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  • pinterest course for bloggers

    Pinterest Course for Bloggers

    I’ve done so many online courses that have up-levelled my business. I’m an enormous fan of online education because I’ve seen the incredible and tangible results it’s had on my business. Partaking in online courses motivates me and energises me to continue optimising the systems and processes in my business.  One of the goals that […]


  • 40 Pinterest Board Names for Viral Pins

    If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I’m OBSESSED with all things Pinterest.  But not in the way you might think.  When I first discovered Pinterest I used it as a vision board to dream up my new flat decor. And after using Pinterest for a period of a few weeks, […]


  • pinterest monthly views

    How I Increased My Pinterest Monthly Views By 100k

    Ooh Pinterest…amazing for all things motivation, home decor, [insert your thing here]. But for business? Erm, I’m not quite sure to begin?! Maybe you’re thinking “bah, not another social platform I need to learn in my business”. But here’s the deal. Pinterest is not a social platform, it’s a search engine and whilst followers are […]


  • pinterest marketing

    4 Reasons Why Pinterest is Marketing on Auto-pilot

    Fun fact: I used to think that Pinterest was for people who wanted to save outfit ideas or create a vision board for their dream home. I saw it as something useless for and ruled it out as an online marketing activity.  And now? It’s one of the most high-impact strategies I use to grow […]


  • pinterest strategies

    3 Pinterest Strategies You Need To Know To Supercharge Your Traffic

    4 Pinterest Strategies You Need To Know To Supercharge Your Traffic If you’ve been around the block, then you’ll know that Pinterest is one of my secret weapons.  In 2018, I put Pinterest marketing to the test. I kept hearing people say “Pinterest is really powerful for growing an audience”. So, I did a little […]


  • how to use tailwind tribes

    How To Use Tailwind Tribes To Explode Website Traffic

    Today I’m covering everything you need to know on how to use Tailwind Tribes in 2020. Have you jumped on the Tailwind train yet? If not, you’re missing out! Tailwind is one of my favourite tools on the earth for marketing my content on auto-pilot. Seriously, without it I’d be wasting hours of my precious […]


  • pinterest marketing strategies

    Top Pinterest Marketing Strategies For 2021

    Top Pinterest Marketing Strategies for 2021 Pinterest is a platform that is always changing and it can be frustrating to keep up, (especially when you’re spinning 9 other things on your entrepreneurial plate!) Maybe you’re already using Pinterest marketing strategies but you’ve taken a break from Pinterest to focus on other things in your business, […]


  • How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest

    How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest I know that many of my readers are interested in list building, so I wanted to show you how to grow your email list with Pinterest.  Over a year ago I wasn’t using Pinterest at all for my business because I thought it was something you used […]


  • Pinterest-business-account

    How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

    How to Create a Pinterest Business Account (Starting from Scratch!) Since knuckling down with Pinterest marketing this year, I’ve tripled my blog traffic and I’m building my audience every single day. That’s why today we’re going back to basics with how to create a Pinterest business account. A lot of people are only starting to […]