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I help course creators grow their audience and launch online courses using email and webinars, so they can help more people and teach what they love.

Are you ready to get paid to teach what you love? Because around here we’re going to break through the noise and dive into simple and strategic marketing for course creators.

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When you’re launching, it can be easy to get into a spin of 'mind circles' stressing over what step comes next. Ready to do it with more ease and flow?

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kind words from clients

  • Working with Victoria enabled me to get really clear on my personal strengths, target niche, and ideal clients. She taught me all the strategies I needed to create my brand, increase my visibility, and attract my perfect clients. I now feel so equipped, and ready to transform lives! I loved working with Victoria, and benefited so much from her coaching.

    Una Kiernan, Coach, London
  • Victoria has invigorated so much inspiration into my business. I now have a membership community, online course, email sequence and automated systems which I never had before!

    Laura Jane, Coach, Liverpool
  • Victoria gave me a simple but effective marketing strategy. She has helped me to create and launch an online course and make sales even in the pre-launch phase!

    Luisa Kearney, Blogger, Bulgaria
  • I totally signed up for all your list building and online course freebies. I love them so far!

    Stephanie Charlotte, Copywriter and Content Creator, Winchester
  • Victoria Hockaday is awesome at creating different email sequences. I downloaded her list building freebie recently and it gave me some awesome ideas for growing my email list.

    Hollie Clarke, Website & Graphic Designer, Wales
  • “I asked Victoria all questions I possibly could in a one-hour launch strategy call and she helped me get through all the things I needed to know to launch my course. I didn’t know it, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing and she helped me come up with a plan that I was comfortable with and I could execute on my own. I’m launching at the end of the month but it’s getting a lot of attention thanks to the pre-sale strategy she helped me with. I feel a lot more confident that I’ll reach my goal 🙌”.

    Hayley Fiser, Business Coach, Michigan, USA


Ready to grow your audience and launch your course the simple way?

You have a course but you have no idea how to market and launch it. You need help with growing your email list and attracting a tribe of raving fans who are primed and ready to hear about your course. We can fix that!