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10 Ways To Grow Your Visibility

It’s difficult for coaches to not only get but keep their audience’s attention. It’s even harder to convert them into paying clients. Posting on Instagram isn’t enough to grow your coaching business and coaches need to do more to raise their visibility. Read more to learn the 10 ways to increase your visibility as a coach.

Hey lovely, 


So let me guess.. 


Your passionate, purpose-driven and you have a BIG message to share with people. 


But you’re feeling frustrated as you’re struggling with your brand, marketing and social media. 


You’re also scared about being visible and it kinda terrifies you?!


This is completely natural and is a fear that many of us have.


It’s worth digging deep around your fears with visibility so that you can manage them and prevent them taking over you. I’d recommend taking some time out to meditate and journal.


Ask yourself, “why am I scared of being visible?” Is it that you feel like you’re not enough? Or are you afraid of failure?


Spend time freely writing around your answers to these questions so that you can release any negative emotions. This will help you to find clarity with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs around being visible. Then the next time your fears around visibility comes up you can manage them effectively.


Once you’ve uncovered the problem and you understand why you’re scared of being visible you want to take action. Set yourself specific goals that you can do consistently to build your visibility. 


The coaching landscape is changing.


It’s difficult to get and keep your audience’s attention. It’s even harder to convert them into paying clients. Posting on Instagram isn’t enough to grow your coaching business and you need to do more to raise your visibility. 


These ten strategies to increase your visibility take it from there.


1. Video


Video is a great way to build visibility as it is interactive. Facebook Live allows you to interact with your audience and it helps people feel like they know you. Your goal is to help them to solve their problems so before you post a video or go live ask yourself, what is my intention for this video?


2. Create a Facebook group


Building a tribe is a gold mine for raising visibility. It allows you to create a space for your clients and prospective clients to get support. The benefits of creating your own Facebook group is that you connect with your audience personally. Again, when you’re posting in your group ask yourself is what I’m posting adding value?


If you’d like to create a powerful community you can read more about the EVE formula here.


3. Discovery calls


Offering a discovery call or a consultation is a way to decide if a potential client is a good fit for your coaching. It gives you and the prospective client an opportunity to explore what it would be like working together. Your goal during a discovery call is to spend time fact finding and getting to know more information about them. You want to find out where they’re at, where they want to be and whether your services can help them.


It’s important that you’re strategic with planning your discovery calls. Ask yourself, how many clients do I want each month? How many discovery calls do I need to close those clients?


4. Meetups/events


Attending Meetups and events is a great way to build your know, like and trust. The face to face interaction is the FASTEST way to build trust and get clients.


Think about where your ideal clients spend their time. What are their main problems? Where do they go to solve their problems?


Select 3 communities that you’ll attend and focus on building relationships in those communities. 


5. Offer pitch free sessions


Offering pitch free sessions to your audience allows you to show them what it is like to work with you. The benefits of offering free sessions are building your coaching skills, confidence and raising your visibility.


When you offer free sessions do them without talking about your services. Hold back from talking about your services unless they ask. If they do ask, you can talk about your programs. Otherwise, if you advertise it as a pitch free session and you talk about your services, they’ll feel like they’ve been mislead. 


“But should I be offering my services for free?” I hear you say. 


When you’re starting out you want your calendar to be full. If you’re not getting a stream of clients right away, offering free sessions allows you expand your reach and build your visibility. Even if they don’t buy from you right away they might refer someone to you or come back to you later down the line.


Your goal is to provide them huge value so that they have a breakthrough in the session. This way you’re showing them what results they get from working with you and by the end of the session working with you is a no brainer. 


6. Social media


Social media is word of mouth on steroids.

It is online networking and it is free. You want to focus on dominating one social media platform and be consistent with it.


Facebook is the mostly used social media platform so start with Facebook initially. Then you can build your presence on other social media platforms. If you havn’t created a Facebook business page I suggest you do it now whilst it is free!

You don’t want to do social media just because everyone else is doing it. You want to be strategic. Your goal is to ensure that your content is in line with what you do and what you offer.

If you’re consistent with your social media, people will view you as reliable and trustworthy. How you do one thing is how you do everything. Posting consistently will help you to build your know, like and trust with your audience. You can use automation tools such as Buffer and Edgar to free your time for other tasks.


7. Blogging


Creating a blog communicates to your audience that you’re an expert in your niche. Blogging is PR on automation and each blog post you write has the potential to bring in leads and sales.


When you’re starting out you want to create a blog post once a week so that google views you as a trusted source for content. Google uses metrics to assess how useful your content is. One of these metrics is your word count.


You could have the most valuable blog post for your audience but if it is less than 1000 words, Google doesn’t mark it as good quality. Google cares about “does this person give the best content in answering this question?”. So when you’re writing a blog post focus on answering your audience’s questions and aim to write 1000 words so that google sees your post as good quality. 


8. Build genuine connections 


As much as you want to reach out to ideal clients, you also want to reach out to people and build relationships. Building relationships is important as it allows you to expand your circles. Aim to reach out to one person a day saying what you do and build a relationship with them. Even if they arn’t your ideal client they are likely to know someone in their circle who is.


The service-based industry has changed drastically. Business is no longer B2B or B2C. Business is now Heart to Heart (H2H). People are more likely to buy from people that they have a genuine connection with. The more relationships and connections you have the more you are opening yourself up to potential clients.


9. Interviewing


Interviewing your ideal clients gives you an opportunity to find out more about their challenges and struggles. This is crucial for getting to know your ideal clients and increasing peoples’ awareness of your coaching services. You can offer your ideal clients pitch-free sessions in exchange for an interview as a way to say thank you.


The more you open your potential clients the more they’ll close themselves. Your goal is to listen to their challenges so that you have a deep understanding of their problems. This will help you to find the sweet spot of what they’re looking for from a coaching package. Once you’ve found an agreement, you can ask them whether they’d like to discuss working with you.


10. Following up


“The fortune is in the follow up”.


On average it takes 5 touches for someone to buy from you. This is why having a system for following up is key.


If you don’t have structures and processes in place for following up with your potential clients you’ll lose them! Many coaches arn’t conscious of this and they’ll disappear after connecting with a potential client. To avoid this mistake, you want to have a process in place to keep track of what you talked about so that you get back in touch with them.


This doesn’t need to be stressful. It can be as simple as “checking in” and asking them about what progress they’ve made. It’s important that you don’t see this as bugging them but that you see it as you supporting them. Customer service is everything in business. If you show them that you support them before they start working with you it suggests how supportive you’ll be when you start working together.


Based on the 10 ways to build your visibility, focus on ONE activity that you can do in the next 24 hours.


Many coaches try to do everything all at once. They spread themselves too thin, get overwhelmed and don’t create momentum.


Instead, focus on nailing one strategy to start with. Creates a structures in your calendar so that you do it consistently. Once you’ve achieved that build up the other strategies from there. 


Interested in building your visibility so that you can attract your ideal clients and make money? Join my Facebook community here to get regular free training and a community of new coaches who get it. We’d love to have you.


See you inside!



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