Hand over the launch strategy

It’s time to eliminate the hurdles & create a clear path from your launches opening act to the final applause

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Your next big move is launching an online course …

But you don't know where to start

You truly feel that you can serve your audience in a unique and powerful way while inching away from 1:1 work in the process… but you’re brand-spanking new to launching and you’re stuck in the analysis paralysis weeds.

If you could partner up with a course launch wizard, you could become that trusted, go-to expert with a killer launch under your belt.

You could ditch the overwhelm, prep your course and celebrate that hard-earned post-launch week off with margs and tacos.

Launch strategy has entered the chat...

A 4 week 1-on-1 high level strategy service for course creators who want to have the a clear and carved out a path towards for creating a purposeful and profitable course launch.

So you can move forward and tick “launch a successful course” off your business bucket list. Amen!

Investment starts at £500

How does it work?

My process for launch strategy.
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Get in touch 2-3 months before your cart open and complete the contact form. If it sounds like your online course is a fit, we’ll hop on a video call session so you can fill me in (+ brain dump) about your upcoming launch.


We’ll chat 1-on 1 and I’ll get to know your program, your audience and your message. We’ll map out your launch calendar, define key dates and flesh out the marketing assets you need for your launch. This is anything from your sales page, your email sequence and your webinar pitch …and then some.

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Time to launch! Plug in all your marketing assets, share your creative genius and make that sell: Now you can relax, sit pack and watch the party grow as you sip on that margarita.

What do you get?

Here is an overview.

After our first zoom strategy session I’ll hand-off my tried-and-true Sales Page Formula that’s customised to your offer, audience and message. We’ll focus on your sales page first, because it’s going to take the longest, and it’s going to be the thing that needs to be refined. This is delivered digitally with Google docs – my workspace for going back and forth with two rounds of feedback for clients.

We’ll have our second strategy session where we’ll discuss your funnel map and webinar launch blueprint. I always say, keep it simple; get fancy later. So for your first launch, we’ll focus on creating a fun, simple and linear launch that gives your ideal clients what they really need. We’ll outline your webinar pitch and map out the pre and post webinar emails. This will include fill-in-the-blank scripts that you can tweak to adjust your brand voice. You’ll get to work with the emails and you’ll have two rounds of feedback.

We’ll streamline the tech and choose simple platforms for your first launch. So your course platform, webinar platform, landing page software and email service provider.

This is perfect for...

Creative entrepreneurs brand-spanking new to launching

& want confidence, clarity, and a plan that’ll help you leave doubt in the dust…

…so you can create an asset in your business that will pay off for years to come!


Drinking your morning coffee after the best soul-nourishing meditation and seeing payment notifications roll in all launch-week long.

Heading into the pitch portion of your workshop, and delivering a stud offer that your ideal clients pull out their credit cards for.

Posting a stellar sales page that convert your online visitors into happy, paying customers.

Going from “I don’t know what the heck to say” to cha-ching on your email sequence, because you’ve had your emails dialled in by an email marketing wizard.

Frequently asked questions.

What others have wondered

It’s likely that you feel overwhelmed in your business and you’re trying to imagine how you’re going to manage a launch on top of your mountain of to dos. 

My launch consulting and coaching is the antidote to overwhelm because I’ll give you a clear roadmap and you’ll have the clarity and confidence to launch. 

I’ll force you to cut out the overwhelm and hone in on a very linear launch plan that is possible, simple and exciting.

First of all, you’re not alone. This is something that I hear from entrepreneurs alll the time. 

It’s totally natural to feel overwhelmed and scared. When you put yourself out there online in a MUCH bigger way, there’s a lot of uncertainty. What will people think of you? What if nobody buys? What if you fail?

Yep. I totally get. 

After working with entrepreneurs for the past few years, I’ve realised that mindset is MASSIVE. Anyone who I’ve ever worked with who is struggling to put themselves out there online with courses or programs is stuck because of overthinking and false beliefs.

There are 4 essential steps to carve out a clear path towards a purposeful and profitable course launch. This looks like the sales page, the webinar pitch, the webinar funnel and the tech.

It’s no secret that creating and launch a course is a big commitment. That’s why I put a big emphasis on doing a beta launch first. 

When you can pre-sell your course, you’ll have validated your offer, and you’ll feel confident in investing time and energy into your course.


A tiny email list isn’t a problem. Launching in itself is list-building and you can grow your list as you launch. I’ll show you exactly how to grow an email list and attract your first 1000 email subscribers.

I recommend that you start with a minimum viable product and focus on validating your offer first before you invest in expensive tools. Once you have proof that your product is something people want and you have a drove of customers, you can start adding the bells and whistles later.

I’ll listen to your goals, budget and personal preferences and I’ll recommend the best software for your business.

I’ll recommend you the best  tools to use but if you’d like help with the nitty-gritty of the tech, this is something I teach in my signature program Limitless Launch.

In Launch strategy we solely focus on creating a clear path for your launch.

But in Limitless Launch I teach my clients how to create an online course from start to finish. This is my most comprehensive 1:1 program where I teach my students everything from choosing a course topic to recording their course. If you’d like support in creating your course, check out Limitless Launch.

I use Dubsado to manage my clients – it will all be oh-so simple for you to pay online. 

When you sign up for a launch strategy session you’ll have a roadmap to execute your course launch. If you’d like more help with the nitty-gritty of launching your course, such as troubleshooting your webinar or mapping out your launch emails, then you can work with me in Limitless Launch. Limitless Launch is my high impact and comprehensive program where I help you to launch your course from start to finish. After signing up to Launch Strategy you will get £200 off Limitless Launch.

Yup! Spots tend to fly, but if I can help you I’ll give you the best tools that I possible can – truth told, my clients create 10k to 60k launches within weeks of working with me. Client spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Kind words from clients

  • Working with Victoria enabled me to get really clear on my personal strengths, target niche, and ideal clients. She taught me all the strategies I needed to create my brand, increase my visibility, and attract my perfect clients. I now feel so equipped, and ready to transform lives! I loved working with Victoria, and benefited so much from her coaching.

    Una Kiernan, Coach, London
  • Victoria has invigorated so much inspiration into my business. I now have a membership community, online course, email sequence and automated systems which I never had before!

    Laura Jane, Coach, Liverpool
  • Victoria gave me a simple but effective marketing strategy. She has helped me to create and launch an online course and make sales even in the pre-launch phase!

    Luisa Kearney, Blogger, Bulgaria
  • I totally signed up for all your list building and online course freebies. I love them so far!

    Stephanie Charlotte, Copywriter and Content Creator, Winchester
  • Victoria Hockaday is awesome at creating different email sequences. I downloaded her list building freebie recently and it gave me some awesome ideas for growing my email list.

    Hollie Clarke, Website & Graphic Designer, Wales
  • “I asked Victoria all questions I possibly could in a one-hour launch strategy call and she helped me get through all the things I needed to know to launch my course. I didn’t know it, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing and she helped me come up with a plan that I was comfortable with and I could execute on my own. I’m launching at the end of the month but it’s getting a lot of attention thanks to the pre-sale strategy she helped me with. I feel a lot more confident that I’ll reach my goal 🙌”.

    Hayley Fiser, Business Coach, Michigan, USA

Ready to move forward and tick “launch a successful course” off your business bucket list?