Want to replace your income with an online course but want expert help and support? The Launch Accelerator is my signature coaching program designed to give you the strategy, tools and support for a profitable launch.

Launching your first online course is an exciting time for your business. And I get it! It allows you to impact more people and make money teaching what you love. It means doing something that fulfils you and gives you the freedom to choose how you live your life. And that’s huge!

But launching an online course has so many moving parts that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You’ve got webinars, launches, funnels, copy, design, bonuses…oh and actually running the course!

But there’s no reason why you should go at it alone…

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’re sick of soul-sucking projects that don't fulfil your purpose.
You're trading hours for dollars and you find yourself on the yes train a LOT. This looks like saying “yes” to make clients happy and ending up with a laundry list of things to do that you struggle to get done on time.


Chances are you’re a creative, coach or consultant…maybe you’re thinking about things like how to grow your income. You’re probably looking for ways to break the feast or famine cycle.


You’re sick of wasting time trying to research all the moving parts of a launch. You’re struggling to get your head wrapped around it all. You want the simple formula for launching.


You’re maxed out with how many clients you can deal with or how much income you earn. You’ve hit an income ceiling and you’re waiting for the freedom that an online business promises. 

What if you could...

Replace your income with an online course. Pop the cap on your income ceiling, help hundreds more people with your expertise, and work a whole lot less!

Be seen as a trusted leader in your niche. People see you as an online leader and you wake up everyday knowing that you’re making a difference in people’s lives. 

Feel confident about launching. No more second guessing yourself on how to market and launch your online course. You have a simple and effective launch framework and you’ve got the numbers to show for it.

The Launch Accelerator compiles the most simple and powerful strategies I've learned in a foul-proof, step-by-step system that will replace your one-on-one income with an online course.

launch accelerator

Here’s how it works:

  • STEP 1 - We’ll begin with the formula for launching using the most innovative strategies that are working right now. We’ll set your goals, map out the launch and book it in the calendar.
  • STEP 2 - Webinars are my secret sauce! I’ll give you the full scoop on how to use webinars and earn thousands of dollars in sales. I’ll show you exactly what to put in your webinar to receive the MOST sales and still be authentic.
  • STEP 3 - Don’t know what to say and when to say it? Email marketing is my jam! I’ll help you map out your promotional emails, so you can blow your sales goals out of the water,
  • STEP 4 - When it comes to Facebook advertising it’s best to begin with a simple and strategic approach. I’ll help you map out a Facebook ads strategy and show you exactly what you need to do for an effective Facebook ads campaign.
  • STEP 5 - The sales page is broken down into a few phases. You’ve got the promise, process, price, proof...oh and the bonus stack if you want to get the most course sales. I’ll help you create your sales page, so that your audience ultimately invests in your course.

This is what we'll achieve together:




write high-powered launch emails


replace one-on-one income with a course

Here’s what you'll get:

  • VALIDATE. Validate your course to make sure your audience is willing and excited to invest in the minute it's ready.
  • WOW WITH WEBINARS - Webinars can be daunting and overwhelming for creators. I'll give you the framework, so you can create a high-converting webinar presentation and irresistible offer that authentically enrols your audience into your course.
  • EMAIL LIKE A BOSS. Writing launch emails is the scariest part of launching for many creators. I'll give you scripts that show you exactly what to send to your email list during your launch (and have resulted in five-figure launches for my clients).
  • FACEBOOK ADS THAT CONVERT. Leverage Facebook ads to get a packed house of highly-qualified prospects onto your webinar every single time.
  • CRAFT A COMPELLING SALES PAGE. Create a sales page to amplify course sales and make sure your hard-earned prospects have the best possible chance of converting.
  • EVERGREEN MACHINE. Set up tried and true evergreen strategies, funnels and automations to shift your course sales into auto-pilot, so that you can scale your growth automatically.
  • LASER COACHING. High-powered coaching calls, so we can work through all of the moving parts of the launch one step at a time. These will be 60 minute calls on Zoom.


£4,497 pay in full or 4 instalments of £1297

Over £1,800 worth of bonuses


Sending sales emails to your email list can be daunting and they can be the difference between blowing your sales goals out of the water or barely scraping by. This 10-part launch email sequence is a fill-in-the-blank template that my clients have used to create five-figure launches.

Launch Planning Master Class + Schedules

Launching an online course has a LOT of moving parts, even for a "minimal" launch. The best solution? Being super organised. In this bonus you'll get a strategically mapped out launch master plan, so you can be the most organised human being possible.

