Get the shortcut to launching like a pro

It’s time to get a launch partner in crime and marry your voice with formulas that sell so you can run up the numbers on your next launch

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Launching a course is on your business bucket list...

You just don’t know where to start, what to do and how to promote your course. So you’ve probably asked yourself: ​

1. What kind of strategies should I use to promote my launch?
2. How do I build a community?
3. Where do I even start?

Then, you start hacking away your own marketing plan, researching the latest launch strategies, screenshotting every launch ad in sight and copy and pasting the run-of-the-mill launch emails you get in your inbox.

When what you really need is a launch sidekick to help you create a simple and very linear marketing plan with fine-tuned and personalised communications to match.

You could slash your writing time, focus on your creative genius and head out to dinner with your favourite girlfriends, knowing that you’re going to be able to surprise the girls when the bill comes by paying for it all.

Say hello to...

Limitless Launch

A 60-day 1-on-1 high-level launch strategy service for online course launches

So you can make the ultimate shift from hustling til’ all hours working on client projects, to having an online course that serves as the backbone of your online business.

How does it work?

My process for limitless launch.
list building


Complete the contact form (2-3 months before cart open) and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. If it sounds like your online course is a good fit, we’ll hop on a discovery call. Then I’ll send over a contract and we’ll book in our first session over zoom.



Over a period of 8 weeks we’ll have weekly 60-minute launch calls. We’ll start with validating your offer, so you can get paid first. Then, we’ll map out your launch calendar and plug in the key dates for your launch. Soon after we’ll kickstart your sales page, webinar pitch, email sequence, ad copy…and then some.

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We’ll get all of your assets finished ahead of time, so a week before cart open you can enjoy a good Netflix binge with a glass of Malbec.

What do you get?

Here is an overview.

After our first zoom strategy session you’ll get my signature Monetise Before You Make It process so you can prove your offer before launching. So no more creating and praying or asking questions like “what if this doesn’t work?”, “what if no one signs up?”. Instead, you’ll be fully armed with confidence that you’re doing something worthwhile and you’ve got the cheques to show for it. 

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Which is why we’ll map out your launch calendar, define the key dates and schedule it in the calendar. We’ll discuss your launch goals and reverse engineer the milestones you need to achieve to get there.

Then, I’ll hand off my tried-and-tested Sales Page System so you can give your dreamies the extra confidence they need to enrol in your course. Disclaimer: this is not your average (cough, cough, surface-level) template. You won’t get the same copy-and-paste formulas that everyone else is using. Instead you’ll create a reverse-engineered sales page…that creates record-breaking revenues.

Next, you’ll get my Profitable Webinar Framework so you can confidently pitch your course and get it into the hands of hundreds of students.  You’ll get two rounds of feedback on your webinar pitch.

After, you’ll get my Emails That Convert training so you can kickstart your email funnel map sequence including your pre- and post-webinar emails. Two rounds of feedback are included here, too!

Then, I’ll hand over my Course Creation Process, so you can outline your lessons, record your course and include all the important elements in a way that delivers results and testimonials.


What's the investment?

Well. You could keep figuring it out all on your own

…hopping onto Pinterest researching/planning but getting overwhelmed with all the tips, blog posts and checklists out there.

…snapping every launch landing page for that desktop collage you’ve got going on.

…copying from your competitor’s fb ads and funnels.


You could speed up the process so you can demolish those crazy, nearly-impossible deadlines.

From a course creation wizard who’s earned clients $60k in a single course launch.

The Limitless Launch Package

Monetise Before You Make It
Launch Calendar Map
Sales Page System
Profitable Webinar Framework
Emails That Convert
Create a Course

…launch spots are typically booked 2-3 months before cart open.

This is perfect for...

Soon-to-be course creators and creative entrepreneurs
who want a simple and linear launch plan

…so you can kick shiny-object syndrome to the curb and turn your 1:1 services into a scalable online course.


Ending the launch guessing game...

and instead...

…Posting a stud sales page, knowing that you’ve got a reverse-engineered system that coaches lurkers into buyers.

…Waking up to Paypal notifications all-week-long because you’ve sweet talked freebie seekers into raving fans.

…Seeing your own workshop ads in the news feed that love on your dreamies from opt-in to offering.

…Getting hundreds of highly-qualified prospects on your webinar and confidently pitching your course.

…Pre-selling your course and getting proof in the pudding, so you can go ALL in — sharing your creative genius and leaving doubt in the dust.

…Creating a scalable offer that becomes the cornerstone of your online business.

I’m Victoria, an online course wizard for creative entrepreneurs. 

Leaving my career in business psychology for full-time marketing coaching, I realised there were LOTS of creative small businesses fumbling with online courses. And now? 

I help creative entrepreneurs create long-term assets in their business, so they can scale their business to true profitability.

