Ello! I know there’s a lot of frazzled business owners who don’t know how to use it and wanna learn!

Kartra is a kick-butt piece of software to help bosses grow their businesses. There isn’t a lot of information out there so I thought I’d get the ball rolling! Think of this as your official introduction into understanding Kartra. You’ll walk away with clarity and peace of mind. Not to mention, walking away with a variety of ways to grow your online business. Ready to rock and roll?

But first, here’s the lowdown on what Kartra is, just in case you’re wondering whether it is the right tool for your business.

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an online tool that you can use to collect email subscribers, send email campaigns, sell products and host videos and courses. Kartra provides a ton of stunning templates that you can use for landing pages, webinars, lead magnets and sales pages.

What can you use Kartra for?

Kartra has many features so let me share the most relevant and useful features so that you can decide whether it’s worth it.

Create landing pages

One of the perks of Kartra is the ability to create landing pages. A landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an online advertisement or search engine optimised result. Often it has a headline with an offer that invites visitors to give their name and email address in exchange of a gift. This might be a cheat sheet, audio, ebook or PDF. In other words, it’s a bribe used to collect email addresses and grow your list of subscribers. Catch my drift?

For most of us, creating a landing page on our website can be a pain especially if we have little coding knowledge. Kartra makes this mega easy and has a ton of customisable templates for you to choose from so that you can send visitors to your email list.

“Why would I need a landing page if you can just include an opt in form on your website?” Good question! There are a few uses of having a landing page to ensure that you’re converting your visitors to subscribers.

Since your visitors are likely to find you through a variety of traffic sources such as organic traffic, social media, other sites or podcasts, it’s a good idea to share your landing page in several places. Otherwise, if you’re just directing people to social media they may or may not connect with you again. Here are a few of the places:

  • Link on social media pages

Instead of sending your audience to social media, you can send them directly to your email list with your landing page. “But isn’t having a ton of followers all I need?” No! The problem with social media is that you don’t own your audience. So, you can’t guarantee that your audience will see your communications. That’s why it’s crucial that you send them to your email list so that you can stay connected.

  • Link to social media advertising

If you’re using social media advertising on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest then you’re better off sending them to a landing page rather than a blog post. This way, your visitors can choose whether they want to subscribe to your email list or not. Plus, if you’re planning on selling them something, you can send them a sequence of emails to promote your product. Does that make sense?

  • To share on podcast interviews or guest posts

If you’re doing a podcast interview or writing a guest blog post, you can send people directly to your lead magnet where they can opt in. This is way more effective than sending them to your website, where they may not find what they’re looking for. So, when you have their email address, you can build a closer connection with them. See how that works?

  • Link on blog pages

If you’re creating blog posts to drive traffic to your email list, you’ll want to promote your landing page several times on your post. “Why Vic?” I hear you say? Because you want to increase the number of chances people have to opt in. It’s an excellent strategy for growing your list and pitching info products to people.

Say for example, you were selling an online course on blogging but you wanted to drive more traffic to the landing page. Well… you’re probably going to want to map content to that landing page, so you might write this blog post: ‘How To Use Blogging To Triple Your Profits’.

How will this flow into your online course? Well, it looks like this…

People will read your blog post and will want to learn more about blogging, so they’ll give their email address and subscribe to your list.

Once you’ve collected their email address, you can send them a welcome email sequence that delivers more value on blogging. After you’ve built a relationship with them, you can pitch your online course on blogging. Can you see how your lead magnet naturally feeds into your online course. Pretty cool, huh?!

Build sales pages

If you’re going to be selling digital products, such as ebooks, online courses or membership sites, you’re gonna need a sales page. A sales page is where you pitch your digital product to your subscribers.

For most people, designing a sales page on a website can be difficult and if you don’t have the money for a designer, Kartra is a great alternative. Kartra has a zillion different templates that are easy to customize so you’re likely find something that will work well with your offer.

When I created a welcome email series, I decided to create a sales page on Kartra to give more information about the email series. It was super fun to build and I felt like a badass knowing that after creating it once, I could use it on again and again without doing a thing.

Write email sequences

Kartra also has an email service so that you can send out broadcasts, newsletters and create automated email sequences. If you’re selling a digital product, you’re gonna need to create an email sequence to build relationships with your audience. Email sequences are super effective for turning strangers into customers through the power of connection.