PLUG AND PLAY Webinar Slide Deck Template

Your webinar is the heart and soul of your launch. But knowing what to include in your webinar can be tricky. It needs to be evergreen, so that it can be used in the long-term for funnels and automation. This webinar slide-deck compiles all the content you need to sell your course.

ready to launch your signature course in 2020?

I act as your secret weapon and calm in the storm as you navigate the waters of your next successful launch.

This is for you if...

  • You're an entrepreneur who wants to transition into an online course model or add an online course revenue stream into your business.
  • You're a course creator who has created a course but you want a simple framework to market and launch.
  • You're a coach who is in the “feast or famine” cycle and you want to go from the one-on-one model to the one-to-many model.
  • You're a creative or consultant who is tired of soul-sucking projects and you want to replace your income with online courses.

You're a good fit if...

  • You have 1,000 email subscribers on your email list or a substantial platform (Pinterest, social media following, blog or YouTube channel).
  • You’re ready to put “skin in the game” and invest money, energy and resources to launch a course in 2020.
  • You have basic tech know-how. You have no problem creating a simple landing page and email sequence.
  • You’re ready to DIY your sales page, emails, ads, webinar slides or you’re ready to hire help to do those things.


£3,497 pay in full or 4 instalments of £997. Sign up by 20th December 2019.

Victoria gave me a simple but effective marketing strategy. She has helped me to create and launch an online course and make sales even in the pre-launch phase!.”


victoria hockaday


Hey, I’m Victoria Hockaday. 

I help course creators grow their audience and launch online courses with ease, so they can help more people and teach what they love. I do this by teaching simple and strategic marketing strategies in step-by-step ways and helping my clients replace their one-on-one income with online courses.

If you’re a reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’m fastidious and I leave no stone left unturned 😉 So, you can expect to receive the most comprehensive, highly professional coaching and training in the industry. And this will make you feel SO much better about investing your time and money in a programme like this.


The training, templates, tools and strategies in this program will save you hundreds of 

hours and tens of thousands of pounds in wasted time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

My delivery is a mixture of consulting (i.e helping you nail down your value stack) coaching (i.e working through mindset blocks or imposter syndrome) and training (i.e. showing you how to do a Facebook campaign).​

My goal is to keep things as simple, effective and affordable for you. I recommend keeping your costs low until you are consistently making money with your webinar launches. You can use Zoom for live webinars, Membervault/Teachable to host your course, Leadpages for landing pages and Mailerlite for email marketing. Or, if you’re ready to up-level your tech, you can use Kajabi for course hosting and Demio for webinars.

This is a coaching and training programme that shows you the EXACT process maps and execution guides my clients have used to have successful launches. I will help you plan a course promotion, create a webinar to sell your course, and a sales page and post-webinar email funnel to amplify your course sales. Not only will you have a system for getting your course into the hands of dozens or even hundreds of customers every month, but you’ll have true evergreen systems to shift your course sales into auto-pilot, so you can scale your growth automatically. 

You’ll receive laser coaching, where we’ll work through all the moving parts of a launch one step at a time. At the beginning of the programme, you’ll receive a workbook, so you can map out your  strategies and work through tasks in between sessions. (And yes, you’ll need to put in the work between sessions, so I can review your progress).

One of the scariest things about launching is not feeling like an expert and asking things like “will this work?” and “what if I fail?”. We’ll work through mindset blocks, imposter syndrome and put anchors in place, so that you’re focusing on your vision. You’ll get unlimited email support throughout the program, so if you hit a brick wall, I’ll be here to support you and redirect your focus.

This programme is £4,500. You can pay in full or instalments.

I’ll send you your Launch Accelerator workbook through Google docs – who uses PDF’s these days anyways? PLUS, you’ll get exclusive access to online training materials, templates, tools and resources. And don’t worry, you’ll get lifetime access to all of the content, so you have everything you need to optimise your processes and scale your course. 

As long as you have an idea for an online course, I’ll help you get specific with your course idea and implement strategies to validate your course. This is to make sure you are creating a course your audience wants and needs.

“I asked Victoria all questions I possibly could in a one-hour launch strategy call and she helped me get through all the things I needed to know to launch my course. I didn’t know it, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing and she helped me come up with a plan that I was comfortable with and I could execute on my own. I’m launching at the end of the month but it’s getting a lot of attention thanks to the pre-sale strategy she helped me with. I feel a lot more confident that I’ll reach my goal.”
– Hayley Fiser, Business Coach


Get high-touch coaching, personal support and the EXACT process maps & execution guides that 

my clients use to create successful launches. 


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