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I'm Victoria

Inner Child Healing Catalyst

I help people heal childhood emotional wounds, so they can create wholeness and inner peace.

I do this through inner child work and internal family systems therapy for highly sensitive people and gentle souls. I came across this work after I went on my own healing journey when I was looking for the codes to inner child healing.

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Heal deep-rooted emotional issues and restore inner peace

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Kind words from clients

  • Working with Victoria enabled me to get really clear on my personal strengths, target niche, and ideal clients. She taught me all the strategies I needed to create my brand, increase my visibility, and attract my perfect clients. I now feel so equipped, and ready to transform lives! I loved working with Victoria, and benefited so much from her coaching.

    Una Kiernan, Coach, London
  • Victoria has invigorated so much inspiration into my business. I now have a membership community, online course, email sequence and automated systems which I never had before!

    Laura Jane, Coach, Liverpool
  • Victoria gave me a simple but effective marketing strategy. She has helped me to create and launch an online course and make sales even in the pre-launch phase!

    Luisa Kearney, Blogger, Bulgaria
  • I totally signed up for all your list building and online course freebies. I love them so far!

    Stephanie Charlotte, Copywriter and Content Creator, Winchester
  • Victoria Hockaday is awesome at creating different email sequences. I downloaded her list building freebie recently and it gave me some awesome ideas for growing my email list.

    Hollie Clarke, Website & Graphic Designer, Wales
  • “I asked Victoria all questions I possibly could in a one-hour launch strategy call and she helped me get through all the things I needed to know to launch my course. I didn’t know it, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing and she helped me come up with a plan that I was comfortable with and I could execute on my own. I’m launching at the end of the month but it’s getting a lot of attention thanks to the pre-sale strategy she helped me with. I feel a lot more confident that I’ll reach my goal 🙌”.

    Hayley Fiser, Business Coach, Michigan, USA