How To Upload Video To Pinterest

how-to-upload-video-to-pinterest-victoria-hockaday1I talk a lot about things like email marketing, digital products and online courses. And yes, those things have been significant in my business but they’re not indicative of how everything got started. 

Earlier this year, I started experimenting with Pinterest to grow my website traffic, email list and product sales.

When I started experimenting with Pinterest, I treated it like any other social media platform and thought that manually pinning would be sufficient. How wrong was I!

I found out the hard way that it isn’t as simple as creating an account and sporadically adding pins to it when I felt like it. Instead, I realised that I needed to take my time to learn Pinterest and create a solid strategy to drive consistent traffic to my site.

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Today we’re talking about how to upload video to Pinterest, so you can get the native player up and running on Pinterest. Up until recently, you could only use videos on Pinterest if you were running a video ad. But things have changed! Now you can upload a video to Pinterest organically. 

First, what are the benefits of using videos on Pinterest? Here’s what videos on Pinterest can do for you:

  • Create a quick teaser to draw your audience in and get them to click
  • Inspire your audience to take action with DIY or recipe videos
  • Draw in new followers with video related boards 
  • Create audiograms to promote your podcast

Yes. ALL of that.

For those reasons, I recommend learning how to upload video to Pinterest and giving videos on Pinterest a shot.

So, let’s travel, step-by-step, through how to upload video to Pinterest and then use videos as a way to grow your blog traffic. Game ON, my friends. 

Who Can Upload Video Pins?

Before you get started, you will need to create a Pinterest business account, so make sure you have this setup because regular accounts will not have this option.

Plus, you’ll need to make sure that your videos meet these requirements:

  • File type: MP4 or MOV
  • Max size: 2GB, or less; 30 min, or less
  • Length: 4 seconds up to 30 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: Square (1:1); Vertical (9:16)
  • Resolution: Min 240p
  • Frame rate: Minimum 25fps

Oh and!!! Pinterest has said that “only advertisers with a valid billing profile can upload a video on or”. But you might not need to create a billing profile. If you follow the steps below and see an option to create a video pin, you’re all set. However, if you’re having trouble you can add a valid credit card to your Promoted Pins dashboard just to check all the boxes.

Upload Video To Pinterest 

Step 1): Open up your Pinterest account and select the ‘+’ sign in the upper rand hand corner

how to upload video to pinterest

Step 2): The next screen will pop up and here you can upload your video to Pinterest

Step 3): Add your title and description (always!). Remember, Pinterest is a search engine and people find your pins through keywords. So, you want to make sure that you use keyword data in your title and description. For example, if your keyword is “vegan brownies” you want to include this in your title and in your description. But don’t stuff keywords for the sake of it, keep your description conversational. 

how to upload video to pinterest

Step 4): Now you can save your video pin to the most related board. It’s better to pin it the most related board first, so that Pinterest can match the keyword data to the pin. For example, if your video pin is “How To Make A Vegan Brownie” and you have a board called Vegan desserts, you want to pin it to that board to give Pinterest information about your pin, so that it can be optimised for search

Step 5): Now you can publish your pin immediately or schedule it. If you want to schedule it to save this pin to multiple boards you’ll need to open another tab and upload the video again. (And no, you can’t schedule video pins to Tailwind yet). 

Bonus: If you’re a content creator and you love using video, you can create a Pinterest board to promote your videos. For example, if you have videos for vegetarian recipes, you could create a board called vegetarian recipes videos.

Options For Videos On Pinterest

In case you might be wondering, there are 3 different types of videos you can use on Pinterest. But this will depend on your end goal and what you want to drive traffic to. So, let me share each method with you and you can decide for yourself which option is better suited to your business. 

Option 1) Uploading Directly to Pinterest

First, you can upload a video directly to Pinterest. This is perfect if your want to use your videos as a hook to grab your audience’s attention. 

PROS: Effective for videos that are less than 1 minute. They create a quick teaser to draw your audience in and get them to click. 

CONS: You can’t use Tailwind to schedule video content, so if you want to share your pin to multiple boards you’ll need to open a new tab and schedule it on Pinterest. (And yes, this is an epic scheduling tool for automating your pinning on Pinterest!)

Option 2) Embedding a Video On Your Blog 

Another option is to embed a YouTube video on your blog post and create a Pinterest image and link to promote that post. In the blog post you can add a few call to actions so that the reader is encouraged to watch the video.

PROS: This way you’re driving traffic to your website, so you have a higher chance of converting your reader to an email subscriber. This is more ideal because you want to take your audience through a sales funnel, so you can sell your products and services.

CONS: Videos on your site will take up more bandwidth and your website will take longer to load. 

Option 3) Sending a Pinner To a Video On YouTube

The third method is to create an image on Pinterest that links to a YouTube video. This is known as a pinnable image and if you do this you want to create an image with the play button, so that people who click on the image expect to go to a video rather than a blog post.

PROS: Perfect for you if you don’t have a blog or website and prefer to use YouTube to grow your community.

CONS: You’re driving traffic away from your blog and to YouTube instead. People can get distracted by other videos on YouTube and you’ve lost a potential email subscriber and customer.

Alright, my friends, I hope this post on how to upload video to Pinterest helped and you give it a shot. 

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Got questions on how to upload video to Pinterest? Leave a comment! Let’s talk Pinterest!