Your next big move is creating an online course so you can…

…infinitely impact more people and serve your audience in a unique and powerful way.

…inch away from 1:1 clients and scale your business to true profitability.

You just don’t know how to make it happen and where to start.

^^ This my friend, is one of the biggest things that stops driven and passionate people like you from turning your course ideas into reality.

The good news is, after helping tons of entrepreneurs create purposeful and profitable courses, I want to share my balanced and informed view of the different online course types, so that no longer does “where do I start?” hold you back from creating an online course. 

Here’s the scoop:

There are 3 profitable online course types (Yep, all of them will make you moolah).

But the one that’s best for YOU depends on your experience, audience and vision for your business. 

Psst, want to find out the best online course type for your business? Take this 2-minute quiz (+ I’ll hook you up with a detailed step-by-step roadmap to create momentum and turn your idea into reality). 

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With that in mind, today I’m going to introduce you to the 3 most profitable online course types…

…so you can move forward and tick “create a course” off your business bucket list.

Let’s kick things off with a mini course. 

The Mini-Course

A mini-course is a lower ticket offer (usually less than £100) where you give people the basic steps on your area of expertise. Typically, you offer specific and simple steps so they can achieve a small transformation. 

The great thing about a mini course is that it’s a no-brainer offer that helps you get customers through the door as quickly as possible. 

An example of this is my course on courses. In this 5 part framework I teach creative entrepreneurs how to craft a course (i.e nail their niche, name their course, choose the perfect price point and outline their course).

This took me two weeks to create and promote to my audience, so it’s low effort compared to the other types of courses. 

If you have expertise that your audience wants to learn more about, you can package those first basic steps into a mini course. 

It will get your creative juices flowing and it will give you the confidence to invest time in energy in a more robust course. 

Here’s a snippet of the other benefits of creating a mini-course:

  • It allows a cold audience to get experience of your training style, personality and get first-hand experience of the value that you offer before they make a bigger financial commitment. If they achieve a transformation with your mini-course then they’re going to think “what else does she have?” 
  • It’s a proof of concept to make something bigger. If one person buys your mini-course, then it’s proof that it’s something people want and need. When you’ve validated your concept with a mini-course, you’ll feel more confident about putting the time and energy into creating a signature course.

But whilst they’re benefits to creating a mini-course it’s worth noting one of the costs. 

  • It’s priced on the lower end of the spectrum, so although it brings an additional income stream it’s not going to replace your 1:1 income.
  • It lacks scalability. If you want to create a course that creates true profitability in your business then this isn’t the one for you.

The Starter Course

Now, let’s move onto the starter course. A starter course is very similar to a mini-course because it’s an introductory offer, but it’s a medium ticket offer. This tends to be priced from anywhere between £100-£400. 

An example of this is my Pinterest Growth Accelerator. In this 5 part framework I teach service providers, coaches and consultants how they can exponentially grow their traffic and email list using Pinterest. 

In this course, I share the foundational steps entrepreneurs need to take to grow their online presence and attract an audience for their programs and courses. 

I give people enough detail and information so they can start creating momentum and generate results within weeks or months. From how to choose their unique focus, to designing high-converting pins to leveraging group boards and tribes to boost their traffic. 

Since this course required more details and step-by-step instructions, I priced it at £97. But this course price will be increased overtime. 

In short, a starter course gives your students a jumping off point where they can learn the basics on your area of expertise. These are likely to be people who are brand spanking new to the topic and need to learn the foundational steps, so they can start making progress. 

Sounds good right? But before you decide just yet it’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons. 


  • Creating an introductory course gives you the momentum to get started and make things happen. It’s a small project to start with and it will give you the confidence to create your signature course. 
  • It’s easier to produce. If you already have the content and resources, you can repurpose content and create this quicker than a signature course.
  • Quicker results. Your no-brainer offer means that you can bring in a surge of customers straight away. It won’t take months of creating, planning and preparation. 
  • It allows more people to enter your world and it creates an increased amount of customers. If they enjoy your course then they’ll become loyal customers and sign up to your other courses.


  • It has a lower price point and it can feel like a lot of effort for a smaller return.
  • It’s important to not give away all of the step-by-step and to save your A-Z system for your signature course.

The Signature Course

Once you’ve created your introductory course, you can move onto creating a more robust course. 

A signature course is your entire step-by-step system, where you give your students an in-depth roadmap to help them achieve a big result. 

It’s your high-level program where you leave no stone unturned and give your students an entire framework. 

An example of a signature course is Sold-Out Course Academy. It’s my most potent and powerful program I’ve ever created. I created it because I noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs needed a start-to-finish roadmap to create a profitable course. So, after helping clients achieve 5 figure launches, I packed all the steps into one project plan. 

Sounds good, right? But before you take the leap, it’s a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons of a signature course.


  • A signature course establishes you as an authority in your niche if you can own a formula or process.
  • It’s your start to finish program that becomes the most profitable product in your business.
  • It’s ideal if you want to create a sustainable and scalable source of income.


  • Since you’re sharing your entire framework it requires more time and energy investment. 
  • It requires more planning and preparation.
  • Successfully launching it to true profitability takes trial and error. It’s easy to feel disappointed and defeated if your launch doesn’t go to plan. Which is why you need to launch it again and again, until you find the sweet spot. 

And that’s it!

I hope that ironed out some of your questions on the most profitable online course types. 

But let’s not end it there! If you’d like to dive deeper with me, there are a few ways I can support you.

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