pinterest course for bloggersI’ve done so many online courses that have up-levelled my business. I’m an enormous fan of online education because I’ve seen the incredible and tangible results it’s had on my business.

Partaking in online courses motivates me and energises me to continue optimising the systems and processes in my business. 

One of the goals that I set out to achieve in 2019 was to grow my website traffic and email list. So, I started Googling “grow your blog” articles (thanks Google!) and experimenting with different SEO strategies.

I tried every strategy under the sun. 

I decided that whatever strategy brought the most results in my business, I would double down on my efforts and I was determined to get the traffic traction I desired. 

I worked tirelessly creating blog posts, staying up late until my eyes were weary, and hustling like crazy with little result. 

Then one day everything clicked into place. 

I was experimenting with Pinterest and within a matter of weeks, I grew my monthly views to 50k –woah! And within a few months, I tripled my website traffic…wild.

I finally found something that “worked” and I felt like a Pinterest badass! 

If only I had a blueprint beforehand. 

It would have saved a ton of headaches, “freakouts” and sleepless nights worrying when my next client was coming in. 

My life calling is to equip and serve women entrepreneurs, which mostly looks like helping them figure out how to grow their blog traffic and email list. 

Which is why I decided to package everything I knew about Pinterest into one comprehensive course, so that I could help others achieve the same.

And if that’s you, I want to introduce you to my Pinterest course for bloggers…Pinterest Growth Accelerator. 

Inside my Pinterest course, I share strategies I’ve learned through trial and error to help you dramatically grow your website traffic and email list

You’ll learn how to use Pinterest to keep people coming to your website..and you’ll get an A-Z blueprint to show you the steps to do it. (With moi!)

Perhaps you’re thinking “bah…another social platform I need to learn in my business”. 

But let’s set the record straight. Pinterest is NOT a social platform. It’s a search engine. Which means that you have to apply different strategies to outsmart it. 

Once you start using the system I teach in Pinterest Growth Accelerator, it will completely transform your business. 

You’ll have heaps more traffic, a buzzing online community and plenty of email subscribers to pitch your products and services to. 

The best part? I’ll show you how to attract the right kind of audience — the genuine, honest and semi-obsessed followers who queue up to buy your products and services. #thedream

Sounds great, what’s in this nifty Pinterest course?

This course is an A-Z blueprint that helps you to dramatically grow your traffic and email list, using my signature Pinterest system. You’ll learn how to define your unique value, dream audience and create captivating content that grabs people’s attention and inspires them to sign up to your email list. 

You’ll achieve Pinterest celebrity status as I’ll show you how to bubble up to the top of your dream customers’ feeds using my tried and tested Pinterest strategies. I share a mix of methods and strategies to get your content in the smart feed, so you can get more saves, clicks and traffic. Not only will you learn how to get your work in front of others, but you’ll learn how to grow your email list, so you can pitch your products and services and drive profits in your business.

Check it out here.

It’s time to join the Pinterest party!

Okay go-getter are you ready to craft a Pinterest presence? I hope this helps you determine the best Pinterest course for your business, and that decision fatigue has gone south. 

People are loving it so far! 

“PGA is a very clear step by step approach to Pinterest which will help you set up for success. Victoria takes you through everything you need to know in a calm way, and includes lots of fantastic tips for small business owners. I’m looking forward to developing this valuable new channel for my business”. Anna Mapson, Nutritionist