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How To Be A Conscious Coach

Hey lovely,

So you’re an aspiring coach and you want to make a big impact on the planet.

You know little about the coaching industry and you’re overwhelmed with questions like..

“Will I be good at coaching?”

“How do I avoid becoming just another coach?”

“How can I be a confident coach?”

Questions after questions, served with fear and anxiety makes you start doubting your abilities as a coach. This self-doubt not only stems from not knowing much about the coaching industry but also your deep-seated beliefs that were formed growing up.

I help my clients to overcome their fears and deep-seated beliefs so that they can awaken their creativity as a coach and create long-lasting results for their clients. I do this through my method of conscious coaching and helping my clients cultivate self-awareness of their fears and their creativity. I help them to become conscious coaches so that they have a deep understanding with why people limit their own potential.

In a nutshell, a conscious coach is someone who is not only aware of their clients’ fears that are inhibiting their potential but they’re aware of their own fears that prevent them from expressing their authentic greatness. In my coaching programme conscious coach, I help my clients to become effective coaches through cultivating self-awareness of their fears and their creativity.

So how do you be a conscious coach?


Do the deep inner work

A conscious coach is somebody who overcomes their fears to awaken their creativity. Just because you’re working with clients doesn’t mean you don’t need your own coach. When working with clients it’s important that you hire your own coach because you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.


Listen to your clients

A conscious coach reads between the lines of what their client is saying and what their story is telling them. Your job is to challenge your client’s perception of the world and to help them understand how their deep-seated beliefs are limiting their full potential.


Look for the glimpse of genius

In Gay Hendrick’s book The Big Leap, he describes our zone of genius. When we’re living in our zone of genius we are uniquely expressing our gifts that no one in the world has to offer. We become so excited about our mission and live a more energised, creative and fulfilling life. Your goal as a coach is to look for the glimpse of genus in your client – their unique strengths, gifts or talents that allow them to uniquely express their greatness.


Support your client through resistance

Your client’s deep-seated beliefs act as barriers that prevent them from living their greatness. Your goal as a conscious coach is to help them release their fears and beliefs that are inhibiting them. Your role is not to tell them about their fears and beliefs but to support them through a process of self-discovery. In other words, you don’t want to tell them what their deep-seated beliefs are, you want to probe them so they discover them themselves.

I hope this helps you to awaken your greatness as a conscious coach.

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