Top Pinterest Marketing Strategies for 2021

Pinterest is a platform that is always changing and it can be frustrating to keep up, (especially when you’re spinning 9 other things on your entrepreneurial plate!)

Maybe you’re already using Pinterest marketing strategies but you’ve taken a break from Pinterest to focus on other things in your business, like creating an online course.

Or, you’re working your butt off with little payoff and your traffic is still not being boosted much by Pinterest.

Either way, I’m pulling back the curtains behind the Pinterest marketing strategies that will help you grow your website traffic in 2021.

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Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!


First of all, I feel your struggles and sometimes we just want results because we’ve worked so hard trying to implement all the Pinterest marketing strategies we learn! But after I updated my Pinterest profile with relevant keywords in my profile and boards, I’ve been able to gain 10 new followers everyday.

Keywords are HUGE on Pinterest. And the majority of people will find your content through keywords. If you’re a newbie, Keywords are “strings of phrases or words” that people type into the search bar to find your content.

Don’t forget, most of the traffic you’ll get from Pinterest is cold traffic. Which means that people don’t know who you are or what you’re about. All they’re interested in is finding content that answers their questions and solves their problems. So, they’re not going to type in your personal brand or business brand name into the search bar. More likely, they’re going to type in phrases of words to find content that is SPECIFIC and RELEVANT to them.

So, for example, if an aspiring online course creator wants to learn how to create an online course, they might type in “create an online course” into Pinterest and come across one of my pins.

Your challenge: I want you to spend a bit of time thinking about the strings of words that your dream customers are likely to type into Pinterest. What are their biggest pain points? What do they want to learn more about? Once you discover the keywords that are relevant to your niche you can place them in your bio and boards.

Focus on long-term growth

If you’ve only been on Pinterest for a few months, it’s easy to feel discouraged that you’re not seeing results. But Pinterest is a search engine that has more similarities with Google than other platforms…and we all know how powerful Google is for getting organic traffic!

That’s why we need to be patient and see Pinterest as a LONG-TERM marketing strategy to grow our traffic and email subscribers. So, don’t feel discouraged that you’re not getting fast results – you’re not supposed to! Try to focus on your “trajectory” with Pinterest and look at the long-term rather than short-term rewards.

And don’t forget, everything that you pin on Pinterest now will be there forever! So all the Pinterest marketing strategies that you action now will be worthwhile.

Create fresh content

Real talk: Pinterest LOVES fresh content!

If you’re low on fresh content and you’re repinning the same pin images over and over again, Pinterest will mark you as spam. Which is why you want to create multiple templates for blog posts, so that you’re feeding Pinterest fresh content. This might look like creating 10-15 new pins for your most popular blog posts every week, so that you’re keeping Pinterest happy 🙂

Keep it conversational

Stop stuffing your descriptions with keywords!

When the days of SEO began it was deemed acceptable to stuff keywords into content, but not anymore.

If you’re stuffing your descriptions with keywords, Pinterest will notice and will mark you down as a pinner. So, one of my favourite Pinterest marketing strategies is to keep pin descriptions conversational and engaging. This way, Pinterest will see you as a high quality pinner and will reward you by distributing your content more into the smart feed.

Your challenge: practice writing conversational descriptions that “hook” your audience’s attention, and lure them into wanting to read more.

Use power words

If your audience reach is awesome and but you’re not getting anybody coming through to your website, chances are your pins aren’t engaging enough.

One way to improve your click through rate is to use power words in your pin titles, so that your audience is inspired to click through to your pins.

If you think about it, people are motivated by emotion and they take action not because they’re going to get something but because they think that something will change the way they will FEEL.

Which means that you want to put yourself into the shoes of your dream customer and think about what their desires are.

So, for example, let’s say that you’re an email marketer and you help people make more sales with email. If this is the case, your dream customer’s biggest pain point might be not knowing what emails to send. So, you might create a pin called “20 newsletter ideas”.

But if you were to make this pin title more interesting you might say “20 newsletter ideas to email like a boss”. Notice the difference? Well, in the second title, I added the power words “boss”. Not only is this a power word that evokes emotion but it tells the pinner that after reading this pin they’re going to feel more confident about sending emails.

So, if someone types in “newsletter ideas” into Pinterest, they’re going to be more drawn to this pin title because they have the expectation that as well as getting a list of newsletter ideas, they’re also going to feel more confident.

Your challenge: think about what power words you can sprinkle into your pins to evoke an emotional response. What are your dream customer’s desired feelings? How is your post or product going to change how they feel? What buzzwords can you add to grab their attention, such as “must know”, “secrets” etc?

Create a video

And lastly, experiment with videos on Pinterest!

Videos are a great way to grab your audience’s attention and give them a sneak peek of your blog post. Doing a tutorial or have a recipe to share? Video is perfect for that!

Some general Pinterest marketing strategies:

Today I touched on Pinterest marketing in 2020 but whilst you’re here, here’s some general Pinterest marketing strategies that you NEED to know:

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