Hey peeps, today I want to talk about the different types of Kartra landing pages to explode your business growth.

Kartra is the bomb for growing your business but it can be a learning curve. However, it’s so worth the investment for your business and when you take the time to walk through the tool it can bring you amazing results. That’s why I’ve written this post, to break down the 8 different ways you can use Kartra landing pages. I’ll also be sharing the hottest conversion tips to blow your conversion goals out of the water.

You’ll walk away with confidence and various ideas to explode your business growth. You ready to get cracking?

I’ll also be sharing the hottest conversion tips to create high converting landing pages. You’ll walk away with confidence and various ideas to explode your business growth. You ready to get cracking?

1. Opt-in kartra landing page

The aim of an opt-in landing page is to reel in new subscribers to sign up to receive a lead magnet or opt-in freebie. So, as soon as visitors open your opt in link the clock is ticking. Now is your one chance to reel in new subscribers and create genuine and long-lasting relationships.

So how will you drive attention and interest? Here’s some conversion tips:

  • Your headline is where everything starts

Done well and it compels your visitors to stick around and keep scrolling. So, make sure that it grabs your reader’s attention in an instance. How? Well, make it short and sweet (10 words max). Get straight to the point with what your offer is about.

  • Compelling copy

This is crucial for creating a highly converting opt-in page. To do this, make sure you’re messaging is speaking directly to your target audience. Fail to do this and you’re going to have generic messaging that doesn’t apply to anyone. After all, who wants to sign up to something that doesn’t speak to them?

  • Get totes emosh

Remember that the people who are signing up to your list are not just “leads”, they’re humans. So, be prepared to incorporate emotion in your opt-in page. How do you do this? Figure out what the emotional by-product is of receiving your freebie. If it’s a free video course on dating, you’re not just selling a dating course. You’re selling confidence, love and relief. Catch my drift? So, think about what emotional need your product and services fulfils.

Bottom line, no matter how good your offer is or how much traffic you have, you need to have the right elements on your landing page in order for it to convert. Download my 16 point landing page checklist below to convert your visitors into subscribers.

2. Nurture wire page

In addition to opt-in pages, another savvy way to use Kartra landing pages is to create a nurture wire. A nurture wire is a one-time offer or tripwire presented to people who have signed up to your email list. Actually, a client of mine called it a nurture wire, which I prefer waay more. After all, everything you create and sell should serve your ideal audience rather than manipulate them into something they don’t need!

A nurture wire is usually an info product between $10-$30. Here’s a list of nurture ideas:

  • Ebooks
  • Workbooks
  • Video course
  • Audio course
  • Webinar recording
  • E-course
  • Trial for membership site

The key to a nurture wire is that it is a one-time or impulse buy that is simply too good to miss. It is vital hinge in your business machine and can seriously grow your customer base? Whaaa, really? Yes, really. Why? Well…once a customer has purchased from you they have your trust and they’re far more likely to purchase again.

Conversion hacks for tho:

  • Be Visual

Creating a mock up or visual of your nurture wire works like a treat for conversions. When people can see that your nurture wire is tangible, they’re more likely to purchase.

  • Get the clock ticking

Throwing in a timer to create a sense of urgency works exceptionally well for driving conversions. Once implemented, you’ll notice the spike in customer sales because it drives an impulse to buy.

  • Be crystal clear

After people have subscribed to your email list, they’ll be directed to the nurture page. SO, make it crystal clear why they’re on this page. Let them know that their download is in their inbox. And tell them whilst they’re here, you’d like to give them a one-time offer.

3. Pre-launch page

If you’re going to be launching a new product or service then it’s worthwhile creating a pre-launch landing page. The purpose of a pre launch page is to inform your audience of an upcoming product to stir curiosity and cultivate desire.

After all, there’s no point in launching something if you don’t know for sure it’s something people need. That’s why a pre launch page is super effective for an upcoming launch. Plus, it gives you an idea for how many sales you’re going to generate. So, whatever product you’re thinking of launching, don’t overlook creating a pre-launch page.

Some conversion tips:

  • Spark social proof

When people are figuring out whether your product can help them, they’ll reference what other people have to say about it. Social proof such as testimonials perform incredibly well at cultivating trust and credibility. After all, your customers want to know whether your product will create a result. If you can prove that they’ll have no doubts that it can help them.

  • Generate curiosity and interest

Don’t be afraid to tease a little and break down with bullets what they can expect from a course. Go ahead and stir interest and give them an idea of how your product will impact them.

  • Incentivise

Incentives work like magic for conversions. What can you offer to incentivise them? Perhaps a bonus offer or best price?

4. Webinar

Did you know that you can embed a live Google hangout or YouTube on a Kartra landing page? Yes! Instead of forking out for a pricey software package you can copy and paste a link to a live webinar. How sweet is that?

Again, you want to create a distraction-free page so that people are reeled in to watch your webinar. So, you want to have a limited amount of call to actions. I’m talking a button to watch your webinar and visit your sale page so that you can pitch your product.

Some conversion tips:

  • A killer headline

Get good at creating headlines that instantly creates interest and attention. Tell the reader what the webinar is going to be about so that they have no choice but to tune in to what you’re going to educate them on. Don’t worry, if you’re new to this. It’s all about practice.

