Starting An Online Coaching Business - Victoria Hockaday

Starting An Online Coaching Business

Here’s what I’m talking about this week…

  • Hard truths of starting a coaching business
  • Why your coaching skills arn’t enough for having a thriving coaching business
  • How having a solid strategy is essential for your success

You want to create a BIG impact in the world through a business.

A little voice inside of you is telling your purpose is to help people.

You’ve started listening to your whisper and you’ve found your inner calling.

You want to become a coach.

But not just another coach.


There’s one problem though. You don’t know much about the coaching industry and you’re overwhelmed with questions like…

Do I need a certificate?

Where should I get certified?

How will I find my first clients?

How can I be the best coach I can be?

Most coaches believe that starting a successful coaching business is heavily dependent on their skills as a coach.

Whilst it’s all well and good to be the best coach you can be, it’s not the whole story.

Here’s the truth:

You’re not just a coach.

You’re a business owner. An entrepreneur.

Even if your zone of coaching genius is epic, your coaching skills alone arn’t enough to start an online coaching business.

So, what’s the deal?

What do you really need to start an online coaching business?

Here’s 7 keystone elements you want to consider.


First of all, when you start your coaching practice you’ll probably want to help everyone. The problem with this is when you try to talk to everyone you’re not talking to anyone.

You’re message becomes diluted and you’ll find it really hard to attract clients. Honestly, you have to be willing to go deep. Don’t be afraid to take ownership of your niche so that you’re seen as an expert.


You want to create an online hub for your business so that prospective clients can get more familiar with what you’re about. You’ll need to buy a domain and create a website. Essentially, you need to be crystal clear about who you help, what problem you solve and what value you give your clients.

You want people to come to your website and immediately understand what you do and what you offer. I’d recommend using Bluehost for buying your domain name and WordPress to build your website.


The more eyeballs on your business the better. If you want to start an online coaching business strong, you need to focus on building your tribe.

The more people know about your coaching, the more likely you’ll create a consistent stream of clients. Think about where your niche spend time online and create a loyal community.


It usually takes 7 times before a client buys your product or service. This could be seeing a social media post, watching a Youtube video, live training, receiving freebie, reading an email, listening to a podcast and having a sales call. 

Consistency is the hallmark of trust. Think about the different types of content you could create and commit to doing it consistently.

Think about what epic content you can create to establish know, like and trust. Consider how you’re going to highlight your ideal client’s challenges and give hints to their solutions.


Once you’ve warmed up your audience with epic content, you’ll want to stay in touch with them so that you can sell your offers to them.

How do you do that?

By creating a freebie or lead magnet in exchange for their email address. You’ll want to create a quick and consumable piece of content for your audience, such as a checklist, cheat sheet, workbook or audio.

Don’t be afraid to dive deep on a specific problem that your niche is dealing with. They expect you to lead them through their problem so don’t be afraid to take ownership and deliver epic value.


One off coaching sessions aren’t the answer because this means that you’ll need to keep enrolling new clients. It’s a recipe for stress and burnout.

Therefore, you want to create a custom 4-month or 6-month package. This shift of longer term packages will help you to create a profitable and sustainable online coaching business.


Most of all, word of mouth is probably the most contagious forms of marketing. Essentially, marketing is about creating demand for your products and services so what better way to do that through word of mouth! 

How can you do this?

Get started with creating a referral engine that will inspire your clients to talk about your services to their friends and colleagues. You can offer them an incentive such as a discount on your flagship programme. 

Remember that you want to remain honesty and integrity with this. Only offer referrals programs to people that you’ve worked with closely. Your clients want to refer you because of your extraordinary coaching skills and life-changing results, not because they want a freebie.

Never forget..

A big part of starting an online coaching business is about putting your entrepreneurial thinking hat on. Therefore, if you want to have a business you have to have a solid strategy for bringing in consistent income.

This allows you to show up as the best version of yourself so that you can serve your clients at the highest level. 

Have fun starting your coaching business!

I’d love to hear from you. What initial steps have you taken to start your online coaching business?

Victoria XOXO