launch contentHow to plan your online course launch content 

Doing a product launch is a mammoth of a task. It’s like launching a book. It’s something that requires MONTHS of planning because there’s lots of moving parts that go into a launch. 

That’s why I recommend that you plan your product launch 2 months in advance so you have time to plan and create your content.

In this blog post I’m going to help you start planning your online course launch, so that you can start creating and scheduling your launch content.

Launch timeline

Here’s an idea of a typical timeline for planning and implementing a successful launch:

3 months 

  • Discover your marketing message, copy and set launch goals 
  • Plan hype strategies and launch method
  • Flesh out course launch content

2 months 

  • Implement hype strategies before launch month
  • Finalise launch content

1 month 

  • Announce your launch  

Plus, there’s lots of moving parts that go into a launch. For example, you need to plan your: 

  • Pre-selling method
  • Launch method 
  • Launch email sequences
  • Tools & systems 
  • Course materials
  • Course launch content
  • And… how to make sales after your launch

Today I’m going to focus on the course launch content that you’ll need to create for your launch. This includes the basic course launch content, such as webinars, blog posts, opt in freebies and launch emails.

How to plan your launch content 

What is course launch content: 

This is the content that you’ll publish leading up to the launch, so that you educate your audience and get them excited about your launch. 

Goals of course launch content:

Instead of promoting a product out of the blue and asking people to “buy it now!”, your course launch content creates a build up of anticipation, which leads to more sales.

Let’s go into detail about the launch content that you need to create. 

1. Opt in freebie

You’ll need to create a lead magnet for your course launch. This differs to your generic lead magnet that you use for your site. Instead, it’s a course-specific lead magnet and it needs to be branded as your online course. This might be a checklist, cheatsheet or a tools guide. 

2. Launch blog posts 

Running up to your launch you want to create blog posts that educate your audience about your topic. This is an important aspect of social influencing because people aren’t going to purchase your course unless they know why it’s important and how it’s going to help them.

Let’s pretend for a second that you’re launching a list building course. Not everyone understands the benefits of having an email list to grow their business. 

In this case, you might write 4 blog posts on list building and one about why it’s important:

  • Why an email list is more important than social media
  • 18 ways to build your list
  • List building case study
  • How to start, manage and grow an email list

Once you’ve created these blog posts, you can promote your course-specific lead magnet as a content upgrade. This will help you to build a pre-launch email list. 

3. Webinar

Your webinar is the heart and soul of your launch content. The reason why it’s a signature webinar is that it’s going to be re-used when it comes to pitching your course after the launch period. So, the content needs to be 100% evergreen, so that it can be used in the long-term in your funnels and automation.

The reason why you want to do a live webinar first, is so that you can create a genuine sense of urgency. To do this, you’ll create a webinar fast action bonus for people who attend the webinar live. It also gives you an opportunity to interact with your audience and answer any of their questions that might hesitate them for purchasing the course.

The goal of your webinar is to:

  • Show expertise and provide high-value content 
  • Form a deeper connection with your audience
  • Sell your course  
  • Create an evergreen webinar that can be reused
  • Answer people’s questions
  • Offer people a fast action webinar bonus to create urgency and boost sales 

4. Launch emails

At a bare minimum, you want your launch to have a strong launch email sequence and a live webinar. Your launch emails are a set of email sequences sent over a period of 7-12 days. The goal of these emails is to:

  • Educate your audience
  • Tell a story
  • Build trust
  • Dial up your leadership and credibility
  • Introduce them to your course
  • Address their fears and hesitations
  • Use urgency to influence buying decisions

I recommend mapping out an outline of the emails that you’re going to send with key points that you want to put across for each. Then, batch write your email sequence, so that you can create a story continuity throughout your emails.

So, there you have it! There’s the most essential elements that you need to plan for your online course launch. I hope that helps!

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