Ooh Pinterest…amazing for all things motivation, home decor, [insert your thing here].

But for business? Erm, I’m not quite sure to begin?!

Maybe you’re thinking “bah, not another social platform I need to learn in my business”.

But here’s the deal. Pinterest is not a social platform, it’s a search engine and whilst followers are important to us it’s not the be-all-end-all because our reach goes far beyond who follows us. F’real!

Which is why I’m excited to share with you my tried and tested Pinterest strategies I’ve learned in the trenches, so you can explode your Pinterest monthly views, fast. 

Because you know your dream audience is on Pinterest. 

You know they’re using it to decide what they’re going to buy online. 

Question is – are you using it to get your work and offers in front of them?

Let’s jump in today’s post. 

Create fresh content

Did you know that Pinterest loves fresh content! Pinterest found that pinners engaged with content more when it’s “fresh” — a new blog post, a fresh pin design to an old blog post, a new pin from an Instagram image. 

By posting fresh content on the platform, you’ll be rewarded with more engagement, repins and website traffic. So friend, make sure that you’re pinning fresh content, if you want to get ahead.

Research keywords

Let’s set the record straight. Since Pinterest is a search engine people will find your content through keywords. Keywords are hugely powerful on Pinterest and since being more strategic with my keywords I’ve been able to dramatically grow my traffic. 

Don’t skip this step! Research keywords for your bio, board titles, board descriptions and pin descriptions. 

By using keywords that your dream customer avatar is typing into Pinterest search, they’re 10X more likely to find your content. 

Understand analytics to maximize results

One of the best ways to pump up your Pinterest monthly views is to analyze your analytics. This will help you understand what your audience is engaging with the most. What topics are they the most interested in? Which boards are performing the best? Do they prefer educational content or inspiring quotes? 

So, for example, if you noticed that people are engaging in your pins related to “home decor” then you might create more pieces of content on that topic. 

Boost your results with group boards and Tailwind Tribes

One of my favorite things about Pinterest is that I can leverage group boards and tribes to get more exposure to my pins. This works because by posting to a group board, you will gain access to other people’s audiences through them repinning your content. 

Pin consistently 

Lastly, make sure that you’re pinning consistently on the platform! Another thing I did last year was I made the commitment of pinning every day, so that I felt at ease knowing that my content was always being shown to my audience. 

This helps Pinterest know that you’re a high-quality pinner and it will distribute your content more. Which means more repins, clicks and traffic!

I have to admit I’ve been guilty of letting my pinning slip (especially If I’m creating a course!). But one thing that helps me to stay on track is having batching sessions when I schedule my pins for the next 2-3 weeks. 

Looking for more of my tips on increasing your traffic on Pinterest? Grab my 30-day guide that will show you how to build a Pinterest presence and attract droves of fans to your website. It’s time to turn those pretty boards and pins into strategy.