Chances are you’re a solopreneur…maybe you’re thinking about things like how to grow your income and get more clients. You probably have reached that stage when you’re worried about keeping your business afloat and you need to get more clients FAST. 

I see you and I’m 100% in your corner. That’s why in today’s post, I’m sharing 22 surefire ways to help you get more clients like clockwork. 

Want to get the big bucks? Here’s my favourite ways to do it: 

Communicate your expertise 

If you want to get more clients, you need to be able to communicate your expertise to your audience. 

As soon as someone visits your website or Pinterest goldmine, they need to know who you are and how you help people.

You’ve got 5-10 seconds to hook their attention and if it isn’t clear, they’ll switch gears and hop onto Google to find someone else who could help them. 

Create a value proposition 

Ever get stumped by the question “what do you do?” 

It can be tricky to succinctly describe what you do as an entrepreneur because, well, you do everything, right? 

If you want to grow your audience online, you have to be crystal clear on WHO you help and HOW you help them. (Otherwise known as your Value Proposition m’friend!)

If you can’t succinctly describe what you do in one sentence, then it will be difficult for others to remember you. 

And, you’re gonna have a hard time standing out online and getting your audience’s attention. 

I like to use this fill-in-the-blank to really help people nail down what they do. 

I help ___ (target audience)_____ (specific outcomes) so they can __

Oh and here’s mine! 

I help course creators grow their audience and launch online courses, so they can help more people and teach what they love 💗🙌🏻

Create a tagline

If you want to become a go-to expert in your niche, you need to make what you do really clear to your audience. 

One of the best ways to do this is to create a tagline for your brand. This needs to be short and sweet, so that it’s easy to understand for your audience. 

For example, if you’re a website designer, your tagline might be “website design for creatives and coaches”. 

Or, if you’re a brand strategist it might be “brand strategy for coaches, creatives and consultants”. 

Create a value ladder 

Another way to get more clients in your business is to create a value ladder. 

A value ladder is a line up of service offerings in your business and it will – hands down – increase the amount of new clients and returning clients in your business. 

Here’s why:

Instead of having one premium service, you create a ladder of offers at different price points in your business. These differ based on the amount of value you offer and it gives your audience an opportunity to see your work before they invest in your higher ticket programs. 

For example, let’s say you’re a copywriter and you help people grow their online presence with blogging content. You might have a premium service where you offer people 4 blogs per month for £1,500. 

Now, you might create a “lead offer” at a lower price point, such as writing their about page for £200. 

By creating this “lead offer”, you’re opening the door for more clients because you’re giving people an opportunity to work with you at a more affordable price. 

So, let’s say you write an epic about me page for them and they’re happy with the results, they’re going to be far more likely to purchase your premium service. Does that make sense?

Give value 

In order to get more clients, you need to share your expertise and give value for FREE. The aim is to create content around your service offerings, so that they see how you can help them.

Create blog content for your ideal client in mind

One of the best ways to win clients is by creating awesome and highly valuable blog posts that your ideal clients would want to read. Are you a website designer? Share your most valuable tips on Squarespace. Are you a copywriter? Write a post on how to create an epic “about” page on your website.

Be active and helpful in facebook groups

Another effective way to get in front of your ideal client is to be active and helpful in Facebook groups. Your goal here is to answer people’s questions and help them with their struggles, so that they see you as an expert. Then, you can reach out to them with your services. What groups do they hang out online? How can you add value?

Create a webinar 

Offering a webinar can be a great way to source clients. This is an opportunity to share valuable information and build know, like and trust with your audience. 

If you’d like to give this a go, think about what your product is and who you plan to market to.

Here’s a few questions to get you started:

  • Who is your ideal audience?
  • What are their biggest pain points?
  • What problems are you solving?
  • What makes your solution unique?
  • What are the benefits of your solution?

Email marketing

If you want to get more clients you need email marketing, period. 

No other marketing tool has the level of intimacy and ROI that email marketing does. 

You can use email marketing to nurture your audience with blog posts, motivation and tips that you don’t share anywhere else online. 

The idea is that you want to use email to form a personal connection with them, add value, and in this process begin to offer your products or services. 

If you have a premium coaching package and you want to enroll 4 people for the following month, you can send a series of emails to your audience about your new program. 

Pro tip. Direct people to an application page, where they can fill in an application to work with you. 

