I’m Victoria Hockaday and I’m just a girl from Northumberland, UK with a big mission to empower one million women. My aim is to help women transcend their darkness to create a life of joy, love and unshakeable success.
My content and messaging, whether this be through a Facebook live, free resource, online training, coupled with an opportunity to work with me personally, allows women to foster strength and create a life and business they love.
Since studying psychology, I’ve been interested in what holds people back from creating unshakeable success.
What I’ve learned is that we all have created a glass ceiling for how much joy, love and success that we think we can achieve. What stops us from breaking through our glass ceiling is that we think we’re fundamentally flawed so we trip ourselves up.
We define who we are by our story and the limits that we impose on ourselves. Once we realise that our story isn’t us and it’s “it”, we can create the joy, love and unshakeable success that we dream of.
We have to pull out the weeds before we plant new seeds
I believe that whilst there is a place for affirmations and vision boards, they arn’t sufficient for creating success. We have to dig a little deeper and uncover the fixed assumptions and beliefs that are driving our behaviour and recreating negative circumstances in our lives.
Once we have made the darkness conscious, we can step into a new paradigm that allows us to follow our destiny.
I believe that with the right tools we can raise our consciousness, disidentify with our stories and create unshakeable success.
I’m proud to have worked with clients where I have helped them to do exactly that. I’ve helped them to break free from their stories, cultivate confidence and create success in their businesses.
So why did I get into this?
Growing up in a broken family had a hugely negative impact on me. I suffered from low self worth, low self esteem and aloneness. I experienced deeply rooted pain - the pain of emotional abandonment, the pain of rejection and the pain of unworthiness.
My inquisitive mind wanted to understand the cause of my suffering and I continued to ask questions because answers gave me reassurance.
My need to ask ‘why” and my desire towards helping people pulled me towards psychology. I made it my focus to complete my bachelors degree in psychology and Master's degree in business psychology.
I went down the expected route and got a “good job” working as a consultant. When I worked as a consultant I felt enormous pressure to be everything but myself. I reminded myself frequently that I was grateful for having a job but I denied the fact that I was deeply unhappy and unfulfilled.
I felt ashamed of wanting to be, do and have more with the risk of disappointment, failure, being judged and not liked by others.
A few years ago, I experienced one of the most difficult years of my life. I struggled finding a graduate job, experienced narcissistic abuse, felt isolated and alienated in London and learnt that my dad had a neurodegenerative disorder.
I reached a pain threshold in my life and I decided that I’d had enough of suffering. I went on a journey of spiritual healing, personal growth and changed my life from the inside out.
I transcended the beliefs and behaviours that were not serving me and immersed myself in self development.
Within less than a year, I skyrocketed my self belief, rediscovered myself, launched my coaching business, escaped the rat race in London and moved to Bath.
Hitting rock bottom gave me an opportunity to foster the strength, resilience and persistence that has got my business to where it is today. The depth of my life experiences has allowed me to grow and has helped me to serve my clients on a much deeper level.
You have a choice
Where ever you are right now, you can achieve that too. Let today be the day you stop being a victim to your circumstances. You have a choice to take back your power and shape your life.
You have an opportunity to be part of a new paradigm of consciousness - to break away from your history and follow your destiny.
My coaching and messaging shines light on how you can transcend your darkness to a higher vibration of joy, love, personal power and unshakeable success.
With the opportunity to work with me personally, I’m committed to giving you 100% of my support to help you to create massive breakthroughs and results.
Let's lock arms and make it happen
If you’re looking to start your journey of personal growth and create a life and business that you love, I am here to guide you.
I always say that you are not what happens to you but who you want to become. I believe that by working from the inside out and making the darkness conscious, you can create anything you want.
My journey hasn’t been easy. I’m still a work in progress. But I am relentlessly committed to sharing with you my personal and professional expertise to help you to grow and thrive to the next level.
Come and join me and a tight knit community of entrepreneurs in my Facebook group and follow my world on Instagram.
I’m excited to support you on your journey in personal growth and entrepreneurship!
With gratitude,
Victoria XO
Ready To Create A Life Of Joy, Love and Unshakeable Success?