One of the most common ways to invite people to join our email list is with an opt-in freebie.

The purpose of an opt-in freebie is to give free value to begin a relationship with a new audience. (And when done well it works like magic for growing a targeted audience who love you and your brand!)

Basically, an opt-in freebie allows you to grow a tribe of the right people who are already looking for a solution.

So, what’s the deal?

Well…the challenge is that many people are frustrated because they’re opt-in freebie isn’t working.

And by working I’m referring to the most common challenges people have:

Whenever you share it, you hearing crickets and you’re getting barely any people signing up to your email list.

People are signing up but they’re not buying the offer that follows after your freebie.

Or people are signing up but you’re not talking about your offer because you don’t know how to market properly

Sound familiar?

I hear it all the time from bloggers and entrepreneurs who have a tiny tiny email list who are barely getting any email sign ups.

This is a HUGE problem because without a list, you’re going to struggle to create a sustainable business.

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So if this is you and you’ve created an opt-in freebie but it isn’t working then you need to troubleshoot it (so that you can bring in a consistent stream of people every. single. day!)

And that’s why today I’m going to be sharing with you the most common opt-in freebie mistakes that’s stalling your email list growth! Deal? Deal!

So, when you think about why you’re lead magnet isn’t working you’re probably asking things like…

  • Is it too wishy-washy?
  • Is my landing page naff?
  • Would it be better if it’s a guide, checklist, or swipe file?
  • Is it relevant to my audience?

And, whilst these are all wonderful questions…

You’re still missing a HUGE point.

What you’re not thinking about is which opt-in freebie is right for YOU?

Cause an opt-in freebie has to be in alignment with what you’re selling. Right?

In fact, your opt-in freebie needs to couple what you’re offering AND what you’re audience is struggling with.

Because no matter how good your freebie is, it’s got to lead to your paid offer so that you can C.O.N.V.E.R.T your subscribers into paying customers.

This would be useless and a complete waste of time, money and energy (but it happens so often to bloggers and entrepreneurs!)

Imagine if you created an opt-in that get’s people signing up to your list but they’re the wrong audience? (Awkward!)

This leads us to mistake #1.

You’re growing the wrong audience

If you’re getting sign-ups at the front end but you’re struggling to sell your paid offers then you’re probably making this mistake.

Remember, your lead magnet is not just to get email subscribers, ideally you want to convert them into paid customers. So, if you’ve got paid offers you want to make sure that your lead magnet naturally flows into the paid offer.

This is why I recommend that you begin with the end in mind.

And that you ask these questions:

  • What’s your end goal?
  • What offer are you trying to sell?
  • Does my lead magnet prepare my audience for my product or service?

Because if you want to lead someone to a paid offer, you want to make sure your lead magnet naturally feeds into that offer.

Are ya with me? (Please say that you’re nodding!) Cool!

Oh!!! And can you see how starting from your end goal makes things sooo much easier! It’s pretty nifty right?

Scratching your head thinking: “I don’t know what to sell?” Or “I don’t have any paid offers yet”. That’s fine too!

My advice is this.

Fine-tune your topics or blog categories so that you’re opt in freebie naturally follows that topic.

Follow that principle and you won’t get sidetracked into growing the wrong audience.

Simply use that opt-in freebie to grow your email list and when you’re ready to promote your offer, you can add your offer to your email sequence. Does that make sense?

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Your lead magnet isn’t specific enough

Another common mistake is that your opt in freebie isn’t specific enough. Basically, you’re trying to cover waaaay too many things in your opt-in freebie and this makes it super hard for your ideal audience because it’s not clear what problem you’re trying to solve. (I’ve been guilty of this in the past too!)

Most often, people make this mistake because they’re scared of niching down.

So, instead they cast their net wide and try to speak to everybody and cover a broad topic. (And people don’t know who you’re talking to because you’re trying to do everything!)

Remember, people are searching for solutions until they find something that has the “OMG, YESSS! THAT’S ME!” bell going off in their head.

So, ask yourself…

“Is my lead magnet providing a solution that can create at least ONE win for ONE audience? If so, what’s that win?”

Here’s some questions to ask:

  • Is my lead magnet ultra-specific?
  • Does my lead magnet say who it’s for and the problem it solves?
  • Does it deliver one big thing? In other words, does it provide a solution that delivers one thing compared to many things.

You’re not promoting it

This one sounds like a given, but sadly it’s a strategy that is often forgotten.

If you’re not sharing your opt-in freebie on social media then nobody’s going to see it. Right?

That’s why, I recommend that you create a schedule for how regularly you promote your lead magnet using an automation tool, such as Buffer or Smarter Queue.

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You’re not testing your landing page

Another mistake that people make is not testing their landing page.

No matter how good your opt-in freebie is, if your landing page doesn’t cover the right elements then people aren’t going to subscribe to your opt-in freebie.

And, you guessed it: you won’t be able to sell your paid offers either.

That’s why, you need to cover the right elements in your landing page.

There are 3 elements that make a great landing page:

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Call to action/form

And, I recommend that you do a b testing on your landing page so that you have a landing page that’s optimised for conversions.

My suggestion?

Invest in a landing page builder so that you can measure your conversion rate and do a b testing.

I also use optinmonster to create pop ups and ribbons on my site and they work super well!

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