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3 Simple (But powerful) Email Sequences to Make Passive Income


There’s a reason why the email funnel gurus preach about email sequences.

Strategic email sequences are incredible for creating passive income. You set them up once, drive traffic to them and you’ve got a predictable sales machine. More money with less effort sounds good right?

But let’s be honest: when it comes down to it, email sequences are incredibly intimidating and mysterious.

Most people understand the concept of creating an email sequence that sells digital products, courses and affiliate products.

But after months of trying to suss out email sequences they fail.

Literally, no sales week after week.

They try templates, free ones, paid ones and still nothing.

As a result, they begin to believe that the online course or digital product “thing” isn’t going to work for “someone like them”. Sad isn’t it?

And I totally get it.

When you’ve got a list that isn’t converting it can be disheartening when you don’t see the fruits of your labour.

But here’s the truth.

It isn’t you.

And it isn’t your product.

It’s the structure of your email sequence.

Ultimately, when you have a strategic email sequence with an end goal, it’s incredibly effective. You can set it up in one day and can start making sales immediately.

So, how do you do this?


You have to write email sequences that touch on the fundamentals of email marketing, such as:

  • Leveraging the gift of understanding (and connect with your audience on a DEEPER level)
  • Dropping credibility bombs (to dial up your leadership to cultivate trust)
  • Sparking conversation with your subscribers (and create a personal connection with your audience)
  • Creating personality-filled emails (to build a personal connection)
  • Carving value-filled emails (and be seen as a go-to person)
  • Weaving scarcity in an email (and increase your number of sales!)

In this post, I’ll share with you 3 simple email sequences to make passive income on autopilot.

1. The ‘Welcome Email Sequence’

Your welcome email sequence is your biggest opportunity when it comes to leveraging your time and making passive income.

In fact, your welcome email has an open rate of 58%, which is an incredible statistic to capitalise on.

Each time someone signs up to receive your opt in freebie, you’re beginning a new relationship. Your new subscriber just signed up to receive your freebie because they have a problem that they’re trying to solve.

Most likely, they had a problem, found you and trusted you enough to give their email address.

Now, they’re looking for their next solution but the clocking is ticking.

If you’ve got an offer that solves their problem, great. If not, chances are they’ll look elsewhere to find a solution to their problem.

So, if you’ve got an offer that solves their problem, then there’s no reason why you can’t share it in your welcome email sequence.

Get Clear On Your End Goal

Unfortunately, many bloggers and entrepreneurs have resistance with sharing an offer because they’re scared of being “spammy”.

As a result, they focus on nurturing their email subscribers and they end up taking their email subscribers down a rabbit hole.

Email sequences without an end goal can be confusing because your subscribers don’t understand where you’re taking them.

Here’s what I invite you to do instead.

Instead of nurturing new subscribers, you need to assume that every subscriber is in distress over a situation and you need to work them back to health.

So, if you have an offer, share it! But if you’re not ready to sell yet, at least have a clear end goal.

Here’s some questions to ask:

  • What is the end goal of your welcome sequence?
  • What product or service will you pitch?
  • If you’re not ready to sell what will your end goal be? (E.g., joining your Facebook group or asking them to do a survey)

Write your welcome email sequence

So, how do you sell to someone who joins your list?

Well…your welcome email sequence is a journey, so you need create content that builds trust, demonstrate value and shows them that you understand them.

Your welcome email is the most important email that you’ll EVER send. So, after you send the opt in freebie, you want to confirm your subscribers motivation for signing up to your email list.

Essentially, you want to give them the gift of understanding and reflect back to them their intentions, motivations and reasons for signing up to your email list.

After you’ve carved a compelling welcome email, you want to follow up with value-filled emails that build on your freebie. Share with them your process or best strategies that solve their problem. Demonstrate that you’re an expert and they’ll see you as a trusted online leader.

Follow up with your personal story of overcoming the problem and paint a picture of the before and after. If you’ve got a case study or testimonials to share, plug them in. Then agitate the problem and introduce your offer as the solution.

Once you’ve set up your welcome email sequences it will become clear what you do and how you help people. So, you’ll stop having people asking “what do you do?”. Yay!

Worst come to worst, they’ll unsubscribe after they see you selling your offer or they’ll recommend you to someone else. The main thing is that you’re getting your offer in front of people and if they don’t purchase it from you then, you’ll be the first person to pop into their mind when their problem pops up.

Need more help with putting together welcome email sequences? Download my free email sales template here. You’ll get an outline of a 5 part email sequence designed to convert subscribers into paying customers.

The ‘Affiliate Offer Sequence’

Another way to make passive income is to create affiliate email sequences that promote affiliate offers.

Typically, an affiliate offer is a tool, ebook, service or product that you use and want to recommend to your audience. So, if you’re recommending an affiliate it’s better to recommend something that you’re actually using yourself. (Otherwise it’s a bit fishy!)

People love hearing about tools that you’re using to create results in your blog or business. So if you’re using tools that have worked for you, you can apply to become an affiliate and earn a small commission for every tool you sell.

How do you do promote an affiliate offer?

Similarly with your welcome email sequence, you can create a mini email funnel.

Here’s what it would look like.

  1. Write a blog post related to that offer
  2. Create a content upgrade that offers additional content
  3. Follow up with a confirmation email
  4. Convey the benefits of the offer + compare to other competitors

The great thing about creating a content upgrade is that they’re an incredible strategy for converting your blog traffic. And once you’ve created a content upgrade, you’re able to segment your email list. Meaning that, only those who have shown an interest in your affiliate offer will receive your mini funnel.

After you send the content upgrade, follow up with your personal experience, benefits from using the tool and how it compares to it’s other competitors.

As an example, I wrote a blog post on Kartra and included a content upgrade in this post.

For this sequence, I wrote up 5 emails that take a deep dive into the benefits I gained from Kartra, how it compares to it’s competitors and the results I’ve gained from it.

The ‘Free Email Course Sequence’

Another way to make passive income is to create a free email course. An email course is a game changer for creating passive income because of the amount of value that you’re offering.

The reason why they’re effective is because people LOVE to learn about new topics. And because a multi-day course is such an irresistible offer, people are more willing to give their email address.

Oh! And one more thing! it’s an incredible way to showcase your brand, mission and personality (which are all important factors that someone considers before buying from you!)

The idea behind an email course is that you offer a bunch of value-filled lessons over a period of 3-5 days.

And if you’ve got a paid offer, you can sell your paid offer throughout the email course. Pretty nifty right?

Janet Murray’s 10 day PR challenge is a perfect example of an email course.

A 10 day challenge for free? To me that’s definitely worth handing over an email address. Right?

Want to learn more about how to create a free email course? I’ll be teaching you the exact steps to create a free email course in my upcoming online course Connect, Cultivate, Convert.

This course is designed to help bloggers and entrepreneurs get 1,000 email subscribers in 90 days and create their first $1,000 with a core digital product. You can pre-order the course here.

Final Thoughts

Strategic email sequences are an incredible way to sell your digital products and offers on autopilot.

You can set it up an email sequence in one day and you can start making sales immediately. All you have to do is promote your email list and drive traffic to it.

Often bloggers and entrepreneurs resist sharing offers in email sequence and comes across as timid. As a result, they miss out on an incredible opportunity to be seen as a trusted online leader.

Instead of focusing solely on nurturing, you need to assume that every subscriber is in distress over a situation and you need to work them back to health.

So, if you have an offer, share it in your email sequences!

Worst come to worst, they’ll unsubscribe or not buy your offer but when they need your offer, they’ll think of you first.

And if you want to learn more about creating a welcome email sequence, check out my email sales template.

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