Are you struggling to create a sales page that converts? Perhaps you’ve done a launch and it was all going well until the sales page.

Your sales page can be your business asset and it can make a break you. If it’s not optimised for conversions, you’re going to waste time and money.

Done properly, it can be an asset to your business. If it’s not optimised for conversions, you’re going to waste time and money.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you knew the secrets to a sales page that converts so that you could create predictable and recurring revenue?

That’s what you can expect to get from this blog.

By the end of it you’ll know the ingredients of a sales page that boosts conversions and drives sales.

Here’s 20 ways to create a powerful sales page that converts like crazy:

Identify your target customer

Before you introduce your product, you need to identify your target customer.

When you know who you’re talking to you’ll be able to create compelling copy that deeply resonates with the hearts of your target customer.

Here are a few things to consider for your target customer.

  • Their biggest frustration 
  • What they’ve already done to try and solve their problem.
  • Their goal for the next 6 months

If you’re uncertain about your ideal client, you’ll want to go back to the drawing board and do market research on your ideal client.

Once you’ve identified your target customer, you’ll understand their pain points, challenges and goals. This will help you to create copy that addresses them.

Here’s a guide to help you identify your ideal client.

Capture attention with a headline

Now you’re ready to create a headline. A headline can either help you or hurt you.

If your headline doesn’t resonate with your target audience, you’ll lose visitors.

The best headlines are short and to the point. They capture visitors and encourage them to keep reading.

Instead of guessing this, A/B test headlines to see which one’s are the most converting.

Create a clear offer before you write the sales page

If your offer is unclear in any way it will turn people away.

Create an offer that your target audience actually wants.

Lead with the benefit of your offer and then introduce it.

Breakdown outcomes and benefits

Anyone who is writing a sales page that converts needs to outline outcomes and benefits.

Your visitors care about how your product is going to help them, not the features that’s included.

That’s why when you’re writing your sales page, you want to identify up to 5 outcomes and benefits.

Outcomes are likely to be deliverables that people are going to get from your offer. Benefits, on the other hand, are likely to show how these deliverables are going to affect their lives.

Social proof

Some people who reach your sales page will be ready to buy. Most people will need to have more reassurance that your product actually works.

In fact, one of the biggest ways to create reassurance is through trust. Less than 80% of consumers go to brands that they trust first before they purchase any product.

So clearly, trust is a huge ingredient for creating a sales page that sells.

In fact, some of the ways to build trust on your sales page is through social proof:

  • Sharing testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Including links to case studies of your formula to show that your product works
  • Highlighting logos of companies and magazines that you’ve worked with

When you’re able to demonstrate that other people love working with you, visitors are more likely to buy.

Seductive copy

Kathryn Arogon on Crazy egg points that people buy for emotional reasons and not practical ones.

If people are reading your sales page, they’re already interested in what you’re offering. They want to see whether your product can change their lives and help them achieve their dreams.

So, laying out outcomes and benefits aren’t sufficient for persuading your audience.

Your mission is to help them see for themselves how the product is going to impact their lives.

In fact, you can use the word “imagine” or “see yourself” to tap into your reader’s imagination.

Create scannable copy

ConversionXL point out that visitors don’t read but scan.

If you want your visitors to focus on your copy, you want to create scannable copy. This means breaking up the text for your visitors so that they can skim the page.

Essentially, you want to avoid using dense text because anything that’s predictable is going to lose your visitor’s attention.

Here’s a few ways you can break up the text.

  • Paragraphs with two or three sentences
  • Bullet points
  • Subheadings
  • A mixture of short and long lines

This will create more breathing space for your visitors.

You can break up the text here by using a variation of design elements.

Add urgency

If you want to create a sales page that converts, you’ve got to create urgency.

Some service providers will use discounts to create urgency on their sales pages. Discounts are for dummies and they’re worth avoiding.

Instead, you can use time to create urgency, where you give a limited time for the sale. Or you can create scarcity to create urgency, where you create a limited supply of what’s available.

In fact, you can use a countdown on your sales page to create urgency.


Another way to increase the value of your offer is to add bonuses. Bonuses that are templates convert extremely well.

This is because they are highly consumable and easy to implement.

Here’s an example of how you can introduce bonuses on your sales page.

