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Hey, I'm Vicky

Inner Child Healing Catalyst

I help people heal their inner child, so they can let down their walls and overcome self destructive patterns, so they can create wholeness and happiness.

Consider me as your hope merchant, because I believe that when you unburden intense emotions, your inner child trusts you again and you can let down emotional walls that stop you from experiencing love, connection and happiness.


I had a difficult and isolated childhood. I felt scared, sad and lonely, and as a result I was in “protector mode” all my life, shutting myself off from others to avoid facing my childhood wounds.

I experienced neglect, abandonment, rejection and abuse which burdened me with this nagging feeling of emptiness, inner loneliness, fear and anxiety. 

Since then I’ve become a truth seeker, looking for answers and trying to understand why things in my childhood happened the way that they did. 

The codes to inner child healing...

A couple of years ago I went to see a psychotherapist whose work was grounded in attachment theory, in an attempt to overcome the painful relationship I had with my parents.

As I sat down on the sofa, I felt a heavy burden of pain and grief in my throat. 

My body felt tense and constricted as I felt the adrenaline shoot up the back of my legs.

I began to bare my soul and recall all the times when I felt abandoned and neglected by my parents. I struggled to get the words out of my mouth and all of the tormented pain that I had buried in my heart was being pulled and twisted out of me. 

As I wiped off the brave smile on my face, I said these words out loud….

“I hope that one day my mother will change”. 

My therapist gave me a reality check and said: maybe you need to grieve for the mother you never had…. and the painful but bittersweet realisation came over me.  

It was in that moment I realised that waiting for my mother to change was only tormenting me more.

I was still yearning for a parent I never had and not getting my expectations fulfilled left me feeling constantly hurt and disappointed. 

She introduced me to the “inner child” and said that I could lovingly re-parent myself by giving my inner child the love that she was desperately yearning for. 

I asked her how and she couldn’t give me any answers.

Frustrated, overwhelmed and confused…I went into researcher mode, and hunted down anything I could find on the inner child.

Since then, I’ve been on a spiritual quest to heal my inner child and find the practical steps to healing and creating wholeness.

An intuitive approach to healing

It wasn’t until I came across internal family systems therapy that everything crystallised for me. I felt like I found the GPS to healing my wounded child and it made me see that healing those wounded parts of me were possible.

Internal family systems therapy has helped me to unburden the intense pain that my inner child has been carrying, and it’s allowed me to release extreme feelings of inner loneliness, emptiness, terror, fear and anxiety.

And as a bi-product of releasing those intense feelings, I’ve felt more inner peace and emotional freedom. 

Knowing the impact that healing my inner child has had on me makes me incredibly passionate about getting this work into the hands of others…so they can create wholeness, inner peace and inner harmony. 

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My Core Values


I create a supportive and nonjudgmental space for all of my clients, so they feel seen and heard and are encouraged to access self-compassion.


I am openly present to my clients and bring an energy of calmness and serenity, so my clients feel calm and more at ease in sessions.


The therapeutic relationship is a key element in facilitating healing. I help my clients to feel accepted for who they are, so they can relax their defenses.


I care about the impact of my work and like to know I’m moving the needle forward when working with clients.

Have you listened to the Star Child Sister Podcast? It’s a podcast for those who are on their personal journey to wholeness through healing their inner child. 

If you’re interested in healing your inner child and creating emotional freedom, I offer hypnotherapy and internal family systems therapy. If you’d like to book a session, but have a few questions to ask me, I offer a free phone consultation (no obligation). 

Before I go, I want to invite you to join Starchild Sister – Inner Child Healing for Emotional and Business Success  — the best place on the internet for rising leaders who want to heal emotional wounds so they can create love, wholeness and inner peace. We’ll talk about the inner child and how you can heal deep-seated emotional wounds. 

You’ll also get invitations to any free, live workshops I host online and promotions that I don’t share anywhere else. (I promise it’ll be worth it!)

Oh!! And thanks for being here. It means a lot 🙂

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