Your email list is a marketing powerhouse.

When you have a list-building machine that drives people to your email list you have the FREEDOM to promote webinars, sell digital products and fill your courses with ease.

So, what’s the deal?

Well you probably know the importance of an email list but the problem is that you haven’t cracked the code yet when it comes to monetising your email list. Right?

Cause you’re PUMPED about selling digital products and online courses.

There’s no denying it.

But you have NO IDEA how and when to promote them.

So, when you think of how to “make money with your email list” you try strategies like…

  • Creating blog posts and “sharing links” (cause that’s the advice people are dishing out these days…)
  • Promoting your products in Instagram posts…
  • And, uploading your product to your website…

Here’s the cold hard truth.

So, if you think writing posts and sharing links to your products are going to do the trick — think again.

And after all the work you put in, you only brought in a few sparks of interest and only a few sales (if any).

If you want to make money with your email list, you need to connect with your ideal audience, build trust and deliver a TON of value.

You can’t just expect to write one blog post, embed a few links and KAPOW!

Nuh uh. There’s a lot more strategy and planning that goes into it bae.

…This post will explore 5 ways to make money with your email list, including the EXACT steps that you need to take.

(So, you can say goodbye to guessing your marketing campaigns and wasting time and energy on strategies that don’t work!)

Now is your chance to feel confident about your email list and start making moolah! You ready? Let’s go go go!

Build a solid foundation

If you want to make money with your email list you need to build a solid foundation.

Your foundation is all about growing an audience and getting the right traffic to your site. (This is crucial if you want to capture your audience and convert your subscribers into customers!)

Otherwise, you’re just driving traffic for the sake of it and not making any revenue from it. Are ya with me? Good!

So, your foundation includes things like:


  • Having a clear purpose or end goal for your blog or business
  • Making the paths on your site super clear so that people know how you help them and what they can expect from you
  • Being crystal clear on your ideal avatar and being able to communicate who your customer is on your website
  • Having a strategy to drive the right traffic of people to your website, so that you have a consistent stream of people who are being exposed to your brand and email list
  • Optimising your website for conversions to that you’re converting your website visitors into subscribers
  • Reducing the amount of clicks it takes to sign up to your list and purchase a product


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Begin with the end in mind

Once you know your purpose and your audience, you want to think about what products or services you’re going to offer.

Cause when you know your audiences’ biggest challenges you can create products to help them overcome them. Right?

So, do you have your own product, such as a course, ebook, template or workshop that you want to sell?

If you haven’t created your own product yet, check out:

10 Profitable Digital Products to Sell in 2019

Still scratching your head thinking: “what the heck do I sell?”

Don’t sweat.

My advice is this.

Brainstorm a list of topics you’ve written or spoken about in your blog or business. These are:

  • blog posts
  • live videos
  • challenges
  • social media posts

Fine-tune your topics and put them into 3-5 categories.

Now, think about your most popular topics that receive the most likes, comments, shares or sales.

Simply think of one product idea that you think your ideal client wants and needs the most. (And then ask them!)

Create a lower end offer

Once you’ve got a grasp of what you’re going to sell, you want to create a lower-end offer. Typically, this is known as a nurture wire or “tripwire” in the marketing world but I prefer nurture wire because it’s got a better vibe, yo.

Usually, a nurture wire is a digital product, such as a template or workshop, between $11-$40.

The reason why it’s a good idea to create a lower end offer is because it has lower perceived risk and gets more of your audience seeing your value.

Plus, once they’ve seen your value first-hand from your lower end offer and they achieve a specific result from it, they’ll be more likely to sign up to your higher end offer.

Create an opt-in freebie

Now that you’ve got a lower end offer, you want to create an opt in freebie that naturally feeds into that offer.

Here’s a few questions to ask:

  • Does your ideal audience have one challenge that they struggle with on a daily basis?
  • What opt in freebie could you create that solves one problem?
  • How will you create an opt-in freebie that prepares and pre-qualifies your ideal audience for your paid product?
  • What’s the first problem that your ideal audience has about your topic before they need your lower end offer?

Because if you want to lead someone to a paid offer, you want to make sure your opt-in freebie naturally feeds into that offer.

Can you see what I’m getting at here? (Please say that you’re nodding!)

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Create an email sequence

Now that you’ve got your paid product and opt in freebie figured out, you want to create an email sequence.

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An email sequence is the key to make money with your email list.

Your aim is to create an email sequence to connect, educate, build trust, (and finally pitch your product!) BOOM!

Sounds easy right? Well…this is where many bloggers and entrepreneurs fall short because they:


  • Get stumped on what emails to send
  • Feel timid and do the standard “here’s your download, thanks, bye!”
  • Don’t know how to write emails that SELL
  • And, they have no idea HOW and WHEN to promote their products


Here’s how I do it:

Email 1: The ‘What This Says About You’ Email

Give their freebie (and confirm their subscription?) No! Confirm their MOTIVATION for signing up to my email list.

This must-have ‘What This Says About You’ email helps your audience to know that you see them, hear them and understand them. (And it dials up your level of leadership and credibility like gangbusters!)

Email 2: ‘The Mistake I Made’ or ‘Personal Failure’ Email

Share a personal failure and offer them a solution to their problem.

(And when you share personal failures it helps your subscribers to see that you’re a real person with failures and you’re not just an avatar on the internet!)

Email 3: ‘The Debunking Myths’ Email

Agitate the problem and mention how your product can solve their problem for the long haul!

(When you debunk the myths in your industry or niche, your subscribers feel confident that you know your stuff!)

Email 4: ‘The Value-Filled’ Email

Create a value-filled email that offers more solutions to their problem.

(And position yourself as a trusted online leader in your niche!)

Email 5: ‘The Urgency’ Email

Finally, give your subscribers a last chance to purchase your product and how it will impact them.

But, if you’re still scratching your head on how to write an email sequence, let me help.

You can grab a copy of my Wildly Effective Email Sequence designed to help bloggers and entrepreneurs convert their subscribers into customers.

Victoria’s wildly effective email sequence

My Wildly Effective Email Sequence is a fill in the blank 5 part email sequence that you can use to sell your digital products on auto-pilot every. Single. Day.

And, it doesn’t take too much time to implement either.

All you need to do is fill in the blanks and you’ve got an email sequence set up in ONE DAY, using the content that you ALREADY HAVE to piece together a funnel that sells a digital product you’ve ALREADY CREATED.

Over to you my friend. How do you make money from your email list? Fill me in!

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