Call to action

If you’re writing a long sales page, you’ll want to consider multiple CTA’s.

This gives your visitor a few opportunities to purchase your offer.

The intention behind a call to action is to reiterate the action they need to take if they want to achieve a specific result.

Consider what the appropriate call to action is going to be based on what you’re selling. If you’re selling a high ticket offer, the chances are you’ll them to book a call with you.

If it’s a lower end offer, it’s more likely to be to purchase now. Aim to make your call to actions as specific as possible so that there’s no ambiguity.


FAQs work exceptionally well for answering your visitor’s questions.

It’s an effective way to handle their objections, which means more conversions!


Another important ingredient for a highly converting sales page is a guarantee.

When your visitors are viewing your sales page, they’re assessing the risk of purchasing your program.

A guarantee is a powerful way of reducing risk because it allows your visitors to ask for a refund if they’re not satisfied with your program.

Plus, it demonstrates that your programs are customer-centric, which is an excellent way of building trust.

Mobile optimised

Anyone who’s creating a sales page needs to ensure that it’s mobile optimised.

If your visitors are viewing your site that doesn’t work on mobile, you’ll lose sells.

Here’s an example of what our site looks like on mobile.


The success of your sales page is about engagement. The longer your visitors can be engaged on a page, the more likely they’re going to convert.

One of the ways to increase conversions of your sales page is to create a help desk.

In fact, you can create various support channels inside Kartra, such as:

  • Support tickets and canned responses
  • Instant Skype calls
  • Live chat
  • Direct call

It also offers a snapshot of the customer experience that they’ll get once they’ve purchased your product.

An urgent response to their inquiry demonstrates that they’ll get the same support once they’ve purchased your product.

Remove distraction

If your aim is to get visitors to read your copy, you want to eliminate any distractions.

The best sales pages don’t have unnecessary links, ads, footers or sidebars.

Anything that leads your visitors away from the sale needs to be reduced.

Dynamic design

The more engaged your visitors are, the more likely you’re going to make the sale.

Conversion XL talks about how novelty keeps user’s attention. Hence why, in order to keep your visitors attention, you need to create novelty.

There’s a few ways you can create novelty:

  • Explore different design elements
  • Break up the page with different fonts
  • Vary the use of images

Test your sales page

If you want to create a badass sales page that converts, you’ll want to test your sales page.

There are a few things that you’ll want to test for your sales page. Here’s a few:

  • Headline
  • Call to action buttons
  • Image of your product
  • Pricing options

To do this effectively, you’ll want to test each variable at a time to determine which one has the most significant impact on your conversions.

Get the pricing right

Entrepreneur points out that it’s important that you give your visitors different payment options.

If you think about it, it allows your customer to realistically pay for your product each month. If they’ve got other outstanding payments, it’s more likely that your payment will be paid first if you have a payment plan.

Plus, opt in monster suggests that using three payment options can be effective. If you have three payment options, people are more likely to choose the middle option.

Here’s a few more things you’ll want to consider for payment options:

Labelling your prices with descriptives so your visitors can select, such as “silver” or “gold”.
Using price points ending in 9 or 7 – as research shows more people gravitate towards them.

Here’s an example of what your payment options might look like.

Exit pop-ups

If you want to make your sales page convert like crazy, exit pop ups work like a treat.

They give your visitors a last chance to purchase a product before they leave your site.

Often this is a sign that your customers can’t find the information that they’re looking for. When this happens, you can save the sale with a compelling exit pop up.

Social sharing

Social sharing buttons work extremely well for getting more eyeballs on your sales page.

If you want people to share your sales page, you’ll want to use social sharing tools.


If you want to create a badass sales that converts like crazy, you’ll want to consider a number of ingredients.

These will help you to increase your conversions and drive more sales.

Here’s the ingredients in list form:

1 Identify your target customer

2 Capture attention with a headline

3 Create a clear offer

4 Breakdown outcomes and benefits

5 Social proof

6 Seductive copy

7 Create scannable copy

8 Add urgency

9 Bonuses

10 Call to Action

11 FAQs

12 Guarantee

13 Mobile Optimised

14 Help desk

15 Remove distractions

16 Dynamic design

17 Test your visitors

18 Payment options

19 Exit pop-ups

20 Social sharing