Is your email list dead?

If you haven’t emailed your audience in months then it comes at no surprise that you’re stuck in analysis paralysis.

It’s likely that you’re worried about getting a ton of unsubscribers and you don’t know what to say when you’ve been MIA for as long as you have.

And to make matters worse, you feel pretty useless when you get an invoice from an email provider that you’re barely using. (Ouch!)

So the question is, how do you re-engage a dead email list?

Here’s 5 steps to re-engage your email list, so you feel confident again about smacking the send button!

The best part? It’s not overwhelming. It’s an easy, step-by-step process that will help you get back on track! Ready to rock?

Decide your approach 

How you reconnect with your subscribers depends on the relationship you had with your list prior to going missing.

If you were consistent…

If you nurtured your subscribers with a welcome email series…

And, what your preference is.

One way is to acknowledge your absence and possibly let them know what’s been happening.

Or, you can not mention it at all and jump straight back into reigniting your list with a series of emails (to win back their trust).

Once you decide your approach, you can draft a series of emails to rebuild your relationship.

But how do you win them back over without getting kicked in the teeth?

You offer them a freebie.

Offer a dazzling freebie

If you want to resurrect your email list for good, you need to create an incredibly valuable freebie.

One of the best ways to create a valuable freebie is to create something that is hyper-relevant to your audience. It needs to resonate with them and help them overcome their challenges.

Just like the content you create on your blog, you want to create a freebie that focuses on one big problem and helps them achieve a small win.

So how do you create a valuable freebie?

How to create a valuable freebie

If someone has already subscribed to a list to receive a freebie, you can create a freebie that’s directly related. So, if they signed up to get a workbook on Pinterest strategies, you could create a free course on Pinterest. Does that make sense?

Alternatively, if you’ve already got a paid product that people LOVE why don’t you turn it into a freebie?

But, if you don’t already have a paid product to give away, you can create a freebie that they’ve already voted for by telling you what they’re interested in.

Usually, an opt-in freebie is something that is highly consumable and can be implemented quickly. You want to follow the same principle but create a high-quality freebie that is as good as a paid product.

Here’s some examples:

  • Trello boards
  • Spreadsheets
  • Worksheets
  • A free course (worth $30-$60)
  • A free workshop
  • Swipe files

Speaking of which, check out my email marketing strategy Trello board, which is an example of a freebie that’s a bit different to the “ultimate guide” (which has been done a billion times!).

Creating a valuable freebie will remind people of your worth.

Do this, and you’ll win back your subscribers in no time.

Create a re-engagement email series

Once you’ve got a firm grasp of what freebie you’re going to send you can start brainstorming emails you’re going to write.

The best way is to approach your welcome email as if you’re re-introducing yourself to your audience.

This works because it allows you to re-engage with your email subscribers in a genuine and authentic way.

Remember, your welcome email is the most important email that you’ll ever send. So, you don’t want to just send them a freebie.

Instead, you want to give them the gift of understanding and reflect back to them their motivations, intentions and goals.

Here’s how it would flow:

Email #1 Re-introduce yourself and share with them your highly-valuable freebie. Show them that you understand their motivations, intentions and goals. (You’ll know this if you know your ideal client avatar and if they’ve previously shown an interest in a freebie).

Email #2 Share with them a tip or your best strategies to achieve a solution. After you’ve demonstrated leadership and credibility, let them know what’s coming up in your next email. (This works like a treat for improving their chances of opening your next email!).

Email #3 Share some of your best blog posts, videos or podcasts that will resonate with them. (This is out of pure good will to help them).

Email #4 Let them know what you’re going to be sharing with them moving forward. Make sure that you set realistic expectations, so you keep your word.

So, if you’re worried about what to write to your email list, send them a series of these emails and you’ll win back their trust in no time.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Create an editorial calendar to stay consistent

Now that you’ve redeemed yourself with your subscribers, it’s a good idea to create a plan.

A plan is crucial. It helps you stay consistent, so you can build a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

An email editorial calendar is the best thing you can do to stay consistent with your email marketing strategy.

To create an email editorial calendar, simply brainstorm your emails for the next 3 months.

Overwhelmed by the thought of writing a dozen emails? Don’t fret!

Every email doesn’t need to be a mini blog post. It would be exhausting writing a “how-to” email all the time.

Think about it. If you signed up to learn about a particular topic, you wouldn’t want to read an in-depth blog post or tutorial every day. Of course not! You’d be so overwhelmed by all the content!

Instead, start writing story-based emails that entertain your email subscribers.

Think about something that has happened this week and see how you can use it to tell a story to your audience.

Once you start sharing personal stories, people will be compelled to follow you on a consistent basis.

Empower your relationship with email 

If you have a poor relationship with email marketing then you’re gonna struggle with sharing your voice and staying consistent.

So, if you resist email marketing then you want to breakdown what’s keeping you stuck.

  • Are you scared of unsubscribers?
  • Do you think you’re not very good at writing?
  • Maybe you don’t know what to say and you’re worried about being spammy?

Once you know why you’re scared of email marketing, you can peel back the onion layers, until you change your mindset about email.

During this process, I suggest that you sit with your journal and break down what’s stopping you from sharing your voice.

Once you’ve got clear on why you’re resisting email – you can start to empower your relationship with email in a number of ways.

How to empower your relationship with email

1. Practice writing 20 minutes a day (and start building your writing muscle!)

2. Create a plan. Batch your emails and schedule them in advance.

3. Create monthly themes. If you’re not sure what to write have a monthly theme that gives you a focus.

4. Create open loops. An open loop is when you let people know what you’re going to be sharing in the next email. (And it works wonders for skyrocketing open rates!)

5. Spark conversion. Ask your audience questions using the post script (P.S).

6. Create a welcome email series. If you haven’t already, created an email series to nurture new subscribers.

7. Increase conversions. Offer a low-risk product, to allow more of your audience to see your value.

8. Offer more freebies. See what your audience responds to and create more freebies that help them with their goals.

9. Measure your metrics. Take note of what’s working and what isn’t working. Adjust your strategy and double down on what’s working.

10. Stay consistent and keep your word. This is probably the most important one. If you forget to touch base with your audience for months then people will view you as unreliable. Batch your emails in advance and keep up the momentum.

Final thoughts

I know that re-engaging your email list can feel daunting.

But you can reignite your email list easily with a dazzling opt-in freebie and re-engagement series.

This will distract your audience of your absence and remind them of your value.

So, if you’ve been beating yourself up about your absence it’s time to get out of your head.

Focus on creating a new and empowered relationship with email marketing, so that you feel confident about moving forward.

You have enormous value to give. More people need you and need to know you.

Go get em tiger 🐯