Let’s talk about list building.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started my business was ignoring my email list.

For the first year of growing my business, I barely had an email list. #FAIL

To be completely honest, I focused waaay too much on social media to get my message out there and it was barely converting my followers into customers.

I discovered that email marketing brings MUCH greater results when it comes to selling my offers and making money online.

And once I got my shit together, I was able to grow my email list pretty quickly.

In fact, since implementing these 7 strategies I’ve been able to increase my website traffic by 1,200% and my email list by 600%.

The question is:

Why should you start building an email list? 

Here’s 5 reasons why.

They’re more personal

A person’s email inbox is like their virtual home and it’s a pretty big deal when someone invites you into it.

If someone gives you their email address they’ve pretty much given you their digital phone number and permission to contact them. Pretty flattering right?

When someone signs up to your email list, they’re basically saying:

“I’m interested in what you have to say”

“I mean business!”

PLUS, your message to them is “private” — only they can read your email. So, you can connect with your audience in a much deeper way. (And you can share with them personal stories, failures and mistakes that you might not share on your blog!)

Oh!!! And one more thing. On social media it’s difficult to personalise your content. But with an email list? You can and you should make it feel like you’re talking to one person.

And there are soooo many ways that you can do that with an email list. Seriously, you can include their first name, you can segment your email list based on how people have behaved, you can add automations so that they receive emails based on how they’ve engaged with your emails.

Bottom line? Having an email list allows you to build trust and a personal connection with your audience.

AND, they help you to showcase your credibility and leadership, which help your ideal clients to determine whether they’re going to buy from you!

Get your message seen

Your audience is waaaay more likely to see your email compared to a social media post.

You probably already know how overwhelming social media is and it’s no different for your ideal audience.

Social media is flooded with so much information that it can be really easy to get distracted.

So, you can’t guarantee that people will see your post because:

1. They get distracted by their feed or notifications (so you lose their attention really quickly!)

2. You don’t know whether people are checking their social media or not

3. You’re competing with algorithms that are making it more difficult for your followers to see your posts

But with an email list? Your email is literally sitting in their inbox waiting to be opened! This gives your ideal client more opportunity to read your email and there’s less chance that they’ll get distracted. Hooray!

Remember the Big Facebook Crisis?

Well… people who were successful on Facebook were getting tons of views and likes on their Facebook pages.

All of a sudden Facebook changed their algorithms so that it was more difficult for people to get views on their content.

This just goes to show that you can’t rely on social media to connect with your audience because of the algorithmic nature of these platforms. (And this includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!)

Bottom line? With an email list you OWN your followers and nobody can take them away from you. You have waaaay much more control and you can get in touch with your audience WHENEVER you want to.

Higher conversions

Another reason why you need to have an email list is because it has a higher conversion rate.

Conversion what???

Basically, your email list converts subscribers into customers better than blogging and social media.

And if you’re planning on selling products and services, you’re going to get more sales from your email list compared to your social media.

Let’s say for example, you create a post on Instagram sharing info on your  product. On average 1% of people will purchase your product. So, if 100 people saw your post, you’ll have 1 sale from that group of people.

But with an email list?

If you share the exact same information but you send it to your email list, 1-3% of people will purchase your product so you could make 3 sales. Big difference right? Right!

Bottom line? If you send the same information to your social media, blog post or email list, you’ll get more sales from your email list. (Guaranteed!)

Grow and prime an audience for your digital product

Want to create digital products and online courses? Perfect!

An email list gives you the solid foundation you need to validate, sell and build online courses.

For instance, you can survey your audience to find out what they’re struggling with the most and what topics they’d like you to focus on. (So that you know what your ideal audience’s biggest pain points are!)

Once you’ve grown a targeted audience of people, you can leverage that email list to VALIDATE your course idea before you create it.

For instance, you can survey your audience to find out what they’re struggling with the most and what topics they’d like you to focus on. (So that you know what your ideal audience’s biggest pain points are!)

One step further than that…

You can do a pre validation webinar to sell a beta version of your online course to see whether it’s something your audience actually WANTS. This would literally be a watered down version of your online course, such as the first module of the course.

This is a waaay better strategy compared to spending weeks, months creating an online course only to find out that no one is interested in it. A complete waste of time, money and energy!

Instead, you only start putting in the time to build your online course once people hand over their credit cards. And then you’ll know that your online course is going to sell when you launch it! Guaranteed.

Scale your business

Biggest reason why an email list is more important than social media?

To sum it up in one word: SCALABILITY.

Seriously, you can create a well-oiled machine that nurtures your audience and sells your digital products on auto-pilot.

Oh and one more thing!!! A good email list gives you the opportunity to do the groundwork so that you increase your chances for launching your courses successfully.

You get to survey your audience…

See what freebies work…

And see what emails work…

Because there’s no point in launching a course if you the groundwork. Right?

But sadly this is what happens…

Usually what people do is they try to build the funnel first but they don’t know which emails work.

And they don’t know whether their offer sells.

So they waste weeks, months even creating a course that won’t sell.

On the other hand, if they’ve done the market research and done a live launch, they know what offers work, what sales pages work and which emails work.

AND, once they’ve done this THEN they can set up sales funnels that sells their digital products on auto pilot.

Bottom line. An email sequence gives you a solid foundation to do the groundwork that your business needs, in order to create growth and scalability.


I think I’ve drilled it into you why it’s important to have an email list (Please say that you’re nodding!)

So, if you want to have a sustainable online business that’s fuelled by products and services, your email list needs to be one of your biggest priorities.

Ready to start building your email list so that you can sell your online courses? Download my Ultimate Starter Kit to get your first 1,000 email subscribers! (And get a shot of confidence that you’re attracting the right audience for your paid offer!)

And if you want to read more about how to build your email list, you can start here.

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