“What type of email sequences do I need to write?” Good question! You might be wondering what the heck do I write? Or how many sequences do I need? There are a few different types of email sequences you can use:

  • Welcome email sequence to welcome new subscribers

Once new subscribers have opted into your list it’s a good idea to send a series of emails to tell them who you are and to build a relationship. You’ll also want to nail your welcome email, which is your one shot at creating a solid first impression.

  • Sales email sequence to promote an offer

If you have an offer, you’ll want to create a dedicated sales email sequence. This is so that you can entice potential customers to purchase your product. Don’t worry too much about being “salesy”, but these emails do need to be compelling and persuasive so that they purchase your courses.

  • Upfront offer sequence

When someone opts into your list, instead of directing them to a thank you page, you can share a content upgrade. This is likely to be a product that is related to your freebie. If you don’t have an upfront offer related to your freebie, don’t sweat! You want to make sure that whatever you offer is related to your funnel so don’t offer something for the sake of it.

  • Follow up email sequence

After your customers have purchased a digital product, you’ll want to send them a follow-up series. It will give them an opportunity to ask questions and receive more high touch products.

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Host free video courses

This is one of my favourite things about Kartra. Kartra has a library of templates that you can use to embed videos on your pages. So, if you’re thinking of creating video lessons for a free course, Kartra has your back!

In my free course Kartra for Biz Bootcamp, subscribers are emailed several different lessons. Those lessons are delivered via training videos that I have embedded onto Kartra. It’s pretty rad right?

Master a membership site

If you’re thinking of creating a membership community then look no further! Kartra has created a membership feature that operates very similar to any learning management system. Instead of worrying about needing to create a new site for your membership community, you can create one within Kartra.

They let you drag and drop content so you can easily upload images, video, audio and text. You can also do savvy things like creating different price points and drip feed content through email automation. It’s pretty swish 🙂

Create thank you pages

After visitors have opted into your email list it’s a good idea to say thanks. Kartra has a ton of templates to create a customizable thank you page. The benefits of having a thank you page is that it notifies a new subscriber that they’ve joined your list. It’s also a fab way for letting people get familiar with your brand familiarity.

Here’s an example of a thank you page created by moi:

Did you see the share button? Nice one! That, my friend encourages more people to see your lead magnet. Meaning, it won’t be long before your thank you page goes viral and more people opt into your list. Yay!

Did you see the share button? Nice one! That, my friend encourages more people to see your lead magnet. Meaning, it won’t be long before your thank you page goes viral and more people opt into your list. Yay!

Did I also mention that thank you pages are amazing for giving content upgrades? Hell Yes! After a new subscriber has subscribed to your list you can pitch your online course. This works like magic for growing your customer base. How come? Because once they’ve purchased one thing they’re more likely to purchase again. #Winning!

Host webinars

Webinar software can be super-pricey and it’s another overhead to worry about. So, instead of downloading software, you can embed a live webinar inside a Kartra page. They have a ton of webinar page templates to choose from so you’ll easily find something that suits you. To host a webinar, you just need to embed a Zoom video conference or Google Hangout Broadcast on the page.

Don’t forget, you’ll want to think about engaging your audience if you want your webinar to be a success. How do I do that? Well to keep one engaged, you can ask questions and create call to actions. Thankfully, Kartra is integrated with plenty of tools, so you can easily add a workbook and chat box feature.

Conquer an online course

If you’re thinking of creating an online course then you might be stumped on where to host it. There are a gazillion different platforms to host online courses and that usually comes with an additional price on top of email services and landing pages.

Kartra makes this a very simple fix and hosts all of your courses, landing pages, sales pages and email sequences in one place. So, you can say goodbye to the headache of choosing from a plethora of tools. Happy days!

If you’re keen to create an online course but you’re not sure how to do it in Kartra, don’t sweat. I’ll be creating an epic 4 part series to help you create and launch an online course, so keep you’re eye out! Also, I’ve been cooking up some workbooks and worksheets for ya so it’ll be well worth checking out!

So there you are friends! I hope this introduction helps and you are confident on how to grow your business with Kartra. If you’re trying to grow your online business, Kartra will absolutely help you to do that.

However, I recommend having a clear strategy for what you want to create before you go and purchase Kartra. These questions might help: What is my end goal? What is my action plan for achieving it? Oh and I’ll be writing more articles on Kartra so if you’ve got any questions, hit me up!

Got any questions about Kartra? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll do my best.

Keep your eyes pealed for my 4 part series to help you create and launch an online course! In the meantime, download my workbook below so that you can work through 14 pages of pure gold to create and plan your course.