free content3 Reasons Why You Should Give Away Free Content If You Want To Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products is not as simple as creating a product and expecting people to buy. 

Most people slap a course on their website and send out an email to send people directly to their sales page. 

This is not going to lead any sales (don’t worry, it wouldn’t work for me either!). 

Instead, you need to create some excitement about your course and give away free content before you open your cart and start promoting it. Bottom line – if you’re not giving away free content you could be hurting your bottom line. 

Here’s some ideas of free content you can create to create anticipation and excitement for your digital product:

  • A 5 day Facebook ad challenge 
  • A live webinar 
  • A free “bootcamp”

So, here are 3 reasons why you should giveaway free content to sell digital products. 

1. Grow Your Audience

One of my goals this year was to start creating awesome digital products for course creators. So, I started creating valuable, FREE resources for people. (And my audience has already increased four times over!)

For months I was experimenting with free content and creating things like opt in freebies and content upgrades on my blog.  After months of research and testing I finally learn’t the opt in freebie mistakes I was making and I figured out a method for creating free content that worked. 

Here are a few things that are key:

  • Have a lineup of offers for every product line 
  • Be clear on your ‘bullseye offer’ (such as your signature online course) and reverse engineer the first step your dream customer needs before they sign up to your bullseye offer
  • Think what can you create to give your dream customer the confidence to take action
  • Survey your audience to find out what their biggest pain point is
  • Use Google analytics to find your most popular blog post and create a free piece of content, so they can learn more from you
  • See what free content (freebies, masterclasses) competitors are doing in your niche and offer something similar 

Creating awesome free content with a strategy behind it has allowed me to grow my audience and prime them for my digital products. So, instead of going to a cold audience “hey, I have an email marketing course, buy it here”, I’m nurturing them, adding value and priming them for my course. So, when it comes to promoting my course they’re interested and ready to hear about it. Does that make sense?

2. Become a Trusted Leader In Your Niche 

The more you create valuable and helpful free content or freebies, the more likely your audience is going to see you as a trusted leader in your niche. Ideally, you want to create free content that answers their questions, gives them small wins and gives them confidence to take action on your topic. Pull this off and you’ll become known as a go-to library for a specific niche. 

For example, if you’re a self love coach, you can create a free guide for your audience. That way, when people are looking to learn more about self love, they immediately think to visit your site since you’ve created so many valuable resources in the past.

Pro Tip: check your email service provider to see if you can save your freebie their. Otherwise, if you’re using Mailerlite you can save your freebie in Dropbox.

3. Increase Your Profits

Offering free content, such as a freebie or masterclass is a great way to grow your email list. Someone’s email address is a hot commodity today because it allows you to stay connected with someone and build a personal connection with them. 

You can invite them to learn more about you and your topic by sharing personal stories, no-fluff education and motivation. This might look like a weekly newsletter where you share resources, podcast episodes and weekly tips on your niche. 

When you’ve built an engaged audience of 1000+ people and you’re finally to sell your digital products, not only will you have an active community but you will have people who trust and value you. And the more you giveaway, the more you will be viewed as a trusted expert. 

In addition to creating a group of potential buyers, giving away free content gives your audience first-hand experience of the quality of your content. If they’re impressed by your free content then they’ll feel less hesitant to buy your products because you’ve proved to them that your content is worthwhile.

Pro Tip: I use Send Owl to host digital products. It’s super easy and intuitive to use and you can set up a product pretty quickly. 

What free content should you give away?

Coming up with ideas for free content can be tricky. Here’s a few steps you can take:

Step 1) Poll your audience on Instagram to see what they’re struggling with

Step 2) See what freebies are popular on Pinterest

Step 3) Look at Google analytics to see your most popular blog posts

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