My course wizardry and online marketing expertise have:

  • Raked in more than $60k for a course launch.
  • Awarded me 42 under 42 business owners in the South West.
  • Helped clients create sold-out courses in the pre-launch phase.
  • Trained course creation in She Owns It and Course Method.

Kind words from clients

  • Working with Victoria enabled me to get really clear on my personal strengths, target niche, and ideal clients. She taught me all the strategies I needed to create my brand, increase my visibility, and attract my perfect clients. I now feel so equipped, and ready to transform lives! I loved working with Victoria, and benefited so much from her coaching.

    Una Kiernan, Coach, London
  • Victoria has invigorated so much inspiration into my business. I now have a membership community, online course, email sequence and automated systems which I never had before!

    Laura Jane, Coach, Liverpool
  • Victoria gave me a simple but effective marketing strategy. She has helped me to create and launch an online course and make sales even in the pre-launch phase!

    Luisa Kearney, Blogger, Bulgaria
  • I totally signed up for all your list building and online course freebies. I love them so far!

    Stephanie Charlotte, Copywriter and Content Creator, Winchester
  • Victoria Hockaday is awesome at creating different email sequences. I downloaded her list building freebie recently and it gave me some awesome ideas for growing my email list.

    Hollie Clarke, Website & Graphic Designer, Wales
  • “I asked Victoria all questions I possibly could in a one-hour launch strategy call and she helped me get through all the things I needed to know to launch my course. I didn’t know it, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing and she helped me come up with a plan that I was comfortable with and I could execute on my own. I’m launching at the end of the month but it’s getting a lot of attention thanks to the pre-sale strategy she helped me with. I feel a lot more confident that I’ll reach my goal 🙌”.

    Hayley Fiser, Business Coach, Michigan, USA
Frequently asked questions.

What others have wondered

It’s likely that you feel overwhelmed in your business and you’re trying to imagine how you’re going to manage a launch on top of your mountain of to dos. 

My launch consulting and coaching is the antidote to overwhelm because I’ll give you a clear roadmap and you’ll have the clarity and confidence to launch. 

I’ll force you to cut out the overwhelm and hone in on a very linear launch plan that is possible, simple and exciting.

First of all, you’re not alone. This is something that I hear from entrepreneurs alll the time. 

It’s totally natural to feel overwhelmed and scared. When you put yourself out there online in a MUCH bigger way, there’s a lot of uncertainty. What will people think of you? What if nobody buys? What if you fail?

Yep. I totally get. 

After working with entrepreneurs for the past few years, I’ve realised that mindset is MASSIVE. Anyone who I’ve ever worked with who is struggling to put themselves out there online with courses or programs is stuck because of overthinking and false beliefs.

It’s no secret that creating and launch a course is a big commitment. That’s why I put a big emphasis on pre-selling your course before you launch it. 

My approach is that launching should be easy and fun, which is why learning my simple and strategic strategies to pre-sell your course is going to be your path of least resistance. 

When you can pre-sell your course, you’ll have validated your offer. And honestly selling your course first is the only way of validating your course. 

You’ll also be able to get your course into the hands of students who can give you testimonials, which will help you to sell your course when you launch it live.

It’s no secret that creating and launch a course is a big commitment. That’s why I put a big emphasis on doing a beta launch first. 

When you can pre-sell your course, you’ll have validated your offer, and you’ll feel confident in investing time and energy into your course.


A tiny email list isn’t a problem. Launching in itself is list-building and you can grow your list as you launch. I’ll show you exactly how to grow an email list and attract your first 1000 email subscribers.

I recommend that you start with a minimum viable product and focus on validating your offer first before you invest in expensive tools. Once you have proof that your product is something people want and you have a drove of customers, you can start adding the bells and whistles later.

I’ll listen to your goals, budget and personal preferences and I’ll recommend the best software for your business.

If you get stuck with the tech, I’ll help you with the nitty-gritty including integrating your webinar with your email platform.

Yes. If you’ve been looking for ways to turn your existing knowledge into into an online course, my launch consulting is for you. 

There are 7 essential steps to carve out a clear path for creating a purposeful and profitable course that I teach my clients.

  1. Choose your course topic
  2. Get clear on your ideal customer
  3. Decide what type of course to create
  4. Craft a stellar course name
  5. Price your course 
  6. Strategically create your course content
  7. Record your course

We’ll talk through each key decision and I’ll give you a roadmap with exercise that will help you to kickstart your course creation process. After you’ve made your way through Create a Course, you’ll clarity and plan to confidently create your course.

I use Dubsado to manage my clients – it will all be oh-so simple for you to pay online. 

Yup! Spots tend to fly, but if I can help you I’ll give you the best tools that I possible can – truth told, my clients create 10k to 60k launches within weeks of working with me. Client spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ready to create a scalable offer and grow your business to true profitability?