  • Engage your audience

If you want to get your audience to stick around, you’ve gotta get them engaged. How do I do thattt? Well…you want to think about what questions you can ask that will get people thinking. You can even have a downloadable workbook so that people can work through exercises.

  • Create urgency

Tell your reader that you’re only going to make your webinar available for replay for a limited time. This will encourage them to attend your webinar because they know the clock is ticking.

5. Thank you page

Another way to use Kartra landing pages is with a thank you page. A thank you page gives you an opportunity to create brand familiarity and credibility. It’s simply a “thanks for subscribing to my list” page. Also, it can be used to grow your opt-in subscribers. Basically, you can add a share button so that readers can share your opt-in page on their social media accounts. Here’s what it looks like:

More conversion tips:

  • Confirmation

Tell them that you’ve received their email address and that they need to check their inbox or junk folder to receive an email from you.

  • Go viral

You can make your thank you page go viral by including shareable links through Facebook and Twitter. This works like magic for getting more eyeballs on your freebie and growing your list.

  • Distinct next steps

If you’ve created a double opt in for GDPR purposes, then let your reader know that they need to go to their inbox to confirm their subscription. No matter what, don’t forget to have your welcome email series written so that they automatically hear from you. You don’t want to go through all the effort of creating your freebie, landing page without following up with them. It’s like getting someone’s phone number and never hearing from them again. The worst!

6. Coming soon page

Did you know that you can create a coming soon page before you launch a product? Yep and it works like magic for growing your audience. Basically, it builds hype around a new product and generates interest. It’s great if you want to get a gauge of whether it’s something that people want.

It also gives you an opportunity to ask your audience questions about what they’d want from the product and what features would benefit them. Can you see how that works?

More conversion tips:

  • A headline that reels in your reader

Like all your other Kartra landing pages, you want to create a headline that sparks attention and interest. Think about what they’re going to get from your product.

  • Compelling copy

Let them know with your messaging why they should be excited about your new product. How can you speak directly to their hearts?

  • Kartra opt-in form

Invite them to fill in their name and email address to stay up to date with your product launch.

7. Guest post page

Another savvy way to leverage Kartra landing pages is for when you do guest posting. Guest posting allows you to grow your audience by leveraging other people’s audiences. Simply write a guest post for someone who shares the same audience as you and direct them to a link. This will allow people to get to find out more about you. So, what does this look like?

Well… at the end of your guest post, you’d write an author bio. The aim of this is to inform the reader who you are, what you do, who you help and how you help them.

So, aim to write a bio that condenses this information in a few sentences. Next, include a link to a landing page that is specifically created to invite new readers to sign up to your email list.

Here’s some conversion tips:

  • Be coherent

If you’ve tackled a specific problem the readers might be having in your guest post then make sure your opt-in is directly related.

  • Create familiarity

If your visitors have came to your page from a specific blog then let them know that they’re in the right place. For example, if you’ve written a blog for Heart and Hustle then you might say “welcome heart and hustlers’, or something like that!

8. Sales page

A sales page is a distraction-free page that gives you the opportunity to pitch your product. Your primary goal with a sales page is to bag a sale, so avoid including anything that doesn’t relate to purchasing your product.

Some gold on converting:

  • An engaging headline

Same as usual, create a headline that informs your reader about your product. Keep it short and sweet so they instantly know what you’re selling.

  • Articulate the problem

Once you know what problem you’re solving, inform your reader’s about the problem. Don’t be afraid to bring it to life and communicate how it may be impacting their life.

  • Features and benefits

Tease your readers and tell them about the features and benefits of your product.

  • Social proof

Leverage social proof to prove to your audience that your product will create the results you promise them. I’d recommend using brands you’ve worked with and testimonials from customers.

Don’t have any testimonials? Don’t sweat, all you’ve gotta do is reach out to your customers and ask them for a blurb about whether your product produced the results they wanted. Customers are often happy to offer a testimonial because it gives them a PR opportunity to showcase themselves.

Final thoughts

Landing pages are essential for growing an audience and making sales. Here are the different types of Kartra landing pages that you can use to explode business growth:

  • Opt-in Kartra landing pages reel in new subscribers to sign up to receive a lead magnet or opt-in freebie.
  • A nurture wire or tripwire page allows you to present a one-time offer to people who have signed up to your email list. It’s amazing for building your customer base because once they buy once they’re likely to buy again.
  • One of the best uses of Kartra landing pages is probably your pre-launch landing page. Use it to inform your audience of an upcoming product and it will stir curiosity and generate desire. It will create hype for your upcoming launch so that when it comes to pitching your product, your audience are more than ready to hear about it.
  • Thank you pages are to communicate to your audience the next steps for when they sign up to your list. You can get more signups to your freebie by using share buttons on your thank you page.
  • Coming soon pages create hype around your launch. It also gives you an opportunity to reach out to your audience and ask them questions about what they’d want from your product.
  • Another savvy way to leverage Kartra landing pages is for when your guest post. This works effectively when you’ve done a guest post and you’ve got a freebie that naturally feeds from your post.
  • A sales page is a distraction-free Kartra landing page that gives you the opportunity to pitch your product. Basically, it’s the last stage in the process before your customers send over their payment.

Finally, no matter how good your offer is or how much traffic you have, you need to have the right elements in your Kartra landing pages in order for them to be successful.

Let’s chat down below. What’s one thing you learn’t that you’re going to action? I’d love to know!