Today I’m covering everything you need to know on how to use Tailwind Tribes in 2020.

Have you jumped on the Tailwind train yet? If not, you’re missing out!

Tailwind is one of my favourite tools on the earth for marketing my content on auto-pilot. Seriously, without it I’d be wasting hours of my precious time manually pinning content when I’ve already got enough on my entrepreneurial plate. 

I usually spend 3-4 hours per month scheduling my pins, which means that aside from designing my pins and creating blog posts, I’m only spending 4 hours a month on Tailwind.  

That means while I’m developing digital products, taking care of my clients or managing my Facebook ads – Tailwind is doing the marketing for me. And I can feel at ease knowing that Tailwind is promoting my pins at the best times and my pins are getting seen and distributed in the smart feed. 

So, let’s travel, step-by-step through how to use Tailwind Tribes to grow website traffic (even if you’re a complete newbie with a capital B!).

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Ready to learn how to use tailwind tribes? Let’s do this!

But before we dive in, here’s a little breakdown of how Tailwind Tribes works …

  • Tailwind Tribes are niche communities of pinners who re-share their own content and each other’s content.
  • Tribes is a sharing platform people use to increase their content’s reach.
  • If someone shares a pin to a tribe, it increases the likelihood of that pin being shared to someone else’s audience. 
  • Which means that your pin is likely to get more impressions and it can go viral by being a shared a ton from Tribes. 

And there’s an incredible accountability factor with Tailwind Tribes because every community requires you to share someone else’s pin for every pin of yours that you share. Which is a win-win for everyone!

And here’s a few benefits of using Tailwind Tribes…

  • Grow your reach. When another pinner shares your content to their audience you’re getting more impressions on your content.
  • Opportunity to build connections in your niche. You can look at who’s engaging with your content and build connections in your niche. 
  • Track progress with Tailwind analytics. After you’ve pinned content you can see which Tailwind Tribes are getting the best results.
  • Find relevant content for your ideal customer. You don’t want to solely pin your own content, you want to pin content that is going to solve your customer’s problems. Tailwind Tribes shows you content that your ideal customer is likely to be interested in.
  • Strong, visible accountability. Every Tailwind Tribe has community rules to follow and one of those is a 1:1 pin ratio. Which means for every pin you share, you need to share someone else’s pin. So, you can sit back, relax and now that your pins are being shared. 

How many tribes should I join?

With the free plan, you can get started with 5 Tailwind Tribes and see how that works out for you. It might be quite overwhelming to start with and it takes a while to find your own rhythm. 

You can join as many Tribes as you can, as long as the content in those Tribes are relevant to your audience. And one of the great things about being in a few Tribes is that it makes it easier to find content that is specific, interesting and relevant to your audience. Instead of scrolling through the Pinterest feed you can go to these hot spots to find content that your audience is going to devour!

How much does tailwind tribes cost?

You can join Tailwind Tribes free and schedule your first 100 pins, join 5 Tailwind Tribes. Thereafter it’s $15 a month but it’s 100% worth the investment. Here’s a special link to activate your FREE Tailwind trial. 

How to use tailwind tribes in 2020

If you’re a newbie to Pinterest, you need to be pinning content regularly to please the Pinterest gods. Tailwind tribes make it easier to pin regularly, and you want to use it to pin your own content and other people’s content.

The key to being successful with Tailwind Tribes is having a strategy, being consistent and using analytics to measure which tribes are giving you the best results.

How to find and join tailwind tribes

a) After you’ve signed up to your Tailwind account, go to Tribes > Find a tribe.

b) Now, search keywords that are related to your niche. For example, if you’re in online marketing you can type “digital marketing” or “online marketing’. Or, if you’re in the health and wellness industry you can type in “health”.

c) Tailwind will show you suggested Tailwind Tribes to join best on your search.

d) To join the tribes you want to hit the button “request access”. Then, you’ll need to send a private message to the Tribe administrator and say why you want to join the tribe.

Ideally, you want to choose Tribes that have active members and “reshares”. So, don’t join Tribes in your niche for the sake of it. Usually, the ones with more members and re-shares are indicators of the best tribes for your niche.

How to share your own pins to tribes

Using the Tailwind extension in your browser, click on your own pins and add them to your drafts. 

Go to “add to tribes” under each pin. 

Choose the Tailwind Tribes you want to share your pin to and click “add to tribe”.

Remember that for every pin you share to a tribe, you need to share someone else’s pin. Reciprocity is key to Tailwind Tribes and if you’re only sharing your content, you’ll be kicked out of the group. 

How to share other people’s pins 

a) In your Tailwind account go to Tribes. 

b) Now, choose a Tribe with content that you want to share to your audience. 

c) Find the “new” tab to find fresh content in the tribe. 

d) Aim to share content that is already popular in the tribe. 

e) Once you’ve found a popular pin, select the boards that you want to share the pin to.

Since your sending the same pin to a few boards, you want to create an interval between the time the same pin is shared to different boards. This is so that a follower of your account doesn’t see the same pin 5 times in a row and Pinterest will view you as spammy. So, go to “use interval” and create an interval of 5 days between each pin and hit “add to queue” to schedule it. 

Keep doing this process until you’ve hit your repin goal. 

Ready to jump on the Tailwind train? It’s FREE to join Tailwind Tribes for your first scheduled 100 pins and for 5 Tailwind Tribes. Thereafter it’s $15 a month. 

Here’s a special link to activate your FREE Tailwind trial.

How to use tailwind tribes: final thoughts

Tailwind Tribes is an under-utilised tool that course creators can use to gain exposure and grow their email list, so they can sell more online courses. Give it a go, join a few tribes and see what works and what doesn’t work. I hope this has covered your questions on how to use tailwind tribes!

Some general Pinterest marketing tips

Today I touched on how to use Tailwind Tribes to grow your traffic but whilst you’re here, here’s some general pinterest marketing strategies:

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