Ever heard the phrase “the money’s in the list”?

That’s a dangerous half-truth.

Your online business is only as strong as the relationship with your email subscribers.

Think about it for a second. You could have hundreds or thousands of people on your list but if you’ve failed to connect with them and build trust, your email list is worth nothing. Zilch.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to craft emails that cultivate a real and genuine connection with your audience.


But, for most people email marketing scares them senseless. And it’s because they have a heavyweight of fears and beliefs that stop them from stopping send.

In today’s post we’re breaking down 3 fears, so you can approach email with confidence and never be scared of hitting the send button ever again!

You’re scared of unsubscribers

This is a big one.

Many people run away from email marketing because they take unsubscribes so personally.

First of all, there’s a few reasons why someone might unsubscribe from your list. It might be that they weren’t a good connection, they just wanted the freebie or they’re purging their email list. The list of potential reasons are endless.

Don’t forget, when someone gives you their email address it’s like being invited as a guest to someone’s house. It’s a sacred space and some people want to preserve it for their favorite people.

Instead of focusing on unsubscribers, focus on how you can help people. You need to assume that every subscriber is in distress over a situation and you have to work them back to health. They’re relying on you for answers, so do them a favor and help them!

In other words, if you have value that you think will help your audience, share it with them. Let go of fear and lead with service.

You don’t think you’re very good at writing

Do you think you suck at writing?

You’re not alone.

Many bloggers and entrepreneurs don’t think they’re very good at writing, so they give their email list radio silence for weeks.

In fact, some people ignore their email list for years until they realise that it’s their most important asset in their business. (Guilty!)

So, how do you get better at writing?

Imagine that you’re sat having a coffee ☕ catch up with your friend. You wouldn’t say “hello, hope you’re well” or “I thought I’d inform you…”. Of course not! You’d sound like a robot and your friend would think you’ve been cloned by the CIA. (Obviously I’m joking!).

Instead, you’d say, “hey”, or “what’s up?”. Right?

So, take the pressure off yourself and start writing emails as if you were catching up with a friend. It’ll help you put your business hat to one side and start connecting to the heart’s of your readers.

You don’t know what to say

Perhaps your scratching your head thinking: “I don’t know what to send my email list?” Or you feel a huge pressure to create more content when your blog post is enough to worry about?

Don’t fret! You might be taking on too much.

When I started out with email marketing I felt an immense pressure to write value-filled emails allll the time. I realised that not everyone wants to read a blog post everyday. So, I decided that I’d experiment a little and break up my emails with know, like and trust emails.

Know, like and trust emails are basically story-based emails that allow my audience to get to know me as a person. (And they’re so much easier to write too!)

I decided that for every value-filled email, I’d write a KLT email to connect with my subscribers. It might be from some event I went to that week, a person I met, or the struggles of entrepreneurship.

Give this a go and watch your engagement skyrocket!

Here’s a few more ideas:

  • Lessons I’ve learned
  • If I had to do it all again
  • Something I tried that worked
  • Ask for feedback or a personal opinion

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Email marketing can be scary but it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you want to connect with your audience on a personal level, imagine that you’re sat having a coffee with a friend. Take away the pressure of having to teach 24/7 and step into the energy of discovery and curiosity.

Practice telling stories, entertaining your audience, being funny and sprinkling your personality.

At the end of the day, email isn’t about teaching all the time. It’s about being connecting and building a relationship with your audience.

That’s it for today! Happy writing!

Over to you. What scares you about email marketing?