online course ideas online course topics online course topic ideas victoria hockadayRaise your hand if you get tripped up by the thought of promoting your course because it’s not about teaching others how to “make money online”. Well, my friend, you’re not alone. 

I hear it all the time from entrepreneurs…”but I can only be successful if I teach others how to make money online”.

And this is absolutely NOT true.

I’ve worked with clients in blogging, fashion, spirituality, holistic health, fitness, and everything in between. 

So don’t discredit your niche as not being a good fit for courses. 

You don’t want to rule yourself out or play small because of a limiting belief that you can’t make money if you’re not B2B.

Don’t forget, the online course industry is a 200 billion industry, so think of all the many course niches that fit into that. They aren’t just about business. 

If people are writing books, selling memberships, creating events on the topic then you can create a course about it. You can literally create a course about anything. 

I love seeing people making a living from teaching personal styling, money mindset, twerking (yes there is a course for that!) shadow work, calligraphy and subscription boxes.

The biggest thing to take away is that no matter what industry, niche or how weird your area of expertise is – I can guarantee that you can create a course on it. And there are very few people who are marketing their courses effectively to make a living off it. 

So many course creators are promoting their courses the wrong way. Which means that you have the opportunity to surpass the competition. 

All you need is good marketing and you can launch a course in any niche and be successful.


I think I’ve drilled into you how you can literally create a course in any niche (Please say that you’re nodding!)

So with that, today I’m showing you 10 different online course niches so that never again will “I can’t make money in my niche” be your reason for not moving forward.

Just promise me one thing? Okay? 

Get inspired. See that creating a course is totally possible for you and start taking inspired action.

The world needs that special gift that only you have. You have uniqueness that nobody else has, unique experience that nobody else has and the world needs it.

If you’re ready to jump start your online course business (no matter what you teach), you can check out my group coaching program Sold-Out Course Academy here. 

This is the most potent and transformational program I’ve ever created. 

Let’s dive in!

1. Reselling 

One of my clients, Jennifer, created the Poshmark Sales Accelerator and to date has enrolled 350 students after implementing my Profitable Webinar Framework. 

2. Blogging 

One of my clients Luisa, created a Blogging for Business course and was able to sell her course during the pre-lanch phase after implementing my Monetise Before You Make It Method.

3. Heart healing

Laura was offering 1:1 healing sessions and she wanted to create a heart alchemy course to add an additional income stream to her business. She created a Heart Bodhi course.

4. Pinterest marketing

After experimenting with Pinterest I tripled my blog traffic and grew my email list to over 1000+ email subscribers. I took everything I learned and packed it into a course. You can check it out here.

5. Yoga 

My friend Jeremy from Austin, Texas has been in the yoga industry for over 15 years and has created a yoga course for complete beginners.

6. Twerking

Fraules is a twerk queen and I watch here videos whenever I need a hearty dose of queen energy. I noticed recently that she’s created a course on how to twerk. (Totally adding it to the wish list!)

7. Courses

I’ve created a course on courses. I teach people who are brand-spanking new to course creation and map out an online course in a weekend. You can check it out here

8. Singing

Courses are now becoming so popular, even celebrities are doing it.

9. Gardening

Now this is something that I wish I did more of throughout the lockdown. Ron Finley is a community activist and talks about how gardening can start a revolution. I love his hearty mission.

10. Shadow work 

I first came across Jamie Catto at the Wild and Well Festival in Bristol a couple of years ago. He did a talk called “Best Sex Ever”….but then gave a hilarious and witty workshop about how we hide our demons in relationships. He’s definitely a person to follow if you like a blend of British humour and self-development 🙂 

Let’s work together:

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online courses victoria hockaday

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