Instagram Stories 

If you’re on instagram engage your audience by sharing stories, tips, lessons learned, strategies and success stories with clients.

I like to use stories to quiz my audience on their knowledge of Pinterest marketing or email marketing and it helps my audience engage with my content. 

You can also jump on Instagram live and do a Q&A on your topic. The more you can jump on video to help your audience, the better, because if they see your face on video, they trust you and are more likely to book a call with you.

PLUS, if you’re going to be using Facebook ads to get more clients, you’ll be able to target those who have engaged with your content on Instagram.

Grow Your Visibility

Guest Posting 

If you don’t have a big audience, guest posting is an incredible way to grow your visbility and get seen by your ideal audience. It’s the quickest route to being discovered by your ideal client and it gives you the chances to share your expertise. 

Think about your ideal client and what blogs they might read to learn about a particular topic. Could you see if they have guest bloggers or contributors on their blog?

Pro tip. If you want to give this a go, simply search the name of the blog with the words “contributor” and “write for us”. 

Build a social media presence

Social media builds trust with your audience and expands your reach. 

The challenge is knowing the right social platform to pick, so that you know that your posts are being seen by your target audience. 

The problem with Facebook pages is that they’re becoming less about organic search, so it’s almost impossible for your ideal audience to find you. 

You have to “pay to play” to be discovered on the platform and sometimes this isn’t an option if you’re starting out. 

Want to know my secret weapon to getting discovered by my ideal audience? 


Pinterest is an underutilized marketing powerhosue and for the past year I’ve have been using it to grow my blog, email list and get more clients. 

And I’m obsessed!

If you want to give this a shot, sign up to a Pinterest business account and pin content that you think your ideal audience would be interested in. Get more Pinterest tips here.

Try Facebook ads

If you want to get more clients, Facebook ads is the fastest way to get there. 

Even though blogging and Pinterest marketing are powerful tools for growing your email list, organic traffic is still slow. It can take 6-9 months to get traction and grow your audience online.

The great thing about Facebook ads is that they get you infront of your ideal audience instantly, and with the right targeting strategy, you can get more clients like clockwork. F’real!

Pro tip. If you’re thinking of giving this a go, create a free incentive, such as a guide or checklist, and promote it to your ideal audience. If you’re a complete newbie with Facebook ads, you can start with a budget of £8-£10 a day to get 300-400 email subscribers per month. 

Be a guest on a podcast

Another way to get more clients fast is to appear as a guest on a podcast show. The powerful thing about podcasts is that people are more engaged on a podcast compared to a blog post. They’re less likely to get distracted by the dozens of tabs they have open and they’re likely to listen to the entire show. 

You’re also inside someone’s head for a long period of time and it gives your audience an opportunity to hear your story, business lessons and strategies.

Think about your target audience and their pain points. What podcast shows do they listen to? Can you contact the podcast host and send them a pitch? 

Pro tip. At the end of the podcast offer a free incentive, so you can collect people’s email addresses and sell your products and services to them.

Create an unforgettable client experience

One of the best ways to get more clients is to create an unforgettable experience for your clients. Ultimately, you want to create a smooth, highly valuable service, so that people refer you to their friends and colleagues.

Create a process for getting clients

Do you have a process for getting clients? You want to make this as smooth as possible, so that it increases the chances of your clients recommending you to others. 

If you haven’t yet, map out your process and see how you can improve it.

I like to write it out on a piece of paper, so that I can visualise how the entire process would flow.

Services page -> fill in an application form -> email -> book a strategy call -> contract -> invoice -> onboarding pack 

Having this mapped out helps you to have all of your materials created ahead of time, so that when you have a new client enquiry you’re organised and ready to go. 

Plus, if you’re organised your clients will feel at ease that they’re in your hands and they’ll be more likely to rave about you on social media. 

Fine tune your process and you’ll get more clients in no time. 

Under-promise and overdeliver

If you’re working with clients, underpromise and overdeliver. 

But don’t confuse this with poor boundaries. When you go “above and beyond” for your clients, they don’t know when you’re going above and beyond and you may feel taken advantage of. 

Your clients don’t know the process of your service or how long it takes, so if you’re doing things like giving them free unbilled time or you’re doing extra work for them, they won’t be able to notice. 

Instead, think about what resources or tools you can share with them that they didn’t expect to receive from you. 

