You probably know the importance of an email list, but you still haven’t cracked the code yet when it comes to writing emails.

I was exactly the same when I started my business two years ago. I didn’t write newsletters simply because I didn’t know what to send.


I LOVE sending emails to my community. (Plus, I feel like I’ve cracked the code with newsletters). >> You’ll know you’ve cracked it when people start replying to your emails!>> 


*Side note. I love getting your replies and it makes my day! So if you’re on my email list come and say hi 🙂

That’s why today I’m sharing with you 6 emails to send to your email list, so you go from email anxiety to email confidence.

1. Welcome Series 

Your welcome email is the most important email that you’ll EVER send.

This is because people are the most engaged when they sign up to your email list. 

That’s why you want to craft a welcome email series, so that you build a genuine and honest relationship with your audience.

Here’s the goal of a welcome email series:


  • Make a solid first impression with your audience
  • Build on the value of the freebie
  • Dial up your level of leadership and credibility 
  • Reflect back to your subscribers their motivations and reasons for signing up to your email list
  • Future pace to your subscriber what their new reality looks like for them


Most people usually stop after sending the first welcome email because they don’t know what to say. But when you create a welcome email series, you immediately stand out in the inbox because you’re continuing to strengthen the relationship.

For this reason, you’re guaranteed to build a stronger relationship with your audience because you’re proving to people that you understand them and you can help them with their problem.

2. Quick Tip 

If someone subscribes to your email list you want to build on the value of your opt in freebie, so you can build trust with your audience. 

One of the ways to do this is to give a quick actionable tip related to your topic. For example, if they’ve signed up to receive a freebie on growing blog traffic, you might share 1 quick strategy that’s working for you right now. 

 Giving your email list tips and strategies is what makes your list exclusive. And it reduces unsubscribers because you’re offering value that is going to help them. 

One of the reasons why people unsubscribe is because they don’t feel like you’re talking to them. So, if they’ve already showed what they’re interested in by raised their hand (and opting into your freebie) share with them relevant tips and strategies.

3. Mention Of A Guest Blog

Some exciting news…

As of this week I’ll be a featured contributor for a female entrepreneur blog, She Owns It.

This means that I’ll be keeping my community in the loop and asking them what they’d like me to blog about. 

If you’re thinking of doing guest blogging it’s a great opportunity to show your community credibility and expertise in your niche.

4. Favourite Tools

One thing that you can send to your email list is a list of your favourite tools you use for your business. People who subscribe to your email list value your opinion, so they’ll want to know what tools you use in your business. 

Here’s a list of ideas:


  • Email service provider
  • Website
  • Online course hosting
  • Social media scheduling
  • Stock photos
  • Video editing
  • Creating PDFs
  • Graphics


5. Mention A Webinar Or Podcast

One of the perks of being on your email list is hearing about your latest webinars, podcasts or products before anyone else. Giving your email list insider information is what makes your email list feel exclusive. 

So, you can let them know of any webinars or podcasts that you’re going to be doing in the next couple of weeks. It’s a great way to create excitement and anticipation with your audience too.

This can be as simple as… 

“Hey, quick note, I just wanted to say that in 3 weeks time I’m doing a webinar on X. It’s going to help you X, Y, Z. If you want to hear more about it, you can click here”.

Plus, it’s a great way to boost your sales too because you’re letting people know that good stuff is coming!

6. A Surprise Freebie

Finally, once people have signed up to your email list you can surprise them with freebies. 

Freebies are great because you’re helping people achieve “small wins” with concrete and actionable steps. It’s a great way to show your email list that you’re trustworthy and that you can help them achieve a specific outcome. 

And it often leads to a high conversion rate (more people buying your products) because you’ve given people “how to” and concrete steps to achieve results. 

So, what freebies could you create for your audience?

Victoria Hockaday