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6 Elements Of An Extraordinary Coach

An extraordinary coach goes above and beyond to create life-changing results for their clients. Discover 6 elements to become an extraordinary coach.

You have a big heart and a big mission to become an extraordinary coach. The only thing you’ve ever wanted to do is help people. You’ve had your own battles, hit rock bottom and you’ve come out the other end. Now you want to help others become the best version of themselves. 

You deeply care about your clients and you’re committed to serve them at the highest level possible.

Deep down you know that you have gifts to share with the world, but your biggest fear is that you don’t want to be just another coach.

What if you’ll never be able to be a coach that creates exponential results…

A coach who changes lives…

A coach who transforms businesses…

Who raises the consciousness of the planet…

Who leaves a dent in the universe…

An extraordinary coach. 

The good news is that being an extraordinary coach isn’t as complicated as you might think. You just need 6 elements to help you get you there.


The relationship between you and your client is like no other. You’re not a spouse, friend or colleague. You’re a coach. This means that you’re not there to look good or impress your client so that they like you. Your purpose is to serve them so powerfully that they have a breakthrough experience. 


If you want your clients to have breakthroughs, you have to establish their trust so you can go deep with them. This requires courage to show up authentically so that your clients can connect with you.

Being an extraordinary coach requires you to go beyond the surface and dig deep. If you want to do deep coaching, you have to create a safe and supportive space for your clients to be vulnerable. Ultimately, the best way to do create a supportive space is to be open and vulnerable with your clients. Don’t be afraid to share your battles and challenges that you’ve overcome as this will set the bar for openness and vulnerability. People are terrified of being vulnerable and sometimes they just need the permission to be themselves.


As well as being open and vulnerable, the best way to connect with your clients is through listening. Listening shows your clients that you genuinely care about them. Now when I say listen, I’m not referring to being able to repeat someone’s words.

I’m talking about listening that is free of agenda. Listening is when you’re genuinely interested in what someone has to say to find out more about them. You’re free of judgements, assumptions and you’re not thinking about what you’re going to say next.

If you find this difficult, practice silence in your coaching sessions. Sometimes pauses can be the most powerful thing you can do when your client has said something profound. It creates space for your clients to focus on their blindspots.


When you’re working with a client, you’re helping them to move beyond their upper limit. Their upper limit is an inner thermostat setting that we have which tells us how much love, money and success that we’re worthy of having. It’s essentially our success comfort zone. When we move beyond our comfort zone we experience resistance which is expressed as fear, self doubt, procrastination and perfectionism etc.

The first thing you want to do when you experience resistance from your clients is to not take it personally. Some coaches will take it personally and think they’re the reason why their clients are resisting moving forward. Instead you want to see it as your clients way of staying in their comfort zone as a way of staying safe.

Once you’re aware that your client is experiencing resistance, your role as a coach is to hold your client’s hand and support them through their resistance.

You’ll want to help them to entangle their upper limit so that they can put strategies in place for when they experience resistance. These are likely to be writing down their fears, using meditation to tune in with their inner wisdom and thinking of the next step to move closer to their end result.

If you want tangible steps to help your clients overcome resistance, read my article on 3 steps to overcome self sabotage.


If you want to be an extraordinary coach you have to create a client-centric business. This means that you have to get your clients the results that you say you will.

Your clients are your brand ambassadors and you want them to be raving about the life-changing results they’ve had from your coaching. If you want to get your clients amazing results, be crystal clear on your value proposition. Your value proposition are the benefits, costs and value that you bring to your clients. Once you know your value proposition make it your mission to master it so that you can optimise your clients results. For example, if your value proposition is to help your clients to get more traffic to their website, it might be that you invest your focus in SEO.


You could be the best coach out there but the biggest variable is going to be your clients taking responsibility for their success.

You want to set the tone from the very beginning. During the enrolment process you can get them to sign a high performing agreement before they start working with you. In this agreement you can set some ground rules about their commitment and learning. One of these can be committing to take full responsibility for their actions.

When your client comes to you with a challenge instead of giving them the answers straight away, you want to encourage them to think for themselves. This will empower them so that by the end of working with you they can lead themselves.


You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame. If you want to become an extraordinary coach, you have to learn about your own blind spots before you help other people with theirs. If you think you know enough about yourself. You don’t. It’s said that when you meet someone new, they know more about you in the space of 20 minutes more than you know about yourself. You’ll have blind spots on your fears, beliefs, mindset, abilities and skills.

Even the best coaches in the world have coaches. Why? Because no matter how good you are at what you do when you go to a new level you’re going to experience tension and resistance. They’ll be fears holding you back that you arn’t even aware of.

It takes courage and bravery to accept help but it’s essential if you want to think more clearly and help your clients to think more clearly too. You want to consider these 6 steps to choosing the perfect business coach.

If you choose to fully integrate these 5 powerful elements into your coaching, you’ll realise that there are no limits for what you can bring to your clients.

Make a decision to dive deeper into your coaching and see the amazement on your client’s faces.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about being an extraordinary coach. What techniques do you use with your clients to create life-changing results?

With so much gratitude and appreciation,
Victoria XOXO