launch strategyHow To Use Webinars As A Launch Strategy

Hey friend! Welcome to part four of the #onlinecoursebizseries. In this series, I’m showing you the step-by-step process for creating and launching an online course. I love talking about all things course creation and launch strategy, and I think you’re going to love today’s post. 

If you’ve read my other posts, hopefully you’ve already taken some baby steps to create your course and plan your launch. If you’ve not caught up yet, don’t sweat! There’s still time to catch up. 

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Now onto today’s topic! Let me guess. You’re researching “launch strategy” but you’re CLUELESS on what you need to do to effectively promote your course. 

Not to mention, you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from reading dozens of ambiguous blog posts that don’t tell you nothing.  

You may also have questions like…

  • How do I host a webinar?
  • How do I fill up my webinar?
  • How do I follow up with people after the webinar has ended?

Turns out, you’re not alone. And better yet? I have a 4 step process that will wash all your webinar woes away. 

But before we dive in, here’s a little snippet of why webinars are an epic launch strategy.

And above all, once you have the right blueprint for your webinars, there’s really no ceiling with what you can earn. 

For that reason, when someone is launching an online course and wondering what launch strategy is best – I encourage them to start with webinars. 

It doesn’t matter what niche or industry you’re in, everyone should do webinars. There’s no other launch strategy that ramps up know, like and trust as much as webinars do. 

So, how do you host your first webinar? Well, let’s take a look!

1. Promote your webinar 

Most course creators spend weeks or months preparing their webinar slides and perfecting their content. Which means, they waste a TON of time where they could be focusing on other $100 tasks or $1000 tasks in their business. They’ll get to a few days before the webinar event and they’ll say “okay, I’ve got 3 days, it’s time to fill up my webinar”. But they haven’t been list-building or building engaged audiences for their webinar. So, when it comes to promoting their webinar they’re talking to crickets. And by that, I mean they haven’t built the trust and likeability with their audience.

Don’t forget, the success of your launch is determined by how you show up BEFORE the launch. So, you want to be list-building and growing engaged audiences at least 60 days before the webinar date. I talk about the importance of a pre-launch strategy here, so check it out!

Another common thing people do is that they’ll leave the webinar promotion until the last minute where they’ve only got a couple of days to fill up their webinars. 

Rather, I recommend that you promote your webinar at least 7 days before the webinar date, so that you have enough time to fill up your webinars and make sure that you’re hitting your registration goals. Make sense?

2. Prepare your webinar slides

After you’ve got your webinar ads set up and you’re starting to get those webinar sign ups, you can spend 2-3 days on creating your webinar content. 

3 days, you’re kidding me?! Trust me on this one, my friend. I say this because I know you’re a perfectionist and want to do the best job you can, but I don’t want you spending dayssss stuck on what colour you should pick for your webinar slides. Although it is an important part of the launch, I want you to give yourself enough time to promote your event, so you’re on track with hitting your launch goals. Got it? I hope you’re nodding!

Alright…I think I’ve stressed enough the importance of giving yourself time to promote your webinar. 

But, if you’re thinking about your webinar and you’re curious to know how to get started, here’s my two cents.

Outline webinar content 

First things first. Start brainstorming a few ideas for your webinar topic. Think about your audience and what you can create to give them the confidence to take the next step in their journey. What are their biggest challenges? What common questions do they ask? 

Not sure on this? That’s okay. If you don’t know what to include put your market research hat on do some digging on your audience. Speak to a few of your ideal customers or do a survey. 

Now, choose a webinar topic and start outlining the key points that you’re going to talk about on your webinar. Spend 2 hours brainstorming 3 key points that you want to mention on the webinar. Then, you can spend the next 2 days fleshing out your content and creating your webinar slides.

Create your offer

After you’ve outlined your content, you want to outline your offer. What is the course promise? What is the price? What is the process or framework that you take your students through? What proof do you have to show that your framework works? And what bonus stack will you offer your audience to give them an urgency to sign up to your course?

3. Pitch your webinar

It’s the day of the webinar and you’re ready to go live! The key to a good webinar is to deliver value, inspire your audience and answer their questions. 

I’d spend 30-45 minutes delivering great content on your topic to your audience and 10-15 minutes talking about your offer. 

A word of warning: some people are new to “webinar culture”, so they’re not aware that there’s going to be a pitch at the end. Which is why I recommend that you have a disclosure at the start of your webinar saying that you’re going to talk more about how you can help them at the end. I like to be candid with my audience, because I want to set their expectations. 

Then you can spend 10-15 minutes talking about your offer, what’s included and what they’ll get when they enrol. 

After you’ve pitched your offer, you can open a Q&A for 15-20 minutes to answer your audience’s questions. Got that? Excellent!

4. Post-webinar follow up email sequence 

Worried about not hitting your launch goals during the webinar? Don’t fret pet! The good news is that you can DOUBLE your online sales with an effective post-webinar email sequence. 

This allows you to continue the conversation with your audience, depending on whether they attended or didn’t attend your webinar.

Ever heard of the phrase “the fortune is in the follow up?”. Well this is exactly that. And, if you’re not following up with your audience, then you’re leaving a TON of money on the table. 

If you’ve attended a webinar before, you’ll know that there’s often a “replay period” where those who didn’t attend have a chance to watch the replay for 1-2 days. This is a biggie because it allows you to give your audience a “LAST CHANCE” to enrol in your course. 

Now that you have a 4 step framework for using webinars as part of your launch strategy, you’ve got everything you need to launch your course.

Hooray! You made it to the end of the #onlinecoursebiz series. I hope you’re buzzing with excitement about your launch. 

If you’ve read all 4 parts to this series, thanks for tuning in! I really enjoyed writing this series and I hope you found it helpful in your course creation journey. 

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