Do your emails suck? Do you think that you’re not very good at writing?

You’re not alone.

Many bloggers and entrepreneurs resist email marketing because they don’t think they’re good at writing or they’re worried about being spammy.

Let me guess.

You’re the type of person who is willing to commit to writing a blog post every week but when it comes to email marketing you’re scared senseless. 😮

Here’s the thing.

Blogging is an incredible way to raise your brand visibility and grow your email list.

But ultimately, the success of your blog will rely on the QUALITY of your email marketing.

Don’t believe me?

Listen to this.

1. Email is the most used communication channel. In fact, 91% of consumers check their emails daily. Bloomin eck!

2. Email converts better. Email marketing outperforms all other digital marketing channels, in terms of return on investment. The average ROI for email is a staggering 1200%. Say whaaat?

3. You own your list. A social media app can shut down tomorrow and you’d lose all your followers. With an email list you have full control of how and when you contact people.

In short, keep building your tribe and start writing epic emails and you’ll get waaaay more customers than one Instagram follower who liked your post.

How to write better emails

If you want to write better emails there’s 5 steps that you can follow, so you never fear pressing the send button every again!

Speak to one person

First things first, when you’re writing an email you want and should be writing it as if you’re speaking to one person. Even though you might have hundreds of people on your email list, your emails still need to be personalised to one person.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to get really clear on your dream customer. What are their biggest fears? Goals? What have they done to try and solve their problem?

Write to a friend

When you’re writing your emails, you want to put your business hat to the side and write to a friend.

Think about it. If you write an email that’s formal and cliche, like “I look forward to hearing from you” or “I hope you’re well” (YAWN) then people are going to get really bored.

Instead, you want to be FUN and energetic so that people look forward to hearing from you. One of the easiest ways to do this is imagine that you’re sat having a coffee catch up with your friend.

You wouldn’t say “hello, hope you’re well” or “I thought I’d inform that blah blah blah”. You’d say, “hey”, or “whats’ up”. So, think about the way you’d speak to a friend and stop speaking like Robert the robot!

Have a goal

Before you write your email, begin with the end in mind. What’s the purpose of your email? Is it to survey your audience to find out more about them? Do you want to show your credibility and educate them on your topic? Perhaps you want to sell a product or course?

Whatever it is, have a clear end goal for each email, so that you’re able to get straight to the point in your email.

Get inspiration

Struggling with email cause you don’t know what the heck to say?

Instead of having a pity party. Why don’t you follow a few people in your industry who inspire you? You can read and study their emails to learn about their style, the words they use and how they shape their emails.

This will give you inspiration and motivation when you’re stuck on what to send because of something that you read.

You don’t want to copy them, but you can use it to help you find your own tone and style in your emails.

Keep it short and sweet

Email marketing is changing. People are getting more emails in their inbox and they’re looking for a reason not to read emails. So, the quicker you can get to the point in your emails the better.

Keep your emails no more than 250-500 words and practice getting to the point in your emails. Remember, most people are going to skim read your email, so make it easy to read and break it up with headings or bold fonts.


Email can be intimidating and scary for bloggers and entrepreneurs but it doesn’t have to be this way.

The best way to approach writing an email is to write as if you were speaking to a friend at a coffee shop. This will make you stop sounding like a robot and more like a trusted friend. You’ll start sounding like yourself, become someone’s favorite and they’ll stick around.

If you don’t think you’re very good at writing, remember that every person starts as a beginner. You don’t need to be good at something before you start doing it. You simply have to jump right in and put in the reps to build your writing muscle.

So, cultivate a habit of writing one email every week. This will help you find your voice, see how your audience responds and learn what works and what doesn’t work.

If you’d like help with writing kick-ass emails,  I invite you to book an empowerment session with me. We’ll take a look at your goals, so you don’t run out of email ideas until 2021.

Over to you my friend! What tips helped you the most?