• 4 Blogging Tips and Tricks (You Wish You Knew Sooner!)


    If you haven’t noticed there’s A LOT of information online about blogging tips. (Okay, who are we kidding, you totally noticed). And while learning these blogging tips, you realised that they don’t go into a lot of detail, which can be super irritating. So what happens is you spend hours on Pinterest looking for other […]


  • 4 Steps to Create a Tripwire And Build Trust With Your Audience


    Earlier this year I realised that if I had a lower cost digital product I would be able to bring in a consistent stream of customers in my business.  Fast forward to today: my tripwire brings in an additional income stream in my business. It’s allowed me to serve my tribe on a deeper level […]


  • How To Create and Grow A Lucrative Mailing List

    mailing list

    Starting a mailing list can be totally overwhelming if you’re just starting out.  Even if you do get your mailing list up and running getting your head wrapped around email marketing can take a while.  What the HECK do you say to people without spamming them? How do you go about getting people signed up […]


  • 3 Rapid Email List Building Strategies You Need To Know

    email list building

    3 Rapid Email List Building Strategies You Need To Know If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that email list building is my magic sauce. When I’m not doing email marketing or launch consulting, I’m focusing on my email list, come rain or shine.  I’ve made email list building my biggest priority […]


  • Online Course Launch Giveaway (Giveaway ended)

    Launching an online course is an exciting time in your business. But the pressure to ‘get it right’ the first time can be insurmountable. It can be easy to get stuck in the ‘chicken or the egg’ scenario, wondering what comes first. And, if you don’t have clear goals to hit it can be hard […]


  • How To Plan Your Online Course Launch Content 


    How to plan your online course launch content  Doing a product launch is a mammoth of a task. It’s like launching a book. It’s something that requires MONTHS of planning because there’s lots of moving parts that go into a launch.  That’s why I recommend that you plan your product launch 2 months in advance […]


  • 12 Steps To Have A Successful Product Launch

    product launch

    If you want to launch an online course, you need to have a solid product launch plan. Most people create an online course, slap it on their website and send out an email to their tiny tiny email list. This doesn’t lead to any sales (trust me I’ve tried it and I’ve failed miserably!) Here’s […]


  • 22 Effective Ways To Get Email Subscribers Every Day


    22 Effective Ways To Get Email Subscribers Every Day If you’re a blogger or entrepreneur, you know that an email list is important for launching an online course. Not only that. If you want to launch an online course and have people buy it (obvs) you need to have about 1,000 people on your email […]


  • 6 Emails You Should Be Sending Your Email List But Aren’t


    6 Emails You Should Be Sending To Your Email List But Aren’t You probably know the importance of an email list, but you still haven’t cracked the code yet when it comes to writing emails. I was exactly the same when I started my business two years ago. I didn’t write newsletters simply because I […]


  • How To Create A Dazzling Opt In Freebie

    opt in freebie

    Want to create an online course or digital product? You’ll need a warm audience first. Before you start promoting your product, you need to have a warm audience of people that are ready to buy from you. Basically, you need to have a list of people who regularly hear from you and know your value. […]