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Shift from anxious to secure attachment

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Healing anxious attachment

Do you lean towards anxious attachment and experience fear, worry and panic when someone energetically pulls away? Or perhaps you find yourself overgiving, not communicating your needs and pursuing unavailable partners. I get it because I’ve been there. These are younger versions of you that are protecting you from feeling the pain you felt as a young child and they’re doing their best with what they know. Healing anxious attachment is about processing the underlying hurt and pain beneath your patterns so you can create a new paradigm for relationship.

My unique approach to healing anxious attachment

Your Anxious Attachment Patterns were developed as survival strategies to cope with difficult experiences and emotions when you were a young child.

These are primarily subconscious, so talk therapy is insufficient in creating transformation.

This is because analysing and understanding things doesn’t create an energetic shift within the emotional body as you can’t intellectualise the emotions that you never expressed into leaving your body.

When you can experientially process, metabolise and release buried emotions…

The emotions that were never released get to be felt…

The words that never got to be said get shouted and yelled…

The energy gets to move through you and be released…

And for me personally, the biggest shifts came when I released the emotions from past experiences that never got to be expressed.

This will help you to release stored emotional energy and tensions in the body that contribute to anxiety and defensiveness, so you can let go of reenacting attachment patterns in relationships and expand into calmness, confidence and inner peace.

Using a Secure Attachment Repatterning method, I take my clients through these levels of healing to free them from their Anxious Attachment Patterns.

1. Identify attachment patterns (Understand their intent to protect you and cultivate compassion)
2. Find a secure inner bond (Cultivate a regulated and embodied presence to self-soothe anxiety)
3. Heal underlying pain (Releasing buried emotions from the emotional body)
4. Cultivate secure patterns (Embody secure patterns, psychologically, emotionally and physically, such as assertiveness, communication and trust.

Attachment Therapy & Coaching (£350/m)

Perhaps you’ve recently been through a break up and it’s triggering experiences of abandonment. You might be feeling emotionally overwhelmed and in big need of emotional support. Maybe you’re feeling intense feelings of anxiety, sadness, grief, loneliness and helplessness. You’re not alone, and I have a beautiful model to help you to heal and find inner stability and inner harmony.

If you’re ready to start healing your anxious attachment, we will compassionately witness your feelings and emotions to give you emotional relief straight away. Thereafter, through my Secure Attachment Repatterning method we’ll heal, reparent and integrate the parts of you into consciousness to build a secure connection inside of yourself.


1 hour weekly sessions

Unlimited email support in between sessions

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Becoming Secure - 8 week program (£397)

Are you ready to heal attachment wounds and trauma, so you can integrate past versions of yourself into consciousness and become more grounded, open, calm & present?

Then I invite you to join me in a safe and supportive 8-week cocoon that fosters permanent healing through subconscious healing & personal growth.

This will help you to release stored emotional energy and tensions in the body that contribute to anxiety and defensiveness, so you can let go of reenacting attachment patterns in relationships.

By the end of the 2 months you’ll experience deep inner peace, inner harmony and will feel worthy to have a healthy and long-term relationship in your life.


Start date: 7th March 2022

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Kind words from clients

  •  “When we started, I was paranoid, anxious and having panic attacks and now my panic attacks have gone”. “I feel so much happier in myself”.

  •  “It was profound. When you asked me to put little me in the heart of my pocket I felt elated for days”

  • “I’ve had so much therapy over the years & I feel like this is getting to the root of my anxiety, I’m really glad I found you”.

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