What Is Kartra and Is It Worth It?
What is kartra kartra

What is Kartra and is it Worth it?

What is Kartra? What makes Kartra so special? Can I use it to sell my products and services online? Is it right for my business? I’ll be talking about all these things today as I share What is Kartra and is it Worth it?

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an online sales funnel builder for business owners who want to sell their products and services. It’s a sales platform that is specially designed to drive sales in your business. It includes drag and drop sales funnel templates, making it easy for both experienced and inexperienced marketers.


Saying that Kartra is more than just a sales funnel software. It’s an all-in-one business platform that allows you to build:

  • membership sites
  • auto-responders
  • online courses
  • shopping carts
  • help desks
  • affiliate programs

The advantage of this is that Kartra takes into account fulfilment and customer experience. These are elements that are often overlooked on other platforms and are essential for delighting your customers!

If you’re delivering 1:1 services to clients, you’ve probably found that you’ve got no bandwidth left to scale your business. It’s likely that you need to productise your products and automate your communications so that you can create:

  • lead growth
  • customer growth
  • predictable products
  • predictable sales 
  • happier customers 
  • an increase in repeated customers
  • a reduced workload of 10 hours a week

By productising your services and leveraging automation, you can double your client base. For example, this might look like productising your 1:1 services into an online program or accelerator. Here you could package up your services into an online program that serves more people. This would involve putting the program into a course and creating a sequence that drip feeds your program.

If you’re familiar with the internet marketing space, you’ll know that growing an online business can require a lot of platforms. This means that you can be switching between various platforms, resulting in a lot of overwhelm. 

What Makes Kartra So Special?

Instead of having your resources spread across different platforms, such as your courses, automation, membership site and customer support, you can have it all in one place. This simplifies your business and removes the hassle of switching between platforms, worrying abou integrations and having to get HTML codes. The dream!

One of the main reasons I love Kartra is how goal-oriented it is. Every time you create a product or landing page inside Kartra, it forces you to go through the essential steps to maximise your leads and sales. In particular, Kartra will encourage you to think of the last stage in the process of your goal. 

Let’s say you’re an agency, digital service provider or coach and you want to sell your high ticket offer.  In this case your end goal is selling your high end ticket offer and getting clients. So if you were to create a funnel to sell your high end ticket offer, you’d need to think about the last step in the process. Now, what’s the last step in the process before a customer signs up to your high ticket offer? Well, it might be a strategy call.

When you create a funnel inside Kartra, it will force you to create your thank you page first. This structured approach forces you to focus on the end result, increasing your chances of driving leads and sales. This is far more intuitive than any other sales funnel platforms that I’ve seen. This follows the wisdom of Stephen Covey to “start with the end goal in mind” and that’s what I love.

As busy entrepreneurs we often overwhelm ourselves with tasks that often distract us and create more noise. To make the journey easier, we need structures in place that help us achieve our goals much easier. So we need all the help we need to simplify our business and focus on the end result. I think Kartra will be a powerful force for eliminating sabotage and achieving our end results.


“Begin with the end goal in mind”, Stephen Covey

Can I Use Kartra To Sell My Products and Services?

Kartra has everything you need to productise, simplify and scale your business. Here are some of the features inside Kartra you can use to create a predictable products and predictable sales.

High ticket offers

If you’re an agency, consultant, service provider or coach and you’re selling high ticket offers, you can create the high ticket offer as a product inside Kartra. You can also create an application funnel to generate qualified prospects. If you want prospects to book a strategy call with you, you can use a tool like Acuity Scheduling or Schedule Once so that people can book an appointment with you. However, Kartra will soon have an in-built appointment scheduling calendar so that prospects can book appointments with you.



If you’d like to productise your skills so that you can move from 1:1 to 1:many, you can use courses to double your client base. Here you can create a program or accelerator inside Kartra and use the shopping cart system to sell your programs. The advantage of having an in-built shopping cart system is that you can easily create one click upsells. 


If you’re looking to scale your business with a membership site, you can create a rich and branded membership site with different pricing options. Here you can upload files, videos and communicate to your members. You can also create automations inside your membership so that your customers are drip fed course content based on their behaviour.


If you’re looking to get more eyeballs on your products and services, you can leverage Kartra’s affiliate marketplace. Every time you create a product inside Kartra, you can publish your product on the Kartra marketplace so that affiliates can promote your products for you.

