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How to Build Your Email List When You Have Little Content


Struggling to build your email list? Have little content on your blog?

Don’t sweat. In today’s blog post I’m going to share with you the most effective strategies you can implement to build your email list (even when you’re starting from ground zero!)

If you’re a blogger or entrepreneur then you’ve probably heard the saying “the money’s in the list” a trillion times. 

Am I right? Thought so! 

But, what does that actually mean?

Basically, email marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your customers. Because it beats all other digital channels (aka social media, SEO etc.,) in terms of return on investment.

So, if you’re new to the online marketing world, you need to build your email list if you want to have a profitable business.

Question is, how do you build an email list out of thin air (and when you have very little content?)

Here’s a step-by-step process that you can follow when you’re starting from absolutely nothing.

How To Build An Email List From Scratch

In order to build your email list, you need to have a few things in place, so that you’re growing the right audience of people.

At a minimum, here’s the steps you need to take before you build an email list.

1. Create a Solid Foundation

A solid foundation is all about growing an audience and getting high quality traffic to your site.

You don’t need to drive thousands of people on your site. You need to drive the right audience of people to your site.

This is crucial if you want to capture your audience and convert them into subscribers and customers. Otherwise, you’re just driving people to your site for the sake of it and you’re not making revenue from it. Right?

So, here’s a few questions to consider:

  • What is the purpose of your blog or business?
  • Who is your dream customer?
  • What’s your strategy for driving the right traffic of people to your site?
  • How will you make the paths on your site super clear, so people know what you do and how you help them?

2. Narrow Down Your Niche

Next, you need to narrow down your niche so that you become known for one thing. If you want to grow an audience, it’s going to be much easier if you niche down on one topic as opposed to talking about many things.

When people come to your site, it needs to be clear what you do, who you help and how you help them. This allows people to connect with you, so that you’re the first person that pops in their head when they have a specific problem.

Your goal then is to focus on one area that couples your interests and what your audience is struggling with. Once you’ve found your niche, you want to create one piece of content every week, so that people form a habit of checking out your website to see if you’ve got new content.

3. Create a Compelling Offer

If you want people to join your email list you need to create an attractive offer.

Think about it. If you drive people to a landing page asking them to give their name and email address in exchange for “updates” then you probably won’t get many sign ups.

So, what resources do you think your audience wants? What are they struggling with the most? What do they need to believe or want in order to sign up for your list?

Once you know what your audience wants, create an opt in freebie that solves one problem and creates one result for your dream customer.

One of my opt in freebies is a workbook that helps people get their first 1000 email subscribers. People are loving it so far and if you click here I think you’ll see why!


4. Leverage Social Media

After you’ve created your offer, you want to figure out how you’re going to get people signing up to receive it. One of the best ways to find your audience is through social media. If you can discover where your audience hangs out socially, you will be able to get their email address more easily.

So, what’s my secret weapon for growing an audience?


Believe it or not Pinterest is a search engine that allows you to find your audience through keywords.

Here’s a sneak peak at my Pinterest hub that successfully brings in new email subscribers every single day.


5. Create Pop Ups To Convert Subscribers

In order to effectively convert your readers into subscribers, you want to create pop ups. Although you might think that pop ups are incredibly annoying, they’re also incredibly effective at converting!

This is the exact same strategy that I use on my blog. When readers enter my site they’re invited to receive a workbook to help them get their first 1000 email subscribers. Once they enter their email address they get access to my workbook.


If your blog is on WordPress, there’s a few options for creating pop ups on your site. Sumo, Thrive Leads and Hello Bar are a few great options. Thrive Leads is my go-to list-building plugin and it works like magic for bringing in email subscribers every single day!

The reason why I recommend Thrive Leads is because it’s a one time fee of $67, so you don’t have to worry about recurring fees. Plus, you can do split testing to see which pop ups are the most effective for driving email conversions.

So, if you’re keen to drive your email list, I’d start with one opt in freebie and create a pop up on your site to invite your readers. You’ll start getting signs ups immediately!


That’s it my friend! They’re the most important steps you need to take if you want to build your list from scratch. They’re the foundational list-building strategies that you want to focus on when you’re just starting out in your list building journey.

But there are other things you can do too. You can try blitz list-building strategies, such as free email courses, webinars, giveaways and guest posting.

But it’s not just about growing your email list. It’s about building a relationship with your audience. The saying that the “money’s in the list” is a dangerous half truth. Your online business is only as strong as the relationship that you have with your list.

If you’d like help with building and nurturing your email list, I invite you to book an empowerment session with me. We’ll take a look at your goals and create a list-building or email marketing strategy.

What strategies have you used to build your list from scratch? Do you understand how to build your list?

Victoria Hockaday helps business owners grow an audience and create and sell online courses with ease.