how to grow your email list with PinterestHow To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest

I know that many of my readers are interested in list building, so I wanted to show you how to grow your email list with Pinterest. 

Over a year ago I wasn’t using Pinterest at all for my business because I thought it was something you used to create vision boards. 

Fast forward to today: Pinterest is my primary source of website traffic and it’s allowed me to triple my blog traffic and email list growth.

For that reason, when someone wants to grow their website traffic – I encourage them to take Pinterest seriously and hone in on Pinterest marketing. 

If you want a ridiculously comprehensive guide to growing your email list with Pinterest, my course Pinterest Growth Accelerator shows you exactly how to exponentially grow your traffic and email list with Pinterest.

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Now, let’s dive into today’s post! Today I’m talking about all things list-building and how to grow your email list with Pinterest. If used strategically, Pinterest is a mega powerful way to pump up your email list on auto-pilot. So, you can focus on other activities in your business, such as course creation, dealing with clients and launching. Here’s how:

1. Include an opt-in incentive on your pin

First things first, if you want to know how to grow your email list with Pinterest you need an opt-in incentive! An opt-in incentive is a free piece of content that you offer your email list, such as a checklist or download. It’s something that you gift your audience in exchange for their name and email address.

So, for example, if you’re a business coach for designers, you might have a free workshop to teach designers how to organise their design business. 

If this is your core freebie, you want to get as many eyeballs on your freebie as possible. So, to drive more traffic to your email list, you can include an image of your freebie on a pin image. Here’s an example of what that might look like! 

As you can see, by showing an snapshot of your opt in, it tells people that they have an opportunity to get a free download.

How to put this into action: For every blog post, digital product or physical product in your business, you want to create a pin to showcase your content. So, after you’ve created a blog post, you want to design a pin and share it to your Pinterest profile. I use Canva to create my pins but you can use Photoshop if you’re nifty with design!

2. Leverage content upgrades 

Content upgrades are an amazing way to grow your email list. 

Content upgrades are an “upgrade” of your blog post. This might be an ebook, spreadsheet, checklist or swipe file to help your audience achieve a small win. 

So, for example, if you have a blog post that’s performing really well, you might create a content upgrade to give your audience more information about that topic. This will convert that traffic into email subscribers, and add more mileage to your list building. 

Next time you pin to Pinterest, you can include a snippet of your content upgrade on your pin, so that people are aware that if they read your post there’s also an opportunity to get a free download from you. 

How to put this into action: Look at your top performing blog posts on Google analytics and create a few content upgrades for those posts.

3. Add a pop up to your website 

Another way to use Pinterest to grow your email list is to think of the pathways on your website. After someone has read a particular blog post on your site, you want to think about what you want them to do. 

Ideally, you want to send them to your email list, so you can stay in touch and let them know about your online courses. 

A pop up is an incredible way to convert your readers because it tells them that they can get more information on your topic, if you sign up to their email list. 

I know what you’re thinking..Pop ups are really annoying! I know they can be a distraction sometimes, especially when you just want to read something. But they’re a really effective way to get more people to sign up to your email list. 

Plus, you can be strategic with it…Instead of showing your pop up as soon as someone lands on your site. You can set it up a timed pop up after 30-45 seconds, when your reader is probably interested in what you’re saying. 

How to put this into action: Once you’ve created a freebie, setting up a pop-up on your site is really easy (I promise!) To do this, simply go to your email marketing platform and create a pop up from there. I use Mailerlite as my email marketing platform and I LOVE it because it’s really easy to use. Here’s how to do it below:

1. Head to forms > pop ups. 


2. Click on “create pop up”.

3. Give your pop up a name (i.e., Pinterest guide). 

4. Select the subscriber group you want to save that contact (i.e., Interest – Pinterest marketing, Subscribed – Pinterest guide).

5. Choose a template for your pop up.

6. Design your pop up! I recommend that you give your freebie a heading, so that people know the benefit of your freebie. So, for example, Then, include a description of your freebie, so that people have more information on what your freebie is about. 

how to grow your email list with pinterest victoria hockaday

7. Go to “settings” and create a thank you message or select the option to redirect your subscriber to a custom thank you page on your website. (This is where you’d include the URL link to your thank you page). 

If you get stuck with creating your pop up Mailerlite have a 24/7 live chat feature, so ask them a question if you get stuck!

If you want a step-by-step guide to growing your email list with Pinterest, Pinterest Growth Accelerator is your new best friend. In this course I show you how to exponentially grow your website traffic and email list, using my secret weapon: Pinterest. 

People are loving it so far! 

“PGA is a very clear step by step approach to Pinterest which will help you set up for success. Victoria takes you through everything you need to know in a calm way, and includes lots of fantastic tips for small business owners. I’m looking forward to developing this valuable new channel for my business”. Anna Mapson, Nutritionist

And that’s it for today! I hope this helps you with your list-building efforts and you know how to grow your email list with Pinterest. See you same time next week.