Pinterest marketingFun fact: I used to think that Pinterest was for people who wanted to save outfit ideas or create a vision board for their dream home. I saw it as something useless for and ruled it out as an online marketing activity. 

And now? It’s one of the most high-impact strategies I use to grow my website traffic.

Here’s a little snippet of how Pinterest marketing has grown my business…

  • It tripled my website traffic within 5 months. 
  • It’s helped me attract my ideal customer who purchases my high-ticket offers. 
  • It’s connected me with my tribe online.
  • It’s given me evergreen traffic – once a pin is optimized in the smart feed, I get recurring traffic from that one pin. 
  • It brings me new email subscribers every single day. 

I mean seriously, Pinterest is a marketing powerhouse and if you create content for your business, you NEED to be on Pinterest.

For that reason, when someone is creating content for their business and there looking for the most essential marketing activities to promote their business – I encourage them to shove everything else and hone in on Pinterest. 

So today, I want to chat about 4 reasons why pinterest marketing is an automated machine for your business. And expect to be convinced by this platform if you aren’t playing the Pinterest game already.

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Now, let’s jump into today’s post.

It’s a search engine

One of the biggest myths about Pinterest is that it’s a social media platform for women who like to save veggie recipes. But Pinterest is more of a search engine than it is a social platform and it shares more similarities with google – and we all know how powerful Google is for getting organic traffic. 

This means that pinners use Pinterest with a purpose. They have a problem and they’re looking for a solution. So, they go to Pinterest to solve their problems. 

So, by promoting your content on Pinterest, you’re investing in a marketing solution that will bring you website traffic every single day. Because people will always be searching for education, inspiration and solutions to their lives. 

You can optimise your content

When you add your content to Pinterest, you can optimise it so that people who are searching for particular content are more likely to find you. 

How do you do this? 

To sum it up in one word: keywords. 

If someone has a problem that they want to solve, they’ll use keywords to find the solutions to their problems. 

Let’s say you’re a website designer and you help female entrepreneurs create stylish and high-converting websites. 

Now, meet Kate, Kate is an aspiring copywriter and she needs someone to design her website. She knows Pinterest is a goldmine for high-value content and inspiration, so she searches “website design inspiration” into Pinterest. 

She then finds a beautifully branded pin that comes up in the top row of the smart feed and it’s exactly what she’s looking for: “the best website design inspiration for female entrepreneurs”. 

She then lands on your blog talking about different website designs. And BOOM, she finds your content so useful. She might not purchase your website design package right away but she’s very likely to become a recurring reader of your blog. And after a few visits to your site, she might become a client. Pretty sweet, huh?

All because she thought your content spoke to her problem and desires, and because you optimised your content with keywords. Can you see how that works?

Leverage automation

“Ok it sounds great, but I’ve already got a lot on my plate and I don’t know if I’ve got time to manage another platform”.

I hear you. Your busy and you probably don’t want to learn another thing in your business, but you don’t have to spend your precious time manually pinning to Pinterest. 

You can leverage the power with automation by using a tool called Tailwind. Tailwind is the number one reason why Pinterest is marketing on auto-pilot because you can schedule your pins weeks or months in advance if you want to.

At a minimum, you can spend 4 hours a month scheduling pins for the month. This means whilst Tailwind is doing Pinterest marketing for you, you can spend more of your time focusing on high-impact marketing strategies, such as webinars, Facebook ads, content creation, and launches.

Your content has a high lifespan

A pin on Pinterest has an average lifespan of 6,000 days, which means that people can find your pin for months and years to come!

And the half-life of a pin is 3.5 months, so 50% of its engagement will happen in 3.5 months.

So, for example, if you create a blog post on “5 ways to create a high-converting website” and you add your pin to Pinterest, it will take 3.5 months to get 50% of its engagement. 

Which means that with Pinterest you’re in it for the long game. It’s not a platform where you post a piece of content that has traction for 90 minutes or 24 hours, it will have traction long after you’ve pinned your pin.

4 Ways to Automate your Pinterest marketing strategy:

Today I touched on how Pinterest marketing can be an automated machine for your brand. Here’s my top tips on how to automate your pinning strategy:

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