Ambition Goes Better With Intention - Victoria Hockaday

Ambition Goes Better With Intention

Hello love.

If you’re reading this blog you’re most definitely an ambitious woman with a daring heart.

I can only imagine that you have a mission to create something bigger than yourself and you won’t stop until you get there.

Setting goals are vital for building your dream coaching business.

BUT if you’re an empath like me, traditional goal setting won’t work. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and add another to do list to your life.

Feelings first

Ambition goes better with intention.

You want to create powerful goals – goals that are meaningful, intentional and aligned with how you want to FEEL.

If you're only chasing ambition and external things you're losing connection with what matters.

When you’re chasing numbers and figures, you’re chasing how you hope to feel as an outcome from achieving your goals. So knowing how you want to feel will help you to come home to yourself.

Focus on leading with your desired feelings and create powerful goals that are in alignment with them.

Soulful goal-setting

I’d recommend giving yourself allocated time at the end of every month for a monthly check in. You can mark it in your calendar as a soulful goal-setting date. Use this time to check in with how you want to feel for the month ahead. Ask yourself the following questions:

What kind of women do I need to be?

What are my desired feelings?

What goals do I want to achieve that are in alignment with the woman I desire to be?

What goals do I want to achieve that are in alignment with how I want to feel?

What actions will I take each day/week to meet those goals?

This will help you to prioritise your soul over your strategy.

When you’re intentional with how you most want to feel, you’ll be in a higher vibration to attract the things you want and you will naturally cultivate success.

Enjoy your soulful goal-setting date 😉

With gratitude and love,