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Dive into my online courses for step-by-step strategies that will teach you community- building and course-creating strategies

My tried and tested library of courses and blueprints have helped dozens of online entrepreneurs create buzzing online communities and create and sell digital assets. Are you ready to quit the business guessing game and get off the 1:1 hamster wheel?

How to Craft an Online Course

Jump start your online course journey and learn how to create a profitable online course

This mini-course will help you go from dreaming about having an online course to packaging your knowledge and expertise into a digital asset.

  • Figure out a winning course idea and choose the perfect course topic that sparks interest and engagement from your community. 
  • Price your course and nail the perfect price point based on 5 key decisions.
  • Craft the perfect course name that makes people click, read and buy your course.
  • Expertly outline your course and deciding how to break it down into modules and lessons.

Pinterest Growth Accelerator

Your customised 60-day system for traffic-building and list-building

Pinterest Growth Accelerator is my complete A-Z blueprint to exponentially grow your traffic and email list with my secret weapon: Pinterest.

  • Dramatically grow your website traffic and online presence.
  • Create an evergreen machine that grows your email list daily, so you can sit back and watch the party grow.
  • Run up the numbers on your next online course launch.