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  • Empath quotes

    50 Empath Quotes for Cultivating Inner Power

    Why have I collected empath quotes to help you to cultivate inner power? Because one of the questions I hear the most is: How do I not let other people’s negativity affect me?  As an empath, I’ve often felt like an outcast for being the most sensitive and highly intuitive person in the room.  We […]


  • ifs therapy

    IFS Therapy: A Revolutionary Healing Method

    IFS therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on a client’s “parts” to create healing and transformation. In IFS, the mind is considered to be naturally made up of multiple sub-personalities or “parts”. These parts each have valuable talents and resources for us like playfulness, curiosity and creativity. But trauma and attachment injury takes […]


  • self abandon abandonment issues abandonment trauma

    9 Ways We Self-Abandon Ourselves

    This is a continuation of the last episode where we talked about healing abandonment issues, and how our experiences of loss, physical departures and emotional disconnections in our lives create psychological pain and can leave residues in our subconscious mind. Essentially, if the people that were meant to protect us when we were younger, abandoned […]


  • Healing Abandonment Issues

    Many times in life we operate from a place of fear, anxiety and insecurity because we have this fear of being abandoned. From my experience, it was the abandonment of my parents. In the early stages of my life I experienced a lack of love, emotional disconnection and physical departures from my parents. This conditioned […]


  • how to heal your inner child-victoria-hockaday

    How to Heal Your Inner Child that Yearns to be Loved

    Welcome home, I’m really glad you’re here joining me in this first episode. I’ve really been itching for a long time to share with you on a deeper level and for the past few years actually I’ve had this inner whisper to help people emotionally heal.  But for a long time, and I can still […]