Creating and selling online courses is an incredible way to create passive income for your blog or business.

But it isn’t everything.

Actually, online courses can be very time-intensive and can take weeks to create. (Making it super overwhelming and challenging for bloggers and entrepreneurs to achieve!)

But there are plenty of other types of digital products that you can create (in a weekend!)

AND, they’re simple, easy to deliver and don’t take HALF as much brainpower, research and preparation as online courses do. Hooray!

But, if you think email courses and ebooks are the only digital products that are capable of making an income – you’re wrong.

It can be real easy to fall into the ‘online course’ craze and assume that you need to create an online course to make additional income.

Whilst this might be partly true. In reality, it’s a better strategy to start with a lower risk offer that your audience can buy first. This gives them a chance to experience first-hand your value, personality and teaching style.

Plus, if your audience gets value from your lower offer, they’ll be more inclined to purchase your higher offer, (which might be an online course).

So, can you see how creating a lower-priced digital offer can be more effective?

Basically, when you start with a lower end offer it has two benefits:

1. It’s easier for you to create and deliver, (making it more likely that you’ll complete it!)

2. It has lower perceived risk and it increases the amount of customers.

So, if you’re feeling pressured to create an online course, creating a lower end offer is a great stepping stone.

That’s why, today we’re going to explore 10 types of digital products to help you create passive income in your business.

However, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, it requires work, a clear strategy but it’s totally worth it! You ready?

But before we dive in let’s go back to basics and break down what digital products are.

Digital products are products, PDFs or tools that you create once and sell over and over again. It’s digital because it’s delivered digitally to your customers and it doesn’t require you to fulfil orders, have consultations or write contracts. Sounds good right?

Right! Digital products are great because they allow you to package and leverage your skills into products that you can sell on your website.

And some digital products can be really effective for increasing your customers and boosting your bottom line.

Now, let’s start with the first digital product that might come to mind — the ebook.


If online courses intimidate the hell out of you then say hello to the ebook! An ebook is an incredible tool to share your ideas with the world. (And it’s amazing for positioning yourself as an expert in your niche!)

Basically, an ebook is an “electronic book” that is packaged in a PDF format, so that it can easily be sent to people. The purpose of an ebook is to do a deep dive into a topic to help people understand the ‘bigger picture’. Whereas a blog post is bite-size chunks of information. Does that make sense?

Ultimately, the goal of an ebook is to be seen as a thought leader in your niche, so they’re a great stepping stone for raising your authority.

Here’s some ideas for an ebook:

  • A series of blog posts on [topic]
  • An Introduction to [topic]
  • [Industry] experts share their insights on [topic]
  • X Common questions on [topic]
  • A product demo

Bear in mind that if you do choose to write an ebook it needs to be based on trust (think case studies, testimonials and research!). So, do take that into consideration before you dedicate time to writing it 🙂

On the whole, an ebook is an incredible way to establish yourself as a go-to person in your niche. And it will help you to be taken seriously online, expand your reach and increase your impact.


If you’ve done a workshop or webinar, you can repackage it into a masterclass and sell it on your website.

Typically, the aim of a workshop is to teach a specific topic or process, so that your audience has a transformation. And, the great thing about workshops is that they’re more achievable than online courses!

Here’s examples of workshops:

  • 3 Steps to triple your traffic with Pinterest
  • Webinars for beginners
  • 5 Mistakes to avoid with launching online courses

And they don’t take a lot of work to produce. All you need is a sales page, checkout page and a place to host your product. BOOM!

To do this, you’ll need to create your slides, record your webinar and upload your video to a video player, such as Wistia or Vimeo.


Let’s be honest. People love templates!


Because they like to model on someone else’s success — it’s comforting. And, they find it easier to work through something when they have a base to work from.

Typically, templates and swipe files work incredibly well in marketing & design niches! So, if you’re thinking of creating a digital product, a template is a good place to start (and they convert really well as nurture wire offers!)

I say nurture wire because I don’t like the term tripwire. It sounds scary and manipulative and I prefer to create tools to nurture my audience rather than trip my audience!

If you’re considering templates, you can create templates to help your audience overcome a specific challenge. Hence why, it’s worth finding out what your audience struggles with on a day to day basis to create the perfect template.

Here’s a few examples for templates:

  • Growth tracker
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Business plan
  • Pinterest templates
  • Facebook ad copy swipe file


If you have a strategy or process that you teach, you can repurpose it and repackage it as a workbook. I personally love workbooks as I like being introspective and answering questions that I wouldn’t of thought of myself!

If you’re considering workbooks, think about your most popular blog posts that you’ve written. Do they have specific strategies or steps? Maybe you could pull out a few questions for each of the steps and turn them into a workbook? I’m sure your audience would love it!

Here’s a few examples of workbooks:

  • How to get started with Pinterest for Business
  • Monetize your blog
  • Grow an audience and expand your reach

So, if you have an audience who love reflecting, planning or strategising then workbooks make a great digital product!

Email course

Email courses are incredibly effective because they have a high perceived value. If your audience would appreciate an opportunity to delve into a problem with actions then an email course would be perfect.

If you’re considering this, think about what goal your audience like to achieve? Could you break this goal down into 5 steps and put it into an email course? That would be a great starting point 🙂

Once you’ve got an idea of the steps that your audience would need to take, you can break these into 5 emails with 1 lesson per email.

Here’s some examples:

  • 5 day Pinterest challenge
  • 10 day PR challenge


Do you have a checklist that you use in your blog or business?

If you think your audience would benefit from a checklist, such as a blogging checklist or sales page checklist then do it! You can create a branded checklist with a cover photo in Canva and easily sell it on your website!


Is there some planning or decision making that your audience needs to do before they take the next step? If you have an audience who like worksheets and homework then you could create branded printables.

Printables are perfect for audiences who love to organise and plan! You could even create a number of printables and stitch them together to create a bundle of printables.

Video series

Do you love video or speaking live? You could record a series of videos for to help your audience with a specific problem. For example, you could create a 5 day self love challenge for your audience with a short 3-4 minute video for each tip.

All you would need to do is write out your scripts, record them on video and give one tangible action at the end of each video.

Audio series

If your audience enjoys consuming podcasts and audios when they’re out and about then you could create an audio series! (I personally love to learn through audios because they give me motivation!)

Again, if you’ve got a strategy or process that you teach your audience, you could write these down and record them.

If you’re stuck for ideas you could repurpose 3-4 blog posts that you wrote and remix them into an audio series. This would be a great way to educate and inspire your audience into action!


If you’re topic is difficult to teach over audio or blog posts then video tutorials might be better. For example, let’s say you do graphic design.

Well…your audience will probably get more from you through video tutorials! All you need to do is walk through your processes step by step and do a screen share.

People will really appreciate this as it will save them hours of going into the YouTube rabbit hole!

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