Hey friend!

Do you know what I think is absolutely essential for selling digital products on auto-pilot?

One word: funnels.


If you want to grow your blog or business, having a funnel is absolutely essential. (And once you’ve got a funnel set up, you can sell your digital products or services on autopilot!)

But, they can be a tricky concept for bloggers and entrepreneurs, so it can be easy to get your knickers in a twist!

Let me break it down for ya.

A funnel is the journey your ideal client takes from the moment they’re introduced to your brand, to signing up to your email list, becoming a customer, to raving about your brand to their friends.

Ok, great. Let’s start building funnels then!

Woah, slow down!

You’re going waaay too fast.

And before you know it you’ll end up making the same mistakes I see people doing time and time again.

What mistakes??

Well…since working with bloggers and entrepreneurs for the past few years, I’ve noticed a few patterns crop up time and time again.

Essentially, when they try to sell digital products they have strategies like…

  • Putting in loads of time building a product before they know whether their audience actually wants it (what the heck?!)
  • Relying solely on social media to promote their product. Meh.
  • AND promoting the same product to the SAME people on their email list over and over again (yeah that doesn’t work!)

And most often it leads them to two destinations:

1) They decide that no one wants their offer (and they drag themselves back to working with brands or 1:1 clients)

or 2) they create a whole new digital product from scratch and go through the same process again (aka wasting time building a product, sales pages and emails!)

Yikes! Even I’m exhausted thinking about it 🙁

Sound familiar?

So, why are there strategies not working out for ya?

Well….I hate to give you the cold hard truth but you’re focusing on the wrong problem.

Here’s the cold hard truth:

You’re focusing on the wrong problem, my dear.

The reason why your efforts to sell digital products aren’t working is because you’ve ignored the most important asset in your business.

Your list.

Seriously, without having an active email list (of the right people) you’re going to struggle to fill your digital products at all.

SO, stop making this mistake and before you do ANYTHING (please!) do the necessary groundwork first.

And if there’s one thing I want you to take from reading this today it’s building an active email list.

Here’s what you need to do next.

Have a system that brings in subscribers every single day (so you can find out what your audience NEEDS the most!)

Sell first, build later (aka get proof that people will buy your product before you build it!)

3) Cultivate trust with your audience and prime them for your digital product by giving them a TON of value.

Seriously, when you “prime” your audience with value, you dial up your credibility (AND, people will be more ready to hear about your digital product!)

That’s why, today I want to tell you about my upcoming self study course that will help you build your email list and convert those subscribers into digital product purchases.

Let me introduce Connect, Cultivate, Convert — A 3 week self study course designed to help bloggers and entrepreneurs build an active email that connects the right people and converts them to profits.

Oh! And here’s an idea of some of the results you can expect from this self-study course:

  • Grow an audience of the right people who are already looking for the solution that you’re offering.
  • Create a lead magnet that prepares and prequalifies your ideal audience for your paid offer.
  • Learn the secrets to building your list to 1,000 email subscribers
  • How to choose a topic for your digital product
  • How to easily validate and pre-sell your digital product (aka monetize before you make it!)
  • Learn the basics of email marketing (such as creating a welcome series that builds genuine relationships and converts subscribers into loyal customers)
  • How to write an email sequence that sells
  • Build a sales funnel that sells your digital product on auto-pilot (no matter what’s going on in your life or biz)
  • Get my swipe file of email subject headlines that will boost your email open rates
  • How to write a content calendar to nurture your tribe and prepare them for your digital product
  • Learn how to troubleshoot your sales funnel to maximise your conversion rates

Have you ever sold a digital product before? Let me know in the comments below!

This will give you everything you need to know to build your email list (and sell your digital product on autopilot).

That’s a pretty solid roadmap. Right? Hell yeah!

Build an active email list that connects the right people and converts them to profits.

You know what to do.