifetime value of customers. In other words, you increase the chances of creating repeat customers in your business. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You offer your audience something for free, such as a free guide or masterclass to help them with a specific problem. 
  • Then, you invite them to learn more from you and offer them a lower priced offer or “intro offer”, such as a tripwire. (This might be templates or an ebook). 
  • They purchase your tripwire offer and you pitch your “lead offer” as your next step, which might be a mini course. They dive into your mini course, create some small wins for their business. At this point they start asking “what else does she have?”
  • So, they check out your “bullseye offer”, which is likely to be a signature online course or your premium consulting or coaching service. 

So, by having different offers at various price points, you build trust with your audience and show them how you can help them with your smaller digital products. Once they get first-hand experience of your digital, they’re more likely to sign up to your other courses because they have proof that your products are worthwhile. 

Here’s the bottom line: if you sell digital products online, you create more affordable options for your audience and increase the likelihood of your customers signing up to your premium packages.

4. You have lower overheads

If you sell digital products online, you have lower overheads. Having a shop where you sell physical products would require you to have a physical inventory, which can be a hassle if your managing your shop from home. 

Plus, if nobody buys your products, you can have problems with cash flow and you’re unable to stock up on inventory. With digital products, you have barely any overheads that you need to worry about. 

When I created my first ebook I create used Kartra for sales pages and hosting. But I couldn’t justify the fee of paying £79 a month for selling digital products when I could use a more affordable platform. So, I switched to Send Owl for hosting my email sales sequence ebook and email marketing toolkit. I love it because it’s £10 a month (much more affordable) and I love the upsell feature that it has!

5. You help people based on where they’re at

When you know what your ideal audience biggest struggle is, you can create a product that helps them based on where they’re at. If they can’t afford your premium coaching services or signature course, you can create smaller digital product to help them. 

For example, you might create a free masterclass where you promote your signature course or service. Some people will be ready to sign up there and then but others might not be in a position to make a financial investment. In this case, if they don’t sign up to your course you can create a follow up email sequence where you down-sell a smaller priced product. This might be a mini course or workshop course on your topic. Can you see how that works?

This way you’re able to reach more people regardless of their budget and you’re not limiting people based on their income. Pretty cool, right? 

Final thoughts

If you want to make money blogging and increase your monthly income, you can sell digital products online to to bridge any income gaps

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