The 4C Strategy For Enrolling Coaching Clients - Victoria Hockaday

The 4C Strategy For Enrolling Coaching Clients

Hey lovely,

So you’re a wannabe entrepreneur and aspiring coach.

You’re driven, passionate and hungry to create a big impact in the world.

Like most of us, you can feel overwhelmed with your endless to-do list that you lose focus and alignment when it comes to enrolling coaching clients.

These four steps take it from there.



They say that by speaking to everyone you arn’t speaking to anyone. This is because when you try to help everybody your message becomes diluted.

Instead of trying to help everybody, focus on serving one group of people.

Ask yourself, who am I serving? Who are my dream clients? What is the number one problem that my ideal clients have in common?

If you’re not clear on your ideal client reach out to the group of people that you’re most interested in helping.

Ask them if you can interview them. Find out their obstacles, challenges and number one problem that they have in common.



Think about where your ideal clients spend their time and connect with them.

Start with your inner circle and write down the names of people that meet your ideal client profile. Are they friends, family or perhaps work colleagues?

Ask yourself, who would I LOVE to speak to? Reach out to them, be curious and genuinely interested in what they’re up to.

Find out what is inspiring them and and what their biggest challenge is right now.

At some point in the conversation, you may find a way that you can serve them. Perhaps you’ll recommend a book to them or you might ask them if they would like to experience a coaching conversation.



The only thing that your clients care about is the one question: can you help me?

Create packages that hone in on your ideal clients’ problems and dreams.

Focus on creating coaching conversations that serve your clients so powerfully that they can’t stop talking about you to friends and family.

Help your clients to find their truth and have insights that rock their world.



The truth is, there is no silver bullet to being a successful coach. Enrolling clients takes consistency.

Bruce Lee once said,

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

Focus on doing 1-4 actions each day that will bring clients. This can be connecting with your dream client at a networking event, inviting someone to a coaching conversation or doing a Facebook live on your topic area.

If you’ve got this far, you’re amazing!

Now I’d like to challenge you to start taking action.

Marie Forleo reminds us that

clarity comes from engagement and not thinking about it.

Focus on one of the C’s that you can work on in the next 24 hours to help you get in alignment with enrolling clients.

Love Victoria

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