Do you have any ebooks, mini courses or trainings that might help them with their problem? Do you have a vault for VIP clients that you can invite them to? 

Think about what are their biggest pain points and what would help them the most? 

Pull this off and they’ll shout about you to the rooftops. 

Use a project management tool 

If you want to get more clients, you need to be super organised with your client’s projects. Make sure that you use a project management tool like Trello or Asana to outline the tasks or things that you might need from them. 

This will lay everything out on the table, with clear due dates, so that there’s no misunderstandings. 

At the end of the day, your clients want you to lead them, so create tasks for them, so they know that they’re on track. 

Follow up with clients

One of the easiest ways to get more clients is to follow up with previous clients. This can be as simple as following up every 3, 6 and 12 months to see how they’re getting on and whether they’ve achieve their goals.

It might be that they’ve achieved their goals and they’re at another stage in their business. If this is the case, you might have another service that helps them get to their next goal.

Or, they might want to go through the same coaching package with you again because they want to fine tune some details. 

The key is to stay in touch with your clients and offer them help where they might need it. 

Bottom line: the fortune is in the follow up and if you’re not following up with clients you’re leaving money on the table. 

Ask for feedback

If you want to get more clients, you need to create a customer-centric business. You need to ask for feedback from every client you work with, so that you can improve your client experience. This allows you to get feedback on your communication, service, process and any training that you gave. 

To do this, you can create a form with Google docs and send it your clients in an email after they’ve worked from you. You can also use it as an opportunity to ask for a testimonial or a referral.

Create mouth-watering offers

In order to get client enquiries, you need to have offers that tell people what you offer and how they can benefit them. You need to have irresistible offers that explains the benefits and tangible results from working with you. 

Create a bullseye offer 

What are your clients struggling with? Create a bullseye offer to help your clients move from where they’re at to where they want to be. Think about the goal they have for the next 3 months and all the steps they need to take to go from point a to point b. 

Instead of writing a list of all the things that the offer includes, go into detail about the benefits of your service. What are the tangible outcomes or results they’ll get from working with you? 

Create a lead offer

Once you’ve created your bullseye offer, create a lower offer that allow your ideal audience to work with you at a more affordable price. This is your “lead” offer and it’s usually the first step someone takes to work with you. 

Create an introductory offer

Now that you’re onboard with your bullseye offer and lead offer, create your “introductory” offer. Typically, this is an “easy yes” offer, such as an ebook, mini course or set of templates. What are your audience struggling with the most? Can you create an ebook on that topic?

And voila! You’ve got 3 packages at 3 different price points: your bullseye offer, your lead offer and your introductory offer. 

The key here is to increase the price and value for each offer, so that your audience doesn’t compare you and your competitors based on price but based on the value that you offer. 

Create 3 packages for each service-line

Now that you’ve created 3 packages for one service line, make sure you do it for your other services. For example, if you offer social media management and strategy consulting, create 3 packages for each service line. Does that make sense?

Up-level Your Brand

If you want to get more clients, you need to up-level your brand. Your branding is the first thing that people see when they jump to your site and it’s how they judge your credibility and professionalism. 

Personal branding

If you’re going to be offering a service, you need to have photos of your face. 

At the end of the day, people buy people and they need to know, like and trust you before they buy from you. 

If you don’t have any photos yet, can you get a personal branding photoshoot? This will help your audience to you, and see you as the go-to expert in your niche. 

Blog design

Your blog design style isn’t about being snazzy and cluttered with different colours, patterns and fonts. It’s about creating a clean and coherent brand. 

If you haven’t yet, create a blog design style and include information about your colour palette, fonts and social media graphics.

If you’re going to use images on your blog make sure you use high-quality stock photos. If you use free stock photos, your brand will struggle to stand out above the noise. So, use paid stock photos or take your own photos for your blog. 

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Get a stylish website theme 

Your website is something that pre-sells your service offerings before your clients get on the phone with you. 

If you haven’t yet, get a premium website theme to create a solid first impression with your audience. 

One of my favourite templates for WordPress are the feminine Bluchic themes. Shortly after upgrading my theme to a Bluchic theme, I had half a dozen client enquiries in my inbox, so it’s definitely been worth the investment! Plus, their support is second to none, so you’ll be in good hands if you purchase a theme with them.

Congrats! You made it to the end. 

Thanks for sticking around 🙂

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