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Learn how to create and sell an online course using simple and strategic marketing methods.

  • 10 Online Course Ideas To Make Money

    Raise your hand if you get tripped up by the thought of promoting your course because it’s not about teaching others how to “make money online”. Well, my friend, you’re not alone.  I hear it all the time from entrepreneurs…”but I can only be successful if I teach others how to make money online”. And […]


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    3 Most Profitable Online Courses Types

    Your next big move is creating an online course so you can… …infinitely impact more people and serve your audience in a unique and powerful way. …inch away from 1:1 clients and scale your business to true profitability. You just don’t know how to make it happen and where to start. ^^ This my friend, […]


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    Teaching Online Tips to Turn Your In-Person Services into Online Offerings

    Are you ready to teach courses online?  As places have been closing in-person workshops, many people are looking to turn their in-person services into online offerings.  Perhaps you deliver training, consultancy or coaching and you’re used to giving in-person workshops and courses. Maybe your workshops have been cancelled or put on hold and now you […]


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    How to Find Your Niche For Your First Online Course

    Let’s talk about how to find your niche! I recently created a quiz that helps you to identify what type of course you should create based on your skills, goals and audience. So if you’re brand-spanking new to courses and don’t know what course you should create, grab your kombucha and take the quiz to […]


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    How To Create An Online Course: The Step-by-Step Guide

    Hey fellow infopreneur! Welcome to the 4 part series #onlinecoursebizseries. I know that many of you are dying to get started with online courses but you might already be feeling overwhelmed. In this series I’m going to be sharing with you a step-by-step plan on how to create an online course, and launch it, so […]


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    The 10 Most Successful Digital Products To Sell of All Time

    Creating and selling online courses is an incredible way to create passive income for your blog or business. But it isn’t everything. Actually, online courses can be very time-intensive and can take weeks to create. (Making it super overwhelming and challenging for bloggers and entrepreneurs to achieve!) But there are plenty of other types of digital products […]


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    How to Market and Sell Your Digital Product

    In this post, I’m going to be walking you through specific and actionable steps to help you market and sell your digital product. Now, if you’ve not had a look at the other articles of this series then I suggest that you do now. I want to make sure that you don’t miss a beat […]