How to Create a Pinterest Business Account (Starting from Scratch!)

how to create a pinterest business accountSince knuckling down with Pinterest marketing this year, I’ve tripled my blog traffic and I’m building my audience every single day. That’s why today we’re going back to basics with how to create a Pinterest business account.

A lot of people are only starting to hear about the power of Pinterest but they have NO IDEA how it works and how to get started. If you’re thinking “how do I even create a Pinterest account?” or “how do I change my Pinterest account to a business account?”, you’re in the right place!

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First, what are the benefits of Pinterest? Here’s what Pinterest can do for you:

  • Get your content seen by more people
  • Rapidly grow your blog traffic and email list
  • Build an audience if you want to sell digital products or launch an online course

Yes. ALL of that.

For those reasons, I recommend investing your time in learning Pinterest because it can do wonders for your business.

So, let’s travel, step-by-step, through how to create a pinterest business account (even if you’re a beginner with a capital B!).

Game ON, my friends.

How to Create a Pinterest Business Account From Scratch

Step 1) Sign up with your name and email address

Go to and sign up with your name and best email address.

Step 2) Pick a username

Choose a username for your account, which is the closest to your business name. For example, I used because that’s my business name. But if you’re not a personal brand, then you can use the name of your business. 

Step 3) Convert to a business account

Convert your personal account to a business account by going to Go to “login” and login with the details you used to sign up to Pinterest. 

Step 4) Claim your website

Follow the steps to claim your website. This is easy if you have Yoast SEO! All you need to do is go to the Pinterest confirmation box and copy and paste the HTML code. You can get detailed instructions on how to set this up on Pinterest’s help center.

how to create a pinterest business account

Step 5) Create Your Bio 

When people jump to your Pinterest account you want to tell them WHO you are and WHAT you’re about. Complete your account by filling in your name, bio and if you’ve got an opt in freebie, include it in your bio. 

victoria hockaday how to create a pinterest business account

Step 6) Choose a Headshot 

When you’re choosing a profile picture, make sure you choose a professional and high-quality photo. Ideally, you want to use a picture of your face because it’s easier for pinners to connect with you that way. 

People want to follow people and if you’re a blogger, then having a headshot of you is the best way to connect with others. I know there are blogs out there that use logos, but the successful bloggers humanise their brand with a headshot.

Step 7) Create Relevant Boards

Now that you know how to create a pinterest business account, you want to fill up your profile with relevant boards. Here you want to use strategic keywords if you want your ideal audience to find you on Pinterest.

For example, for my account I created the following boards:

  • Email marketing tips and tricks
  • Online course creators
  • Pinterest marketing tips

This tells Pinterest about the type of pinner I am and the type of content that I’m going to be creating. You can sit down and do some keyword research to find out what keywords your ideal audience are typing in Pinterest.

Another important thing to point out with Pinterest is that your pinterest account is for your ideal audience and not you. So, if you have boards that have nothing to do with your niche, delete them or make them secret.

Step 8) Optimise Board Descriptions

Every time you create a board for Pinterest you want to create board descriptions to summarise what your board is about. I wrote 1-2 sentences for each board and I aim to keep it conversational, so that people are intrigued to find out more. 

After creating those boards I add at least 5 pins to a board and this shouldn’t take you longer to get up and running!

Plus, when pinners type in keywords into the search bar, Pinterest will recommend boards. So, optimise your board descriptions with plenty of keywords!

Step 9) Pin to relevant boards first

When you publish your pins to Pinterest, make sure that you pin them to the relevant boards first. This is because you want to tell Pinterest what your pin is about. 

So, if your pin is “money saving tips”, you can save that pin to money saving or lifestyle tips. 

How to use Pinterest in 2020

And that’s it! That’s how to create a Pinterest business account from scratch. 

Pinterest marketing is going to change the way you do marketing (and for the better!)

And Because searches on Pinterest aren’t brand specific, this gives a HUGE advantage to you if you’re just starting out. 

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Over to you my friend! Tell me what you’d like to know about Pinterest?