You can easily mange your affiliates and decide how much your affiliates earn per sale.  Kartra also allows you to set milestones for your sales before they receive commission so that you attract loyal and genuine affiliates. You can also look at other products that you’d like to become an affiliate for and you can promote them to diversify your income streams in your business. 

Help desks

If you want to maximise your sales, you’ll want customer support to be one of your biggest priorities. Inside Kartra you can create multiple help desks to answer your client’s tickets. You can answer to them through canned responses, Skype calls, live chats and phone calls. 


If you’re looking to grow at a rapid rate you’ll want to be measuring and tracking your metrics. This is so you can see what’s working, what isn’t working and what you can do to optimise your conversions and sales. Inside Kartra, there’s an in-built analytics feature. Here you get a 360 view of your customers as they move through your funnels.

This helps you to see which pages are getting the most views, which emails are the most successful and how your sales are doing. You can also use the lead management system to keep track of every lead, such as lifetime analytics and their history at each stage of the funnel.

So whether you want to sell high ticket offers, online courses, membership sites or diversify your income with affiliates, Kartra has everything you need.

Is Kartra Right for My Business?

Deciding the right sales funnel software for your business can be overwhelming. There’s a plethora of software tools out there and this is where business owners get stuck. Usually business owners are too focused on the tool itself rather than what they want to achieve in their business.

What I recommend all of my clients to do when deciding what software is right for them is to determine their business goals and their game plan to achieve it.

To help you determine whether Kartra is right for your business, you need to ask yourself these questions

  • What do I want achieve in my business in the next 3-6 months?
  • How will I achieve that? What is my game plan?
  • Which features do I need in a software tool to achieve that goal?

By starting with the end goal in mind, you can make sure that you choose the right sales funnel tool for your business. I encourage you to work through these questions so find a quiet spot, grab your pen and journal on this.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have an idea on what your goals are, what your game plan is and what features that you need within the sales funnels tools to achieve that.

Is Kartra Worth It?

If you’re at a stage in your business where you’re serving 1:1 clients and you have little bandwith left, Kartra can really help you simplify, systemize and scale your business. 

If you’ve got a proven product that delivers results for your clients, you want to start thinking about productising and automating your services.

Kartra is one of the best softwares on the market today with highly converting sales pages designed to drive sales in your business. 

If you want to simplify and scale your business funnels and automation are absolutely essential.

If you want to create a leveraged business that’s going to serve you in years to come, you need to have a sales funnel. Without sales funnels and automation you’re leaving tons money of money on the table.

With a proven product and killer funnel you can create rapid growth very fast. That’s the power of sales funnels and it’s why Kartra is a sought after piece of software. They’ve invested $9 million in building the platform so that you can drive sales and have an insanely profitable business.

You can create a funnel inside Kartra within minutes without the heavy lifting of creating websites, coding and creating custom sales pages so thanks to Kartra it’s easy to grow your business.

Although Kartra requires a monthly investment (starting at $97 a month), it will pay back tenfold.

Plus when you factor in all the platforms that you’re currently using in your business, Kartra reduces the extortionate fees.

So, in short, yes, Kartra is totally worth it.


  • Kartra is more than just a sales funnel builder, it’s an all-in-one business platform that allows you to do email automation, products, memberships and customer support.
  • What makes Kartra different to other sales funnel software tools is that it’s goal oriented instead of task oriented. In other words, every time you set up a funnel or course inside of Kartra it’s structure forces you to take necessary steps to drive sales.
  • If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to productise, systemize and scale your business then Kartra is totally for you. 
  • Having a sales funnel is absolutely essential if you want to create rapid business growth. If you don’t have a sales funnel in your business, you’re leaving money on the table.
  • Kartra is worth it if you have a proven offer and a highly converting funnel that is easy to build inside Kartra, whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced marketer.

Above all, I expect that Kartra will redefine how we do business. It will 1) take away the overwhelm of researching a plethora of platforms for running your online business, 2) keep us focused on our goals so that we actually boost our sales and 3) take away the headache of the extortionate fees that come with all the other platforms we’ll no longer need.

I’d love to hear where you’re at. Let me know in the comments below what you think of Kartra and whether you’re going to use it to grow your business!

All my best,

P.s If you’ve already got a proven offer and you’d like to up-level your business with systems and automation, you can apply to work with me here.