• How To Manage Social Media For Small Business

    how to manage social media

    If marketing is about creating demand for your products and services, social media is a no brainer. Many small businesses use social media as a marketing technique, but doing it strategically to drive sales is another story. The pitfall of social media is that it’s designed to be addictive so without conscious management it can […]


  • Crush Your Fear Of Success Phobia

    fear of success phobia

    A fear of success phobia seems counter-intuitive. Why would we be afraid of achieving the things we want? Fear of failure is something that we all know and it makes sense. We’re scared of being embarrassed and ridiculed. When we’ve learn’t that to receive love we need to “impress” and overachieve, our fear of failure […]


  • How To Choose A Theme For Your WordPress Website

    wordpress theme

    Creating an inviting and stylish wordpress website begins with choosing the right theme. This can be heavily overwhelming when you have little technical knowledge and there are thousands of themes to choose from. Ultimately, your wordpress website theme portrays your brand essence and drives the user experience for your customers. If your wordpress theme doesn’t […]


  • How To Recover From Codependency and Raise Your Value

    recover from codependency

    Hey friend, in this post I’m going to be talking about codependency, what it means to be codependent and why it isn’t such a bad thing after all! Ultimately, most relationships are codependent and I don’t think we need to pathologize it. I want to bring a “fresh” approach to the subject and help you […]


  • 10 Signs You’re Codependent and How To Honour Your Value

    Do you give too much of your energy to people or value other’s approval more than your own? Are you really generous and often feel taken advantage of? You could be codependent. But what does it mean to be codependent? Codependent is a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. The reality is, […]